Wednesday 19 December 2012

Dirty Fingers Christmas Range & A Code For My Readers!

  I was first in contact with Dirty Fingers back in October when they kindly sent us two of their beautiful clothing items for the 2 babies attending our Halloween feature party, to read the Dirty Fingers review I done then click here, this time, I opted for 2 tops for Spud, and once again, I was truly pleased with the fantastic service and quality of the items we received for the purpose of this review.

The thing I love most about Dirty Fingers is that its a British company, made in Kent, their clothes are beautifully unique and amazing! Since December 2008 Dirty Fingers have remained the top selling baby t-shirt brand on, and their designs are regularly featured in Amazon's top 3 'Bestsellers'. They are delighted to say that their Customer Satisfaction ratings are consistently 98% and above.
 Dirty Fingers very kindly allowed me too choose two tops I liked for Spud, it was a very difficult decision to make because I love all of the Dirty Fingers items! I decided to stick with the Christmas selection and finally made my mind up, I went with "I'm Not Afraid Of The Naughty List" and a "Personalised All I Want For Christmas List" tops. Both equally perfect

Out of the two tops my favourite has to be the personalised one, you can choose up to 3 items to put on the top, I chose a pirate boat, Mickey Mouse and lots of chocolate to go on Spud's top.

 I opted to get the top a little bigger then what I normally would get as I found the baby items a little small, the tops on the other hand were the right size for the ages they were made for, so they are a little too big for Spud, now I know to stick with the size I would normally get him :)

The other top I purchased was the one above, 'I'm not afraid of the naughty list'' this top is so true for so many children, luckily Spud is such a well behaved little boy so he isn't scared of the naughty list because he know's he will never be on it (if one ever did exist!)! It's also fabulous for the cheeky little characters, a great slogan which I absolutely love! Again I got this bigger but I am glad I did as Spud can wear it next year too!

 Spud wearing the personalised top.

Spud wearing the I'm not afraid of the naughty list top.

Another great thing about Dirty Fingers is they do the same slogan on many different items of clothing, long sleeved tops, skater style tops, short sleeved tops, baby vest etc and sometimes even in different colours!

Dirty Fingers have very kindly set up a code for my readers/visitors enter the code UYM12X which gives 12% off and is valid til Feb 28th 2013.

Dirty Fingers items start from £11.99 and are worth every single penny, each and every top is unique from the other as each item of clothing has the finger print of the designer on the back of it! How cool is that?

They sell clothing items from birth to 11 years +.

To find out more about Dirty Fingers check out their website.

Until next time,
Jada x

Disclosure - I was sent these products on the basis to review them, I have not received a payment for reviewing these products but instead was compensated as I was aloud to keep the products. All comments and views are of my own/Spud's unless other wise stated and was not influenced in any way shape or form.


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