Saturday 1 December 2012

Merry Stickmas Christmas Cards Review

 I first heard about kids stickers cards kits through another blogger, she had heard the lady who owns the company was looking for bloggers to review her cards for her, a quick Google search brought me to the official website, I knew straight away it was something both myself and Spud would like to do, after all we are arts and crafts fans, and it is after all the perfect time of the year to be making Christmas cards!

Inside the packet we were sent, we had 12 plain white cards, already folded for us which is great because I can never fold paper/card entirely straight, 12 white envelopes and 6 sticker design sheets, each sheet holding enough stickers to make 2 of the selected design meaning enough for all 12 cards.

We copied the little picture insert from the packaging to make the cards the exact same as the designs shown, although you don't have to do this, we thought they were super cute.

Once you have purchased the pack, they are yours too do whatever you like with them, you could even customise them by adding some paint, glitter, colouring them in or whatever else your imagination and resources allow you too, we decided to keep the cards as they were, with just the stickers included for decoration apart from one which we customised for our next door neighbours.

To find out more or to purchase Kids Cards Kits for yourself check out the official website.

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