Friday 30 October 2015

5 Tips To Enjoy a Weekend In The Capital.

London is the UK's capital and it's no surprise considering how big the area is, with a vast array of attractions to visits, and beautiful scenery to see, it can be both overwhelming and pricey, for not only tourist from abroad, but also for tourist at home. I get invited to London on a regular basis to attend various blogging events, and luckily only live 25 minutes away via the fast train!

I've put this post together to hopefully help others out, I try to maximise my day in London when I do attend blogging events, so the day is not wasted, and with so much to do, there's never a problem finding places to visit! With Christmas around the corner, and thousands of us planning to visit the capital for some shopping, I hope these tips help!

Tip One: Beware of Pickpockets!
Thefts are common everywhere we go, you've got the risk of your house being burgled, your car being broken into, your bank account being robbed, or even being pickpocketed in person. To avoid being pick pocketed, keep all your valuable belongings to the front of your body, keep your hands in your pockets and carry prepaid cards with you. A wise friend once told me to always put £20 down my top, so if I ever got stuck, I was never stranded! I could get a single back home to Reading!

Tip Two: Avoid Your Car!
Even locals try to avoid driving in the capital, not only have you got congestion charges and no drive zones, but you've also got a ridiculous amount of traffic! I thought Reading was bad when Reading Football Club play at home, but I never saw anything until I saw driving on the London streets! You can get public transport passes in London, allowing you to travel on the tubes and buses, making your plans much easier!

Tip Three: Check Travel Disruptions!
If you're wise, and ditch your car in favour for public transport, check out any planned tube strikes and underground work, a tube that you need may be closed, so do check in advance so you can make the necessary changes if required! Thankfully, tube strikes aren't regular, but are chaotic when they do happen, it's never stress free for any commuter!

Tip Four: Visit Free Attractions To Keep Cost Down!
Many people are surprised when they find out how much London host for free, without spending a single penny, you can see the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, visit a number of famous museums and visit some amazing parks with beautiful scenery! Make sure your camera's are charged! 

Tip Five: Book Overnight Accommodation In Advance!
Deciding to stay over in the capital one day after an event, made me learn one very valuable lesson, unless you're rich, book your accommodation in advance! Unless I wanted to stay in a hostel, which resembled a half way house, I could literally not find anywhere under £80 for a night! Check out late deals the night, or a few days before for bargain prices!

Until next time,
Jada x


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