A Letter To My Son On Your 7th Birthday

by Jada, March 30, 2013
To my beautiful baby boy, today you have turned 7 years old (30th March 2013), so to anyone reading this, including you if you read this when your older, your be thinking why am I calling you baby, your always be my baby, forever and always. You was born 7 weeks premature Spud, you was so tiny, you weighed a very small 4lb, Nanny and Grandad had to go on a hunt to find some premature nappies and clothes for you as nappies came up to your chin and went down to your feet, clothes swallowed you and hats were out of the question. You was perfect, you still are perfect, ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes, mummy's soft lips and Daddy's button nose, how I would stare at you for hours on end and hated it when you left me for a few hours each day to go to the special care unit. 

Mummy and Spud when you was 6 weeks old.
I would hold you for hours on end, never taking my eyes off you when visitors wanted a hold, I only trusted Nanny or Grandad to watch you whilst I showered and used the loo, how I would hate it when visiting times were over and I thought about leaving you for a second to use the toilet, luckily I made friends with a very nice lady in the bed next door, in turn we would watch each other's babies if one of us needed the loo. 

Auntie Paula having a cuddle with you.
Them doctors, nurses, specialist, health visitors and everyone else involved told me you would be slow and behind forever Spud, they told me you'd be a late walker, you'd be small forever and you'd be behind at school, I never cared, I took each day as it come. You had a habit of clasping your hands together from the day you was born, hence why in so many baby photo's your hand's are clasped together as if your praying, you've got to laugh, on the day of your Christening when being Christened by the Pastor, he held you and blessed you and announced to the Church you had started young as you was praying, not wanting to ruin the moment me and your Daddy kept it quiet that you do it constantly! Grandad had you in the trolley whilst shopping one day and a lady asked if his 'son' was born premature, Grandad replied and said he's my Grandson and yes he was, the lady responded with my son was born premature and does the exact same thing, its common with premature boys, you really do learn something new every day. Your arms and legs would move constantly when you was excited, they told me you'd never do certain stuff Spud, how wrong they was!

Just three weeks old and you nearly gave me a heart attack, we had not been out of hospital for long, we was just settling in at home with having you there, not that it was much difference, you have always been a good boy, you still are 7 years, yes you have your moments, but generally you are such a good boy. Yes back to that day when you was three weeks old, you wouldn't settle, you was screaming the place down and refusing food, I rang Nanny who advised to give you a bath to see if it would sooth you, it was when undressing you we noticed your belly, you looked pregnant, a tiny premature baby that looked like he had a baby inside, I rang Nanny hysterical, crying my eyes out whilst you was screaming your eyes out, Daddy was cuddling you, rocking you side to side, both of us first time parents going out of our minds with worry not knowing what was wrong. Nanny got to us so quickly, so quickly in fact I forgot half of the stuff I needed to pack, Nanny's amazing, she knows everything, well everything I need to know, she told me she thought you had a hernia before she even see your belly, she rushed us to A&E department of the hospital you was born in, within minutes you was rushed upstairs to the chidren's ward where you started having your stomach pumped, screaming the children's ward down with a team of health pro's around you, I was crying my eyes out, I was not allowed in the room, but I could see through a gap what was going on, your face was red, I wanted to walk in there and throw all of them doctor's and nurses away from you, but I knew they was helping. 

Pacing the outside of that room seemed like hours, in reality it was no longer then 20 minutes, two paramedics arrived on the ward and came to your room, to be honest I didn't even think what are they doing here, don't they normally bring people into A&E? None of that went through my mind until after, a few weeks after to be honest, my mind was on you, I wanted to be in the room with you, I wanted to hold you, to cuddle you, to sooth you, to sing lullabys in your ear and rock you in my arms, I wasn't aloud, I wasn't being told anything, your Daddy stood against a wall silently, I think he was in shock and trying to get his head around everything, not even 5 hours before we was at home admiring our beautiful baby boy, then we was at the hospital outside of a room where are baby was being treated, not having a clue in the world what was going on. What seemed like a lifetime after, the door of the room you was in swung open, we was told you would be going to John Radcliffe as you weighed less then 5lb, our local hospital Royal Berkshire couldn't operate on you. Them few days seemed like years of waiting, they didn't have a operating gown small enough for you Spud, you only weighed 4lb 2oz at the time of your operation, thankfully the operation was a success and you was aloud home less then a week later. From that moment on Spud, I knew life was to short, I made a promise, to protect you and look after you forever, and always.

Your sat in your bedroom whilst I'm writing this Spud, your playing your new Batman Lego game on your new PS3, it's the day before your 7th Birthday (at the time of writing this message) and we are going to Toys R Us shortly, for you to pick what you want for your Birthday. Every day I wake up to your beautiful smiling face, your beautiful dark brown eyes staring at me with them eyelashes to die for, you want a morning cuddle and kiss, we have a special bond Spud, some people say that if your baby isn't placed on you straight after birth, you don't bond, but we did Spud, we still do, we have a bond not even Mickey Mouse could break. Each and every day, you teach me something new, you continue to amaze me with your reading, 2 Nan's thinks your going to be like me, clever at reading and writing, you tell me about your days at school and what you have learned, your amazing Spud. Everyone is biased when it comes to their children, and I am too, your beautiful, only the best girl will do for you son! 

7 years Spud, where have them 7 years gone, life goes too quickly when your a parent Spud, one minute your babbling, trying to talk in your walker, instead you blow raspberries now you have full on conversations with me, the pureed baby food that once touched your lips, is now a steak and homemade chips, that tiny little premature baby weighing 4lb is now nearly as tall as Mummy and defiantly taller than Daddy, you've caught up with your weight too, your perfect you are, when you sleep, I look at how peaceful you are, I wish I was magic, I wish I knew spells, I would wish for you to never grow old, to grow up and deal with life's dramas. 

My beautiful beautiful boy, too many cherished and private memories we have to share when your older, in stories and photo's for proof, you love our holidays, you love Weymouth, just for the Mickey Mouse ride over the road from the beach. You LOVE Mickey Mouse, and anything Disney. I promise you baby by the time you have read this when you are older, maybe 16 or even maybe a parent yourself, you would of visited Disneyland, because I promise you baby, Mummy's saving up for Disneyland, and we are going to meet Mickey, for you baby.

Your Mickey Mouse covered bedroom.
You are one of the most polite, well mannered, well behaved, respectful, respected little boys everywhere you go, shy most of the time, but a pleasure to have, I am so proud to know I'm your Mummy, I'm proud of the little man you are growing into, considering your father has not played a part in your life I am so proud me and you could get along together, I love our time together, snuggling up on the sofa under Mummy's duvet watching Disney film after Disney film, popcorn stuck on the sides of our faces, giggling away, not a care in the world. I love you Spud, forever and always, more then words can ever begin to explain, Mummy's boy, my boy, forever and always.

What your be waking up to on the 30th March 2013.

Happy 7th Birthday baby boy, your very proud Mummy xxxxxxxxxx

Spud's 7th Birthday 'Party'

in , , by Jada, March 26, 2013
Spud has had a party every single year, apart from two year's ago when days before his 5th Birthday, he come down with the dreaded chickenpox virus. I sadly had to cancel his party the day before his party and lost quite a bit of money, to make matters worse, I wasn't eligible to request another date, and just like that, the party was cancelled.

Spud playing with Lego at a table.
I love the Trunki make, ever since I saw them cute little suitcases with the wheels that children ride around on, I wanted Spud to have one, the timing to get one was never right though, and unfortunately Spud has outgrown them (we believe), we was however delighted to know that the Trunki ToyBox was suitable for him, before they had even arrived, Spud had planned out what would go in the two boxes!

Spud is quite a lazy child, he has been wrapped up in cotton wool and has had Mummy do everything for him, he isn't a spoiled child but I do admit, he gets nearly everything he wants, if we cant spoil our children then who can we spoil!? Spud doesn't like tidying up, I say if you didn't make such a mess it wouldn't take you so long, but he whines and moans until I give in and end up helping him (which means Spud sits on his bed, and watches from above as I can be found putting toys away in various toy boxes. Now thanks to Trunki, he has never had so much fun putting toys away!

The Trunki ToyBox came with just two items needing to be clipped on, taking just a few seconds to insert what I call the locks, the ToyBox was ready to use. The Trunki ToyBox is ''a 4-in-1 cart, rocker, ride-on and ToyBox that makes tidying fun'' I certainly agree with the fun part, Spud loves the fact that he can tip the box up either way and not have any toys fall out!  The Trunki ToyBox is quite big although from the outside it doessn't look very big at all, Spud managed to fit loads of his Lego into one of them, and in the other lots of Mickey Mouse items.

If you purchase multiple boxes you can even make a Trunki train just like Spud did! The ToyBox has a soft carry handles on both the top and sides making it very easy for children to carry, not that Spud ever does carry his new ToyBoxes, he rides them everywhere! The green lid simply gets locked down with the orange locks keeping the lid tightly kept on.

ToyBox Features:
Stackable Storage
Ride around toy
Rubber tongue to make a ToyBox train
Tidy up cart mode
Rock tired toys to sleep
Carry handle
Fits in car foot well
25 litre capactity

Or for another unique use of the Trunki ToyBox, your child can do what Spud does and use it as a seat to watch Cbeebies on!

Available to buy in Pink&Purple or Blue&Green for a suggested RRP of £15 from the official Trunki site, Amazon, Play.com and many individual independent toy shops.

To find out more about Trunki check out the official website here.

Until next time,
Jade :)

I've mentioned phonics previously in other learning related post, phonic's is not something I remember doing at school and is not one of Spud's strongest subjects, I always feel like I can't help him more as I don't know how to do them myself. Spud as you may be able to tell from other post watches Cbeebies, and the Alphablocks is one of those shows he watches. Inside the DVD case is also a small poster with all the 26 letters of the alphabet. That went straight onto Spud's playroom wall!

Alphablocks is the hit Cbeebies show for 3-7 year olds who are learning to read. The Alphablocks are twenty six living letters who discover that when they hold hands and make a word, the word magically comes to life. The Alphablocks have adventures, sing songs and make their own entertainment in a world where, literally, anything can happen. Alphablocks is based on the best-practice phonics teaching and helps children develop essential skills and confidence with reading. Alphablocks was created to follow the school curriculum helping children learn to read at home.

I know a few parents do not like their children watching TV, but with the Alphablocks DVD, your child is learning something as they watch. Spud is in another world when watching the Alphablocks, every now and again he will turn around to make sure I'm still back in the room then his attention is straight back onto the TV, I don't mind that though, as I know he is learning at the same time as watching a children's aimed program.

Plenty of parents, including myself, are not aware of phonic's, I learned the alphabet when at school, I didn't learn phonics, Ah, Ba, Ca so Spud tell's me, I learned the simple A,B,C,D,E,F,G. When Spud ask me how to spell a certain word for example Nanny, and I say n, a, n, n and y, Spud doesn't always know what letters are what so I have to write them down for him to copy, he will then tell me that's not N, thats Nuh.

Thanks to the Alphablocks I am slowly learning something new and helping Spud with something he isn't so good at. Abbey Home Media have very kindly offered 4 of my lucky readers/visitors the chance to win a Alphablocks Phonics First Steps DVD, click here to enter the competition.

The Alphablocks Volume 1 Phonics First Steps is out now available to buy on DVD with a suggested RRP of £9.50 from Amazon, Asda and Sainsbury's.

To find out more about Abbey Home Media and other titles they have check out the official website.

Until next time,
Jade x
Have you read my review on the hit Cbeebies show Alphablocks DVD? If not check it out and have a read here. Abbey Home Media have very kindly offered 4 of my lucky readers/visitors the chance to win a copy of the DVD themselves.

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Good luck everyone,
Jade x
I am very excited to announce I am one of the 15 selected bloggers taking part in a online Peppa Pig Twitter party, all around the UK, selected bloggers including myself will be throwing Peppa Pig Theme Park parties at our homes with our invited guest. During our parties we will also be talking to Peppa Pig fans live on Twitter and sending in photo's of the brand new theme park range of toys. I will be taking part in the party next Tuesday the 26th March between 3-5pm, make sure you save the date and of course the time and join in with me and the other Peppa Pig party host using the hash tag #PeppasThemeParkParty on Twitter.

I can happily say me and Spud have received our box of party goods and we are so excited to share the news about the new range of toys available, Peppa Pig fans of all ages are going to be so excited!

When: The #peppasthemeparkparty is taking place 26th March between 3-5pm and there's going to be heaps of freebies and chances to win!

What: 15 mums from across the country will be hosting their own Peppa Pig parties in their homes, inviting guests over to play games, eat cake and have fun! Plus, several mums and their children will be participating live from Peppa Pig World at Paultons Theme Park.

So how do you come in? Well, we're inviting all UKMums.tv fans to get involved with and follow the party, as there will be lots of giveaways and even the chance to win a grand prize of £100 of Peppa Pig Theme Park toys. For more information visit www.peppasthemeparkparty.co.uk

How: Follow @ukmumstv on Twitter and make sure you use the hashtag#peppasthemeparkparty to follow the party!

The lovely folks over at Drumond Park got in touch with many bloggers asking if we would like to review A Box Of Shocks for them, feeling Spud was a little too young I politely declined the reviewing opportunity. My readers and visitors don't have to miss out though, many of my fellow bloggers have reviewed The Box Of Shocks some of whom are Rachel from Blogging Mummy and Cheryl from Madhouse Family Reviews. Drumond Park have very kindly offered one of my lucky readers/visitors the chance to win A Box Of Shocks!! To be in with your chance of winning enter the competition at the end of this post via the Rafflecopter form!

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Good luck everyone,
Jade x

When Food Poisoning Takes Hold..

by Jada, March 16, 2013
Hurhh I've been suffering with a bad belly for the last few days, and it's been horrid, ever since falling ill a few years ago with bad food poisoning resulting in a meeting with the Health and Environmental agency I get scared every time I have a bad belly. I have been so tired I've been going to bed so early and wake up feeling like I've had 20 minutes sleep, I have honestly never ever felt so sleep deprived! 

Three years ago I attended a friends birthday party, the music, drinks and food was flowing and just like everyone else, I had a plate of food. Within 10 hours of eating at the party I felt horrendous, I had the most severe stomach pains, I thought I was going to faint, I constantly felt sick, I was aching all over and could not sleep through any of the pain. I didn't drink at the party as I had Spud so I knew there was no way my drink could of been spiked, I was drinking from a bottle of fizzy that I had purchased from the shop on the way, I didn't want to blame the food but I knew this was like no other food poisoning I had ever had.

Luckily my cousin came home with me and Spud that night and stayed at mine, she was a great help over the next 3 weeks as I slowly deteriorated and become more and more weak, my next door neighbour was also a fantastic help, between them two they cared for Spud for me and took and collected him from school. By day 8 I was so bad, I nearly collapsed, I come over all funny and started panicking because I couldn't breath properly, I swung my head out of the window hoping fresh air would help, an ambulance was called and I was admitted to hospital. After a few test I had the results of what was wrong with me, I was indeed right when I suspected bad food poisoning, I was told I had Cryptosporidium.

I had never heard of Cryptosporidium before, but tired, ill and weak I tried my best to listen to what the doctor was telling me at my bedside, I was put on a drip because the amount of fluid I was loosing left me on the verge of dehydration, I was told to try and get some sleep and was left for the night with the usual obs taking place as with every hospital stay. The next afternoon I was feeling much better, knowing this was most probably down to the drip. A different doctor done his rounds to discharge me and I then asked what this Cryptosporidium was. The doctor explained that the bug comes from infected farm animals, contaminated water or food washed in contaminated water. I knew if it was the water from home, Spud would of been affected too, but thankfully he never did get it, which I am so grateful for as it was honestly a horrid thing to go through.

I had not been near a farm, and as far as I was aware, I had not been in contact with another human who had been around farm animals. The party I went too was the answer I am pretty sure, still do this day I swear it was the food at the party. My cousin had just salad as she's a vegetarian, Spud had a children's meal of chicken nuggets and chips, I was the only one out of us three that had curried meat at the party, this is what I blame my nasty bug on.

I was phoned and visited (because with no energy I could just about leave my bed to go to the toilet) from the local Health and Environmental agency, they explained Cryptosporidium is a less known food poisoning but more of a severe one, they needed to know everywhere I had been within the last 2 weeks prior to me having the food poisoning  it was a very long 'meeting' interrupted several times by myself so I could access the loo, but the case needed to be investigated. I was panicking and freaking out, crying thinking of Spud and what if he caught it from me, but thankfully, no one who had been around me ever had it.

Ever since that time Cryptosporidium infected me, the smallest belly cramps really take it out of me. I am not saying don't eat at parties, but I would certainly be more cautious, if you don't know the party food host I would be wary of knowing if the food was washed properly and prepped and cooked in clean area's, even if you know the person who's cooking the food, and your worried about habits you've seen of them not washing or preparing meat properly, don't take the risk. Cryptosporidium is a horrible horrible illness and one that I never wish to incur again!

Thankfully I am now well again after a few days this time, so I know that this was more of a bug!

Jade x
Well I am totally aware that today is the 12th and Mother's Day was 2 days ago but I have been so super busy that I have just not had the time to squeeze this post in, so here is my Mother's Day post!

My beautiful, amazing, funny, kind and overall wonderful Mother moved 4 hours away on the 9th, just one day before Mother's Day so me, my big sister and little brother celebrated Mother's Day a week early for our Mum on Sunday the 3rd of March, we didn't do anything fancy, we just took her three grandkids over with lots of presents and a beautiful cake made by the lovely Midnight Baker (review coming very soon) and all enjoyed the last few hours together for what could possibly be a very long time.

The cake made by Midnight Baker was kept a surprise from my Mum, that was of course until she opened the door and saw the beautiful creation in front of her, after having a little chat about her new home we exchanged gifts, most of which I will openly admit I received via blogging from the amazing companies that were involved in my Mother's Day feature, I am not that stingy though and did buy my Mum some items on top of what I received for reviewing purposes! My Mum got emotional opening her cards and we all started crying, apart from the kids who were upstairs playing with their Auntie G's huge Lego collection. Lunch time come around way too fast and we all tucked into a lovely feast, before we knew it, we only had enough time left to cut and enjoy a piece of cake. Time come to say goodbye and we all started crying again, Mum held onto her Grandkids a lot longer then usual and shared the last emotional few moments with them.

Mum's beautiful cake made by Midnight Baker.
Deciding we had not seen enough of our Mum, me and my big sister arranged as much as possible to squeeze in time to see my Mum, our little sister and Step Dad before they left for their new life, we arranged to all go for a meal on Thursday 8th and our Dad very kindly offered to have the kids so we could have a drink and let our Mum see her kids properly without getting interrupted and to relive some childhood memories. Spud decided he wasn't going to miss out on a restaurant and ended up coming so Dad was left looking after Baby Boo and Little Big Man whilst we dined. I decided this would be one last treat for my Mum for Mother's Day so I paid for my Mum, little sister and Step Dad to eat, my sister and brother in law brought the drinks, the food was yummy and overall we all had a great time, until it was time to say goodbye, we all started crying again, holding onto our Mum in the restaurant car park not wanting to let her go.

Mother's Day started off a sad day for me, I just wanted to ring my Mum to tell her we would be over soon, but I couldn't, I could of rang her and said I'll see you in about 5 hours, but I had to remember not to get upset or cry for Spud, I shouldn't even be crying for my Mum, I'm an adult, 23 next month, I don't need looking after, I should be happy for my Mum, she's never liked this town, she's always wanted to be where she is and finally she has got what she's wants, I'm really happy for her, although I'm missing her badly, I've got technology to thank as I ring her about 20 times a day! Roll on the free holidays too! I already have the train tickets booked for mine and Spud's first stay in my Mum's beautiful new cottage!

Spud presented me with a card (which I brought myself as he didn't make one at school this year) and a handful of gifts, very kindly jumped on me, banging my head and gave me a super big snoggaroo, the dribble poured down my cheek (he gets excited and forgets to swallow, he also has a mother tongue which doesn't help!) but I could only help but smile, I had the most cutest card, enough chocolate to last me ages, a brand new cup to drink out of and most importantly, my beautiful Spud all to my self, he was very kind to me for the whole day, he let me watch Disney's Brave at his request, let me help him on his game that he was stuck with, showered me with kisses and happy Mother's Day greetings all day and he even choose my pudding after the delicious roast dinner I cooked! 

The gifts from my beautiful boy.
I wouldn't of changed my day for the world, just having him in my life every day makes me feel amazing, not just on Mother's Day but every single day, looking at him knowing I made him, I carried him and how he is the reason why I celebrate Mother's Day as a Mum was a truly fantastic feeling!

I hope you all had an amazing day, would love to hear what you got up to!

Jade x
A unique mothers day gift is the best kind of gift, I love unique items, so check out this guide for some of the best Mother's day gifts around.

Jade x

The Jelly Bean Factory 95g tubes of jelly bean hearts - RRP £1.50 each, read my post here for more information.

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Roxy's Bite Size Yoga DVD £12, join ex Emmerdale star Rokhsaneh Ghawam-Shahidi (Leyla Harding) as she introduces you to the world of Yoga, read my review here for more information.

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Baker Days personalised Mother's Day cake, £14.99, review coming soon. Check out the Baker Days website to browse their wonderful cakes and to purchase one for your wonderful Mother!

The Littlecote Soap Co, Pink Champagne Gift Set £15, read my post here for more information.

Personal Planner personalised planners/journals/diary's prices start from £18. Review coming soon, check out the Personal Planner website to create your Mum her very own Personal Planner.

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Sainsbury's Mother's Day selection, various prices, read my post here for more information.

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Present Issue gift service, various prices, read my post here for more information.

Mia Tui Bag £40 - Amazing product review coming soon! Check out the Mia Tui website to browse the beautiful products and browse!

Midnight Baker's beautiful cakes made from the lovely Midnight Baker, a local baker to me (Reading, Berkshire) made this beautiful surprise Mother's Day cake for my amazing Mother. Review on Midnight Baker coming very soon!!

Interflora UK Flowers, read my post here for more information on Interflora's new My Creation online tool. Review coming soon.

Weber pink BBQ £200, read my post here for more information.
I'll be honest, I joined the gym, I started a diet, I lost 5lb in my first week and then 3lb in my second week, I walked every where, cut out all the junk then gave up. When I was offered the opportunity to review Roxy's Bite Size Yoga DVD I debated on what to do, I wanted to get fit, but I just didn't have the will power, having a DVD sat on the DVD shelf would sure spur me on though, so I agreed to the review and was very happy I did.

I first remember hearing of Yoga many years ago when Madonna started doing it, well at least when it became public that she was a Yoga fan, I looked at the moves in the magazine that published the article and giggled to myself, never ever could I do a crab, and to be honest I still have not tried, I am not ready just yet after only putting on Roxy's Bite Site Yoga about 4 times, roughly once a week, I am however planning on doing the DVD twice a week as part of my 'loose weight, get fit! campaign'. The DVD is suitable for begginers to Yoga, has six 15 minute episodes featuring different Yoga moves and the added bonus is a recipe sheet included free with the DVD.

TV and theatre actress, Rokhsaneh Ghawam-Shahidi played the character of Leyla Harding in the ITV1 soap, Emmerdale for 3 years. But many of her fans will probably be unaware of the fact that for the past 12 years she has been an enthusiastic exponent of yoga. Roxy's Bite Size Yoga features 6 separate fifteen minute Bite size yoga workouts, designed for optimum results. Each one targets a problem area, with a focus on toning, energizing and then relaxing. The workouts are designed for all levels with flexible set programmes to accommodate most lifestyles and it is perfect for those who have never tried yoga before. The additional recipe booklet enclosed includes easy to prepare slim-line adaptations of household favourites, as well as dishes with a difference including Heavenly Granola, super food salad, Coconut Stir Fry and strawberry muffins. 

Roxy says, Not only is yoga a fabulous way to achieve and maintain a great body, I find it also helps create a calmer more focused mind. My aim was to create a DVD that will inspire everyone and help them to achieve the results they desire. Doing yoga daily and eating well very simply makes me look and feel good and that makes the rest of my life a lot easier. As a result my skin looks better, I have more energy and I ve shed excess fat. Bite size Yoga is a new fitness concept that enables you to really connect with your body, so you feel good in your own skin. She presents the exercises in a calm, clear and straight forward way. It offers something for everyone, for those who just fancy trying a little yoga or if you want a super-fit, slender, re-invigorated new you. This is a rational and sustainable approach to weight-loss; not a quick fix.

Roxy's Bite Size Yoga is available to buy with a suggested RRP of £12 from Sainsburys, Amazon, and Play.com.

The perfect gift for Mother's Day if your Mum is looking for something new to try in life, if she wants to relax more, or just to try out Yoga

The Littlecote Soap Co. is a British producer of handmade organic bath product ranges made using time-honoured artisan methods and natural ingredients.
The company was founded by Elaine Stavert after a life changing move from a London television career to a farm in the heart of the Buckinghamshire countryside. Inspired by the surrounding countryside, each ethical range is beautifully packaged and made from traditional recipes with exclusively designed perfumes that are quintessentially English with contemporary twists.  

The natural Sparkling Wine Range is made with real Champagne for its reputed antioxidant properties, vitamins and minerals. The range is available in the following products; Organic Soap, Organic Hand & Body Wash, Hand & Body Lotion, Hand & Foot Cream, Bath Soak (Bomb), Lip Balm, Natural Soya Candle, Reed Diffuser.

None of the natural products contain harsh chemicals such as SLS or parabens and as they are made with pure vegetable oils, they are vegetarian friendly and strictly not tested on animals. All products are soft, mild and moisturising with a low pH, and are used by many with sensitive dry skin, eczema and psoriasis.

I actually have psoriasis, it's not very nice at all, its itchy, sore, scabby, flaky and most of all very unattractive. Psoriasis run's in my family, hereditary from my Grandad, my Mum has it, and me and my sister. My sister worked in retail before having her two beautiful boys and a customer once asked a manager if she could be served by someone else because of my sister's 'horrible' skin condition. Find products that will not iritate our psorias is very hard, it's great to know that the Littlecote Soap Co have products that are fine for us to use.

I was sent the Sparkling Wine small gift set, the White Gift Box contains a bar of Sparkling Wine Organic Soap, a mini Sparkling Wine Lotion and a mini Sparkling Wine Organic Body Wash. The soap smelled absolutely beautiful,I couldn't smell wine or champagne but the scent is lovely, the body lotion is slowly starting to run out which is a shame as its wonderful too, I'm saving the body wash and I still have plenty of hand soap left!

This particular gift set retails at £15, The Littlecote Soap Co’s range of products is available from premium gift shops, stately homes, tourist outlets, garden centres, florists, hotels and spas throughout the UK. The complete range is also available online for home delivery.

To treat your Mum or another special lady in your life check out the official website.

Jada x