Tuesday 12 March 2013

My Mothers Day

Well I am totally aware that today is the 12th and Mother's Day was 2 days ago but I have been so super busy that I have just not had the time to squeeze this post in, so here is my Mother's Day post!

My beautiful, amazing, funny, kind and overall wonderful Mother moved 4 hours away on the 9th, just one day before Mother's Day so me, my big sister and little brother celebrated Mother's Day a week early for our Mum on Sunday the 3rd of March, we didn't do anything fancy, we just took her three grandkids over with lots of presents and a beautiful cake made by the lovely Midnight Baker (review coming very soon) and all enjoyed the last few hours together for what could possibly be a very long time.

The cake made by Midnight Baker was kept a surprise from my Mum, that was of course until she opened the door and saw the beautiful creation in front of her, after having a little chat about her new home we exchanged gifts, most of which I will openly admit I received via blogging from the amazing companies that were involved in my Mother's Day feature, I am not that stingy though and did buy my Mum some items on top of what I received for reviewing purposes! My Mum got emotional opening her cards and we all started crying, apart from the kids who were upstairs playing with their Auntie G's huge Lego collection. Lunch time come around way too fast and we all tucked into a lovely feast, before we knew it, we only had enough time left to cut and enjoy a piece of cake. Time come to say goodbye and we all started crying again, Mum held onto her Grandkids a lot longer then usual and shared the last emotional few moments with them.

Mum's beautiful cake made by Midnight Baker.
Deciding we had not seen enough of our Mum, me and my big sister arranged as much as possible to squeeze in time to see my Mum, our little sister and Step Dad before they left for their new life, we arranged to all go for a meal on Thursday 8th and our Dad very kindly offered to have the kids so we could have a drink and let our Mum see her kids properly without getting interrupted and to relive some childhood memories. Spud decided he wasn't going to miss out on a restaurant and ended up coming so Dad was left looking after Baby Boo and Little Big Man whilst we dined. I decided this would be one last treat for my Mum for Mother's Day so I paid for my Mum, little sister and Step Dad to eat, my sister and brother in law brought the drinks, the food was yummy and overall we all had a great time, until it was time to say goodbye, we all started crying again, holding onto our Mum in the restaurant car park not wanting to let her go.

Mother's Day started off a sad day for me, I just wanted to ring my Mum to tell her we would be over soon, but I couldn't, I could of rang her and said I'll see you in about 5 hours, but I had to remember not to get upset or cry for Spud, I shouldn't even be crying for my Mum, I'm an adult, 23 next month, I don't need looking after, I should be happy for my Mum, she's never liked this town, she's always wanted to be where she is and finally she has got what she's wants, I'm really happy for her, although I'm missing her badly, I've got technology to thank as I ring her about 20 times a day! Roll on the free holidays too! I already have the train tickets booked for mine and Spud's first stay in my Mum's beautiful new cottage!

Spud presented me with a card (which I brought myself as he didn't make one at school this year) and a handful of gifts, very kindly jumped on me, banging my head and gave me a super big snoggaroo, the dribble poured down my cheek (he gets excited and forgets to swallow, he also has a mother tongue which doesn't help!) but I could only help but smile, I had the most cutest card, enough chocolate to last me ages, a brand new cup to drink out of and most importantly, my beautiful Spud all to my self, he was very kind to me for the whole day, he let me watch Disney's Brave at his request, let me help him on his game that he was stuck with, showered me with kisses and happy Mother's Day greetings all day and he even choose my pudding after the delicious roast dinner I cooked! 

The gifts from my beautiful boy.
I wouldn't of changed my day for the world, just having him in my life every day makes me feel amazing, not just on Mother's Day but every single day, looking at him knowing I made him, I carried him and how he is the reason why I celebrate Mother's Day as a Mum was a truly fantastic feeling!

I hope you all had an amazing day, would love to hear what you got up to!

Jade x


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