A couple of weeks ago, I was sorting out my clothes ready for the warmer weather and was sad to see that I was throwing more than half of them to one side because they didn't fit me anymore, at least not comfortably anyway. I looked at the sad pile of clothes that did still fit me, then looked at the gigantic pile that didn't, and I admit - I got upset, leading me to shed tears.

It's no secret that I'm a comfort eater, resorting to food when I'm stressed, and my gosh I've had a lot going on over these last 12 months, I've had health issues that have left me extremely anxious, tired, stressed, miserable and they also stole every ounce of confidence I had left. I've had problems within my relationship with Gareth, I've had worries about Spud, I've been stressed because my house still isn't a home and I don't know when it will become one. 

Fantasy Mask Creations Review.

by Jada, May 01, 2017
Just before I got ill and was admitted to hospital, discussion and plans were underway for Spud's 11th birthday party, originally the plan was to book a party at the local soft play centre, however with my admittance to hospital, come changes we couldn't help, including having to come up with new party ideas. Luckily, to my surprise Spud wasn't too upset about the changes when I proposed to him that we have a party at home for him, with a bouncy castle and theme of his choice, along with his idea of a face painter.

I live in a very large town, so large we may as well be a city, we're 25 minutes away from central London via a fast train, not far away at all on the motorway, and our prices of living are soon starting to resemble London living cost, so finding a face painter wasn't the hardest part, it was finding a face painter who come recommended - something I always look for with my line of work.