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 When I got contacted by someone who works for Coldpress asking if I would like to test them out for a review, I had to Google the company to know what I was being asked to review, I had never heard of Coldpress before so it was all very new to me. After doing some research I soon found out that Coldpress was new itself, and is now making a storm in the UK with their beautiful tasting flavoured juices. They are non-alcoholic juices which are therefore family friendly!
I was sent 4 x 250ml different bottles of Coldpress, Golden Delicious Apple, Valencia Orange, Apple & Strawberry and Pink Lady Apple, I asked my Mum if she would like to review these for me as she is a big juice lover, she quickly agreed and loved how different the juices were from the moment she see them!
I took this photo before they was given to my Mum for her to try at her household.
  Whilst the big juice brands tend to use heat pasteurisation to extend shelf life, this can lead to over-cooking of the ingredients, robbing them of all their delicate flavour notes, aromas and nutritional goodness, which means they taste nothing like the fruit they are supposed to contain. Coldpress juices are cold pressure processed which means the fruit isn’t ‘cooked’ and therefore tastes crisp and fresh, just like the fruit itself. You can even tell a Pink Lady from a Braeburn, the tastes are so distinctive.

Coldpress fruit is picked, crushed, filtered and bottled, and then treated to a unique cold pressure process (HPP) instead of heat which allows individual apple varieties like Braeburn, Granny Smith and Pink Lady to proudly showcase their unique flavoursThe result is a unique, pure and fresh taste in every mouthful.

Compared to heat pasteurised fruit juice, each bottle of Coldpress contains:

  • Double the antioxidants
  • Double the vitamin C
  • 100% fruit (a 250ml bottle contains three apples or oranges)
  • One portion of your five a day
  • and it lasts eight times longer in the fridge

But Coldpress juices aren’t just about delicious apple varieties. Other fruits such as Valencia orange, raspberries, strawberries, passion fruit and lemons are also given the same careful treatment – not only to let their unique taste talents shine through, but also to retain twice the vitamin C and antioxidant levels of their more traditional heat-blasted rivals.

My Mum's favourite was the Pink Lady Apple, but all 4 flavours went down a treat, unfortunately my Mum liked the Pink Lady Apple so much she forgot to get a picture of a glass of it before she drank it all. My Mum highly recommends these for the whole family.
My Mum also made a alcoholic cocktail using the juices, she said it was the most distinctive tasting cocktail she's tasted, obviously if you decide to make a alcoholic cocktail, please make sure that this is for adult use only!
 The full Coldpress range includes Pink Lady Apple, Braeburn Apple, Granny Smith Apple, Golden Delicious Apple, Apple & Peach, Apple & Passionfruit, Apple & Lemon, Apple & Strawberry, Apple & Raspberry, Valencia Orange and Tropical. 

Available in 250ml and 750ml bottles and available from Waitrose, Tesco and Ocado plus a growing nationwide network of discerning delis, farm shops and independent coffee shops.  RSP 250ml £1.69 and 750ml £2.79.

 To find out more about Coldpress juices check out the official website.

Until next time,
Jada x
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