Lego 8827 Review: Series 6 Minifigures

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We was sent 4 packets of Lego Minifigures Series 6 along with the Star Wars Advent Calendar we reviewed here. The Lego Minifigures are fantastic stocking fillers for Lego fans this Christmas. The series 6 collection come out in December 2011, so please be warned series 6 may not be sold in many places.

 There are 16 figures to collect in series 6, we was sent 4 packets for reviewing purposes.

Inspired by sci-fi, world history, mythology and everyday life, the LEGO(R) Minifigures collection continues with Series 6! Each unique and colorful character comes with special accessories.


The 4 packets we was sent contained 2 Surgeons and 2 Lady Liverty's (Statue of Libertys), that's the only thing with these mini packets of all kinds, not just Lego but all brands, you cant see whats inside the packets and have no indications what so ever what character/figures are in the packets, its just a shame that all the companies do it, including Lego.

The figures we received  (two of each) were shared our with Spud and my little sister. Spud put the figures together himself and just needed help placing the accessories into each figures hands.

Suitable for ages 5+ and available to buy with a suggested RRP of £2 from Smyths, Amazon,, Hamleys, Tesco and many more places.

For more information on the Lego Minifigures range check out the official Lego website.

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Jada x
  I was first in contact with Dirty Fingers back in October when they kindly sent us two of their beautiful clothing items for the 2 babies attending our Halloween feature party, to read the Dirty Fingers review I done then click here, this time, I opted for 2 tops for Spud, and once again, I was truly pleased with the fantastic service and quality of the items we received for the purpose of this review.

The thing I love most about Dirty Fingers is that its a British company, made in Kent, their clothes are beautifully unique and amazing! Since December 2008 Dirty Fingers have remained the top selling baby t-shirt brand on, and their designs are regularly featured in Amazon's top 3 'Bestsellers'. They are delighted to say that their Customer Satisfaction ratings are consistently 98% and above.
 Dirty Fingers very kindly allowed me too choose two tops I liked for Spud, it was a very difficult decision to make because I love all of the Dirty Fingers items! I decided to stick with the Christmas selection and finally made my mind up, I went with "I'm Not Afraid Of The Naughty List" and a "Personalised All I Want For Christmas List" tops. Both equally perfect

Out of the two tops my favourite has to be the personalised one, you can choose up to 3 items to put on the top, I chose a pirate boat, Mickey Mouse and lots of chocolate to go on Spud's top.

 I opted to get the top a little bigger then what I normally would get as I found the baby items a little small, the tops on the other hand were the right size for the ages they were made for, so they are a little too big for Spud, now I know to stick with the size I would normally get him :)

The other top I purchased was the one above, 'I'm not afraid of the naughty list'' this top is so true for so many children, luckily Spud is such a well behaved little boy so he isn't scared of the naughty list because he know's he will never be on it (if one ever did exist!)! It's also fabulous for the cheeky little characters, a great slogan which I absolutely love! Again I got this bigger but I am glad I did as Spud can wear it next year too!

 Spud wearing the personalised top.

Spud wearing the I'm not afraid of the naughty list top.

Another great thing about Dirty Fingers is they do the same slogan on many different items of clothing, long sleeved tops, skater style tops, short sleeved tops, baby vest etc and sometimes even in different colours!

Dirty Fingers have very kindly set up a code for my readers/visitors enter the code UYM12X which gives 12% off and is valid til Feb 28th 2013.

Dirty Fingers items start from £11.99 and are worth every single penny, each and every top is unique from the other as each item of clothing has the finger print of the designer on the back of it! How cool is that?

They sell clothing items from birth to 11 years +.

To find out more about Dirty Fingers check out their website.

Until next time,
Jada x

Disclosure - I was sent these products on the basis to review them, I have not received a payment for reviewing these products but instead was compensated as I was aloud to keep the products. All comments and views are of my own/Spud's unless other wise stated and was not influenced in any way shape or form.

Coldpress Juices Review

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 When I got contacted by someone who works for Coldpress asking if I would like to test them out for a review, I had to Google the company to know what I was being asked to review, I had never heard of Coldpress before so it was all very new to me. After doing some research I soon found out that Coldpress was new itself, and is now making a storm in the UK with their beautiful tasting flavoured juices. They are non-alcoholic juices which are therefore family friendly!
I was sent 4 x 250ml different bottles of Coldpress, Golden Delicious Apple, Valencia Orange, Apple & Strawberry and Pink Lady Apple, I asked my Mum if she would like to review these for me as she is a big juice lover, she quickly agreed and loved how different the juices were from the moment she see them!
I took this photo before they was given to my Mum for her to try at her household.
  Whilst the big juice brands tend to use heat pasteurisation to extend shelf life, this can lead to over-cooking of the ingredients, robbing them of all their delicate flavour notes, aromas and nutritional goodness, which means they taste nothing like the fruit they are supposed to contain. Coldpress juices are cold pressure processed which means the fruit isn’t ‘cooked’ and therefore tastes crisp and fresh, just like the fruit itself. You can even tell a Pink Lady from a Braeburn, the tastes are so distinctive.

Coldpress fruit is picked, crushed, filtered and bottled, and then treated to a unique cold pressure process (HPP) instead of heat which allows individual apple varieties like Braeburn, Granny Smith and Pink Lady to proudly showcase their unique flavoursThe result is a unique, pure and fresh taste in every mouthful.

Compared to heat pasteurised fruit juice, each bottle of Coldpress contains:

  • Double the antioxidants
  • Double the vitamin C
  • 100% fruit (a 250ml bottle contains three apples or oranges)
  • One portion of your five a day
  • and it lasts eight times longer in the fridge

But Coldpress juices aren’t just about delicious apple varieties. Other fruits such as Valencia orange, raspberries, strawberries, passion fruit and lemons are also given the same careful treatment – not only to let their unique taste talents shine through, but also to retain twice the vitamin C and antioxidant levels of their more traditional heat-blasted rivals.

My Mum's favourite was the Pink Lady Apple, but all 4 flavours went down a treat, unfortunately my Mum liked the Pink Lady Apple so much she forgot to get a picture of a glass of it before she drank it all. My Mum highly recommends these for the whole family.
My Mum also made a alcoholic cocktail using the juices, she said it was the most distinctive tasting cocktail she's tasted, obviously if you decide to make a alcoholic cocktail, please make sure that this is for adult use only!
 The full Coldpress range includes Pink Lady Apple, Braeburn Apple, Granny Smith Apple, Golden Delicious Apple, Apple & Peach, Apple & Passionfruit, Apple & Lemon, Apple & Strawberry, Apple & Raspberry, Valencia Orange and Tropical. 

Available in 250ml and 750ml bottles and available from Waitrose, Tesco and Ocado plus a growing nationwide network of discerning delis, farm shops and independent coffee shops.  RSP 250ml £1.69 and 750ml £2.79.

 To find out more about Coldpress juices check out the official website.

Until next time,
Jada x
This is by far the best item TOMY sent us for review, well this was picked number one by Spud, the TOMY Octopals were voted number one by Little Big Man, and Baby Boo loves both Night Night Pooh & Roaring Raa Raa. Spud has loved Mario ever since he received a Mario game for his DS for his 5th Birthday over a year ago and was amazed when he received this set from TOMY.

Ohh and just to inform you, TOMY are in charge of K'NEX here over in the UK =)

The box was quite big and informs on the box it contains 160pieces, it also informs you clearly that you require 4 x AAA batteries.

To my surprise when I emptied the box, it didn't look like there was 160 pieces, I suppose all them little bits add up, when I saw the instruction manual I could of cried, you see Spud gets quite excited and expects me to do thing's really quickly.

 I was dreading this task of putting the racing set together thinking it would take me at least an hour, how very wrong I was, it took me 30minutes max and that was including the time it took us (me and Spud) to decorate the track and the 2 cars.

3...2...1...GO! Bring Mario Kart Wii to life as you race Mario and Donkey Kong through a series of beach-themed obstacles in this K'NEX Wii Mario Kart Building Set - Mario and Donkey Kong Beach Race! The set includes the parts to build Mario and Donkey Kong, 2 Standard Karts with super-fast battery-powered motors, 2 moving obstacles: Side-Steppers and Cataquacks PLUS 2 collectible items from the game: a POW block and a blooper! Also includes 16 pieces of buildable, interconnectable track that creates a closed loop - combine this set with other sets from the Mario Kart Wii Series to build even bigger tracks! Building set includes 160 parts.K'NEX is the only US construction toy company focused on Building Worlds Kids Love. K'NEX seeks to build young minds and encourage them to imagine, build and play with its exciting product line specially designed for kids ages 2 through 12. Creative open ended play, educational benefits, and family fun are just a snap away with K'NEX! 

I quickly set up the 2 cars for Spud, I knew then he would keep himself entertained whilst I challenged what I thought was going to be a difficult task of setting up the racing track.

Setting up the track was easy, the bit I found annoying was the 2 items in the photo above, I remember playing with Knex as a child but it was my brother who liked it more, after a frustrating 2 minutes (I'm quite impatient lol) I finally figured it out, I would of had it figured out the minute I read the instructions but me being me, thought it looked easy enough to do without a guide aha, I was wrong!

The track surprisingly isn't as big as what I imagined it to be, I was trying to hold back from setting it up as I thought it would be out for months and be very large, infact the track isn't big at all and fits in very neatly with the rest of Spud's toys.

The track has various obstacles, however Spud played alone so didn't attempt to use any. The idea is simple, the battery opperated cars shoot around the tracks by themselves, however I don't see how it is a race as their is no opportunity for any of the cars to over take each other.

Ohh and you see that annoying little red crab? That turned out to be the most annoying thing ever! On the whole this set is great for any Mario Fans, if your bored of buying your Mario obsessed child the Mario games, why not buy them this set instead? After all it gets them away from their computers and lets them have a little giggle!

 Suitable for ages 6+ K'NEX Wii Mario Kart Building Set - Mario and Donkey Kong Beach Race Set is available to buy with a suggested RRP of £59.99, its available to buy from Boots and Debenhams.

 To Find out more about TOMY check out the official TOMY UK website. 
 Until next time,

Jada x

 Disclosure - I was sent this product on the basis to review it, I have not received a payment for reviewing this product but instead was compensated as I was aloud to keep the product. All comments and views are of my own/Spud's unless other wise stated and was not influenced in any way shape or form.  

This Friday the 21st of December I am taking part in my first Twitter party with Bazooka Candy. Bazooka was bored of the typical Christmas office party so has invited everyone, me and you included to take part in the Twitter/Facebook Christmas party they are throwing this Friday, I am being sent all the stuff I need to throw a Bazooka good party and now one of my lucky readers/visitors have the opportunity to win a party pack and join in with us too, the competition is free to enter but it does hold one catch, we would love for you to take part in the Bazooka virtual Christmas party too, all you need to do is send in a few photo's of your Bazooka party!

Due to the party being 3 days away, this competition will be ending at 12 mid-day tomorrow! 

Wednesday 19th December 2012!! 

Be quick and good luck to each and every single one of you!

Jada x

Lottie Snow Queen Review

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When I was given the opportunity to do a review on a new doll called Lottie, I knew the perfect little girl who could do the review for us, she has featured on my blog before with her big brother, she is my friends/next door neighbours little girl, a real girly girl who loves her dollies! We was sent Lottie - Snow Queen, she is 1 of 6 Lottie Dolls available to buy.

 When anyone says dollies I'm sure Barbie would be the first doll to pop into your head right? Well let me introduce you to Lottie, Lottie's a new doll on the block offering so much more standards than Barbie. Not too long ago I watched Toy Story 3 with Spud and was disgusted at the way Barbie was dressed and perceived to look!

  Lottie’s motto?  Be bold, be brave, be you!

 Lottie gives lots of ‘dressable’ fun; her clothes have simple velcro fastenings which make her easy to dress and undress. Lottie has high-quality, strokable hair that doesn’t tangle easily and her premium quality clothes and accessories are detailed and lifelike, with lots of tactile elements including fun velcro patches that can be swapped with those on other Lottie dolls.

Lottie’s distinctive height of 7” (18cm) sets her apart from other fashion dolls; she’s super cute and easy to pack and carry around.

Positive Body Image
Lottie has been developed with some core principles relating to the issue of body image and a positive take on childhood. Unlike other fashion dolls that are more ‘adult’ in tone, Lottie is first and foremost a child of nine (9) with a child-like body. She does not wear makeup, nor does she sport tattoos, jewellery or high heels. She loves to dress up in pretty clothes but is equally happy to be active, outdoors and getting muddy.

Creative Play
Lottie is designed for maximum creative play value. Lottie has an emphasis on seasonality, quirky attention to detail as well as ‘Back to Basics’ play values.There is a ‘mini story’ on the back of each doll box that sets the scene for the given doll, and encourages creative and imaginative play. Accessories sets are also available and these extend the play potential further. Lottie is about celebrating childhood in all its many facets; imagination, creativity and pretty clothes, as well as being bold, brave and active in the Great Outdoors.  She is flexible, poseable and can stand on her own two feet….a life-skill that is important for girls both big and small.

Snow Queen Lottie gets lots of praise from me, my neighbour and our little tester (my neighbour's daughter) KK, she is different from all the other dollies out their and much more suitable! Her clothes are adorable and she is the perfect little size to fit into any bag!

Lottie has won over 10 awards in the UK alone! She is one highly recommended doll! 

Snow Queen Lottie is one of six Lottie dolls available to buy, suitable for ages 3+ with a suggested RRP of £16.99 from Amazon.

To find out more about Lottie, check out the official website.

Until next time,
Jada x

TOMY Roaring Raa Raa Review

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Raa Raa has become a popular character in our home thanks to the lovely people over at TOMY, we received a big box full of various TOMY toys suitable for Spud and my 2 nephews, you can check out all our TOMY reviews over on the review page including all the different Raa Raa toys we have reviewed, we even got sent bath toys from TOMY's Raa Raa range. This review though, is based all on the soft cuddly talking Raa Raa we was sent, read below for our review.

Spud didn't get a chance to have this particular toy for very long because as soon as Baby Boo discovered it, he wouldn't put it down, and as its suitable for 18months+ I suppose it was only right to let Baby Boo take the review over whilst Spud got to work testing out some other fabulous TOMY toys!

Although the Roaring Raa Raa doesn't do much for his price, any Raa Raa fan of a younger age would love this item, Spud prefers the Raa Raa Interactive Tree House (read our review here) whilst Baby Boo prefers Roaring Raa Raa.

Baby Boo couldn't press down Raa Raa's head himself but he was easily able to hold Raa Raa, and giggled everytime I pressed down his head, sometimes Baby Boo would push my hand away so he wouldn't miss a second of the action.

  • A fun interactive plush toy featuring Raa Raa the Noisy Lion
  • Push down on Raa Raa's head and he crouches down ready to pounce!
  • Let go and Raa Raa will let loose a roar as he wobbles and shakes and stands back upright again
  • Raa Raa's roar changes depending on how long you press him down
  • 2 x AAA batteries included

Roaring Raa Raa is suitable for 18months + with a suggested RRP £29.99, its available to buy from the TOMY online shop, Amazon,, Tesco, Very and the BBC Online Shop.

Disclosure - I was sent this product on the basis to review it, I have not received a payment for reviewing this product but instead was compensated as I was aloud to keep the product. All comments and views are of my own/Spud's unless other wise stated and was not influenced in any way shape or form.