Monday 1 May 2017

Fantasy Mask Creations Review.

Just before I got ill and was admitted to hospital, discussion and plans were underway for Spud's 11th birthday party, originally the plan was to book a party at the local soft play centre, however with my admittance to hospital, come changes we couldn't help, including having to come up with new party ideas. Luckily, to my surprise Spud wasn't too upset about the changes when I proposed to him that we have a party at home for him, with a bouncy castle and theme of his choice, along with his idea of a face painter.

I live in a very large town, so large we may as well be a city, we're 25 minutes away from central London via a fast train, not far away at all on the motorway, and our prices of living are soon starting to resemble London living cost, so finding a face painter wasn't the hardest part, it was finding a face painter who come recommended - something I always look for with my line of work.

A number of face painters were recommended to me, but it was Fantasy Mask Creations based in Reading - Berkshire, that scored the deal for me, not only was Nicole a face painter, but also someone who works with children in her day time job, so the patience with children would be there, and with a number of children in the family with Autism and Spud himself possibly having the condition, I needed someone who would be good with the kids.

I messaged Nicole, the sole lady behind Fantasy Mask Creations and was impressed straight away with her customer service skills. When it comes to one person companies, I always know how hard it can sometimes be to run a business (as well as working full time elsewhere), and looking after the social media/customer service side of things. Nicole's response time was excellent, as was her formative messages and detailed responses, informing me of her availability for the selected date, what she can provide, and how much the service cost. Impressed with Nicole's customer service skills, I knew she was the face painter I wanted, and quickly confirmed with her the date and time.

On the day of the party, Nicole arrived around 15 minutes before the party started to enable her to get set up, she was very professional and very smiley around the children, even though she was being bombarded with questions from the younger ones who was already here. Nicole came with everything she needed to put her skills to use, including all the face paints and brushes - all carried in a rather impressive Snazaroo Face Painters box.

Nicole had set herself up in no time, and was ready to go before the first guest arrived. I had a lot of children who attended Spud's party, you've got to think there's a football team of children in my family alone, then add on his school friends and extended family and before we knew it, there was around 18 children here. With each child Nicole asked them what they would like to be, and gave every child the design they asked for, including something neither myself or Nicole had heard of, as requested from one of my nephews who's animal mad.

With each child Nicole took her time, and had the patience whilst they kept moving - patience is something everyone who works with children need, and especially important for me as Spud has suspected autism and learning difficulties. 

Could I find any faults with Nicole/Fantasy Mask Creations? Maybe that I was jealous that she had time to do her hair and makeup whilst I looked a total mess - just joking, but I did look a mess! In all seriousness though, she was excellent as was her services and I know I'll be booking her for my wedding!

Nicole at Fantasy Mask Creations can be found over on Facebook and they're also on Instagram too.

Jada x


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