Friday 1 March 2013

Fox's Limited Edition Gift Box For Mother’s Day

That funny panda Vinnie and his team have brought out a very special limited edition Mother's day chocolate rounds treat for all of us to enjoy, they taste good, the packaging is lovely and the cost is something we can all afford, just £2.

Whether it’s Mother’s Day, the end of term or just because you care; there’s always a reason to treat those important to you. To celebrate these special occasions, why not say thank you in the shape of chocolate rounds with the launch of the new limited edition Fox’s Gift Boxes

Sweetening up 2013 these Fox’s gifts of chocolate rounds boast 12 delicious shortcake biscuits, nestling inside thick gorgeous layers of milk chocolate. And with gift-wrapped designs inspired to make that someone feel special, these delicious boxes of joy are bound to raise a smile. 

Wonderful mums deserve something special on Mother’s Day
With Mother’s Day fast approaching, what better way to show your wonderful mum just how much you love her than with some delicious biscuits in a beautifully designed box.

An indulgent gift that will make mums everywhere feel truly special this Mothering Sunday.

Available now for a limited time only, pick up a special box of biscuits for your mum at your local Sainsbury’s for £2 RRP. 


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