In September, my not so little man will be starting secondary school, to say time has flew past would be an understatement. Let me reassure you, when other parents tell first time parents time will fly now you're a parent, they aren't lying, nor are they exaggerating one tiny little bit. It only seems like last month when I was taking photo's of Spud's first day at nursery, it only seems like last week I took photo's of him wearing his school uniform on his first day of reception, it seems like yesterday when he started year six, and now I am planning to buy his secondary school attire.

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With secondary school comes a whole different life, gone is the days of being sent to the head teacher if you're in trouble, in are the days of being given a detention for bad behaviour, missed homework or even being late to school, gone are the days when homework meant 30 minutes taken out of the whole week, because instead, you'll find more than likely you'll spend at least 30 minutes a day taking time out for homework - and for me this is going to be a pain as I've never been quiet about my loathe of homework, home time should be just that - home time, not home time for extra school work! 
For those of us who love a good festival, we're relieved that festival season is finally here! For some, festivals mean a day event, starting early and ending the early hours of the next morning, and for the rest of us festivals mean a full weekend experience, starting on either Thursday or Friday morning and ending on the Monday morning! It's a time to get away from our work and home lives, a time to listen and see not just known acts, but upcoming and new acts too, its our time to enjoy world foods, and wear short shorts and wellies because without a doubt, we're all convinced it will rain - I mean are British festivals even festivals if we don't have any rain!? It's also a time to put our camping expertise - or lack of it to good use.

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I remember my first festival, I was with four girl friends and none of us had ever gone camping before without our parents! We all knew we could follow instructions, we've all helped each other put flat pack products together before, and we'd even shared a bottle of wine too so putting up a few tents would be a walk in the park right? If only! Being young and giddy we was trying to impress the young group of lads pitching up next to us, whilst they was visibility getting stressed we was moping around waiting for them to get into their tents or off the campsite so we could properly tackle ours, only the group of lads took so long, daylight started to go by!
If you have a garden the size of a jungle like mine, I'm sure you'll agree that the garden is one of the chores you start to dread, cutting the grass can take a good three hours alone, and lets not forget we need to add on another two hours for the strimming around the edges, and a whole day to sort out the plants and weeds!

My garden before the work started and before the fence panels - this was just one tiny patch!

With 29 fence panels in total, a task such as painting the fence is something I try to put off as long as possible, I find excuse after excuse knowing the task in question is going to take me a rather long time, and as we all know - time is precious. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I'd much rather enjoy the garden then having to work on it, but every week it requires a LOT of time and attention due to the size of it. 

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Back in March, whilst planning Spud's 11th birthday party, I made the decision to ''not'' photograph the party, at least not myself. For many years at Spud's previous parties, I've missed so much of the fun and memories as I've been so busy doing everything including trying to get as many photo's as I can to look back on the celebrations for years to come.

Your Home Au Naturel

by Jada, July 18, 2017
Humans have a lot to learn from the natural world, it can teach us about medicine and science, but it can also help us to learn more about technology and mechanical engineering. Don’t worry about any of that stuff for now though, that's a whole other blog post in itself, instead, it’s time to focus on the gifts that nature can give you when it comes to design. By incorporating natural elements into your home, you can do a lot to make it look more unique and interesting, without having to make it hard to live in. To help you with this, this post will be going through some of the best ways to add a touch of nature to your home.

In a lot of homes, furniture and other features will be largely made from wood. Unfortunately, though, most items like this aren’t designed to allow the wood to show off its natural beauty, instead, they will be painted or covered with a veneer. With solid furniture, you might be able to strip these treatments and add your own clear one, but for furniture made from particle boards, like chipboard or MDF, you might need to look at some second-hand options to replace them. Exposing wood like this will always make a home feel more natural.
Every parent will face this dilemma at some stage. Their kid wants a phone and they either cannot afford one or feel that their child is too young to have one. This is one area where children and parents can have very different opinions and it can lead to a lot of conflict within the family. Here are some ideas on how to diffuse the situation.

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Getting over the financial barrier of getting a mobile phone.
Mobile phone contracts are not cheap and if you already paying out for your own contract, a partner’s contract and perhaps even an older child’s contract this can really mount up! When you have lots of other household bills to cope with, the last thing you need is yet another mobile phone contract.
A housekeeper can play a crucial role in your life, saving you time to spend with your family instead of cleaning up the house. There are two options that you can always choose from: 1) hiring an independent housekeeper or 2) hiring an agency. An agency can wind up costing you more, as you’re not just paying for an independent contractor, but also for a large administration overhead. Most people prefer to hire an independent house cleaner because they don’t want to have to pay for the overhead of a large company, but agencies do offer convenience.

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Fortunately, finding and working with an independent house keeper doesn’t have to be a headache; if you use the right resources, your search can be quick, easy, and reliable. There are websites out there that help connect employers and housekeepers like, with thousands of housekeeper profiles that are searchable by city, state, and even neighborhood across the USA and Canada.