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Back in March, whilst planning Spud's 11th birthday party, I made the decision to ''not'' photograph the party, at least not myself. For many years at Spud's previous parties, I've missed so much of the fun and memories as I've been so busy doing everything including trying to get as many photo's as I can to look back on the celebrations for years to come.

Quite often, it meant that I only got to see the fun and excitement Spud enjoyed on his special days by looking back at the photographs, they wasn't memories I held in my head from my own vivid memory, they was memories I imagined and tried to piece together. For this reason, I thought I would try and put my business to good use and team up with another small business owner and see if we could work together.

The hunt was on for a photographer, but as usual - I was quite picky and needed to see some work first. Asking on my own personal Facebook page, various local community and buy and sale groups and along with business pages, I asked for recommendations on photographers and one name kept popping up continuously - Emma Ferguson - the sole partner behind Emma Ferguson Photography.

Before making contact with Emma, I done what most bloggers do - I searched for her business, and stalked her work for the best part of the whole day, it was safe to say no work or housework got done that day! In awe of Emma's work, I felt sad that we didn't know about Emma just 10 months earlier for my sisters wedding - but at least I had discovered her now - you know, in time for my own wedding maybe?

I contacted Emma directly and was very impressed with how quickly she responded to me, as a one team business, I know how hard it can be to find a spare two minutes, quite often for me on those rare occasions, it's me arguing with myself over what to do, do I take a two minute break and literally just sit and relax, or shall I get up and make myself a cup of tea? Emma didn't know the intention of my message from the get go, but throughout our correspondence - even to this day a few months on, her professionalism and customer/client approach can be mistaken for that of someone who has specifically trained in that niche, but of course, that isn't Emma's niche, but photography is.

Emma was booked in for Spud's 11th birthday party and the day come by before I knew it - it's always the way isn't it!? When you want time to go that little bit slower it runs away that little bit faster! Prior to the day arriving Emma contacted me to double check her service was still required whilst also confirming the date, time and address of the party, I was really impressed with this and again noted the customer service Emma gives to her clients.

On the day of the party, Emma arrived in due time prior to the guest arriving and again went through her plan of action with me, I was the first children's party that Emma had been asked to photograph, I had nothing at all to worry about though as photographing children wasn't new to Emma at all, as she covers all kinds of shoots from pets to family, Christenings to weddings AND everything in between including commercial shoots!

Emma spoke to me about the equipment she uses and how the images would be available to me after the shoot took place. Emma was thorough with her explanations, but not in the slightest bit confusing - because I'm sure I'm not alone when you're being told something and big words are getting thrown about that no one but the other person understands, think of fancy restaurants and you'll get my drift!

Emma stayed for the whole duration of the party (three hours in total but I estimate that she was here for around 3 hours 40 minutes including her arrival and departure), taking hundreds if not thousands of brilliant images, every image is so great, I've had such a hard time picking which ones to show off here in this blog post, and because of this, I'm going to have to do another post just on the images alone I reckon!

Emma's prices are very affordable, I'm a firm believer of you pay for what you get, if you want quality you'll pay the price and I will argue this with everyone for the rest of my life if I have too! I soon discovered this when I tried compromising on tomato soup once - don't do it, you'll regret it, believe me! Too often people think the saying goes just for products, but we must remember this is for services too, if you want a rookie pay the rookie prices, if you want the professional, pay the professional prices.

In regards to where Emma is located, as I know by now it's the question many of you're wondering, Emma is located in Bracknell, but is happy to discuss other areas within the Berkshire area and has even covered weddings and events in London.

My Overall Thoughts?
Overall Emma was fantastic, all the adult guest and other parents who attended Spud's party commented on how great Emma was with the kids. Photographing over 30 children with different activities to focus on, as well as decorations, props, food and more amazed me as Emma didn't lose focus once. Emma was happy to be approached by guest of the party and would happily answer any questions they had, as well as being thorough with me throughout the party of what she was doing. 

Me and Gareth have already said that when it comes to our own wedding, we know who're we're booking - so long as Emma is still photographing of course!

To find out more about Emma, or to view more of her amazing work, check her out at Emma Ferguson Photography.

Until next time,
Jada x
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