Monday 19 October 2015

Handmade Halloween: DIY Decorations to Make at Home!

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It often happens that preparing for the Halloween celebration is just as fun as the holiday itself. When you take time to make your Halloween decorations, you can savour the season and infuse more creativity into your fall days. The following handmade ideas don't require much expense. You will need a printer and various basic craft supplies, but mainly you'll just need to set aside some time to makes these inspired Halloween decorations that you can use year after year.
Front Yard Cemetery

If you have some old boards or even grave-size sheets of foam, you can create a mock cemetery that will be the ghoulish envy of the block. First, you'll need to make sure you have plenty of printer ink from so that you can print out faux grave markers on cardstock. You'll want to use colours like gray and black for this project. Next, paint your boards with stone-coloured spray paint. Glue on your printed grave markers and coat them with a clear water-proof sealer. Set them up in your yard after they dry for an eerie Halloween display. If you really want to freak everyone out, make sure your neighbours' names are etched on your tombstones!
Creepy Wall Art

Using your printer, you can print out creepy antique images of skulls, dissections, spiders, and ghostly phantoms to frame and hang on your walls. So long as your image is in the public domain, you can even take your printed picture to a photo shop that can enlarge it to poster size. If you are hosting a Halloween party, your guests will appreciate that your replaced all your normal artwork with creepy displays that enhance the ghoulish ambience of Halloween night.
Skeleton Candy Dish

If you want an attention-getting centerpiece for your Halloween table, head to a Dollar Store for a cheap skeleton and a dish on a pedestal. If you can't find one, simply purchase a cheap plate and glue it to a cup used as a base. Take apart your plastic skeleton and glue its bones around the edges of your platter. Then, paint the entire piece with pewter-coloured paint so that it appears to be a seamless creation. It will look like you spend a small fortune on your dish. You can also print out a small card to tell people to help themselves to a special treat!
Poison Bottles and Jars

For your Halloween Party, you'll likely be serving drinks. You can rebrand your 2-liters of soda and other bottled beverages by covering with them with labels you print from your computer. Create labels with names like zombie blood, voodoo potion, sleeping death, and werewolf venom. Cover the bottles with these labels to entice your guests to take a drink.
Each of these DIY decorations can be accomplished easily by yourself or with a family member or friend. You don't have to spend a fortune on Halloween decorations if you are willing to exert a bit of creative spirit and set aside a bit of time to concoct these cool seasonal decorative items.

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