My last and final gift guide is for the children - children of all ages. When I think of Christmas the very first thing that comes into my head is my son, and the joy he has when it's Christmas. Children get excited for Christmas, they can't wait to see what's waiting to be opened by them, they can't wait to write their list to Santa, and they can't wait for the day to be here.

My children's gift guide covers items for babies, younger children and older children, from stocking fillers, small gifts and main gifts, there's bound to be something for every child in this gift guide. I hope you enjoy this guide as much as I've enjoyed working on it. As always, if you'd like to see a clearer product image please click on the photo in question to enlarge it.

Teenagers can be difficult to buy for, it's that awkward age where you don't want to buy presents that are too young, or too old - you want them to be just perfect, and loved by the recipient.

Without further ado, let's get this Teen's Gift Guide started, from tweens to teens, there's something here for them all, from stocking fillers to foodie gifts and main gifts too of course. To view the full image size, please click on the photo to enlarge.
Christmas is the one time of the year where I don't feel guilty for indulging in more food than usual, and it's also the one of two times a year I have a three-course meal at home (Easter being the other). When thinking about Christmas, food is one of the first things that come to my mind; remembering the reason for the season, quality, family time, good food and presents.

When you mix those last two together, you get good foodie presents, and that's what this guide is all about! Gifts for the foodies, from edible to non edible foodie gifts, I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed photographing and writing about them. To view the full image size, please click on the photo to enlarge.
I know I'm not alone when I say I find it hard buying gifts for men, because all I've seen recently on social media is people looking for recommendations for men's gifts ideas. In a dream world, they'd most probably want the dream car, or a not even invented yet game console... I know my fiance wishes for that!

This guide features some stocking fillers and main presents, there's no particular order, and there's no particular theme, there are no dream cars, and there are no games consoles that have not even been invented yet (sorry Gareth!) they are present that caught my eye, and hopefully yours too! To view the full image size, please click on the photo to enlarge.
When it comes to buying Christmas presents for her, we're not short for ideas - from clothing to accessories such as handbags, makeup to perfume, jewellery to vouchers for the hair salon, and plenty more. 

This guide features some stocking fillers and main presents, there's no particular order, and there's no particular theme, they're presents that caught my eye, and hopefully yours too! To view the full image size, please click on the photo to enlarge.

It's that time of year when we scratch our heads looking for a gift idea that's brilliant for couples, if you're anything like me then you've done the DIY hampers for too many years in a row, and you're running out of ideas... What suits both of them or maybe you're looking for yourself, so what suits both of you?

Whether it's for him and her, him and him, or her and her, why not take a look at the products below for some gift idea's for the couples you need to buy for this Christmas, or maybe you're part of a couple yourself, and you're looking for some inspiration on something you can both benefit from! To view the full image size, please click on the photo to enlarge.
If you're a pet owner, I'm sure you can relate when I say my dog is my second child, and if you're not a pet owner, or have never owned a pet - well, you're most probably itching your head right now looking very confused. Pet's are a massive part of the family, they're just as important as the humans, so it's only right they have some presents under the tree, or in a special Santa Paws sack!

From food to clothing, toys and feeding accessories, if you're on the hunt for presents for pooches in your life, from you or Santa Paws, then read on further for some gift inspiration for the dogs in your life. To view the full image size, please click on the photo to enlarge.
Gaming, whether you like it or not is massive across the globe, and as time goes on, it's only getting bigger and better. I remember being a young child when myself and my little brother Jamie was gifted our first non-handheld gaming console, and how things have advanced since then. In partnership with Smyths Toys Superstores, this post will tell you everything you need to know about the Xbox Game Pass, plus one lucky person will win a 12 month Xbox Game Pass!

Back when I was a child, the only way you could play games was by having the physical disk or cartridge, however, nowadays playing games come in a variety of ways, so different to the ways us old school gamers know how to play. Gone are the days where you would worry about scratching the disks or losing small cartridges, in are the days of streaming, downloading and online game playing.
Whether you've planned for the baby you're expecting or not, there is one thing parents to be, or parents expecting again all have in common - the list of things you need before baby makes their arrival. If you thought decorating the spare room - making it into a nursery was hard enough, wait until you tackle a list that's bigger than the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk. 

Newborn nappies, dummies, bottles, breast pads, newborn and 0-3 months clothing (vest, sleepsuits, mittens, hats, tops, bottoms, jumpers, coats, snowsuit, socks etc), a steriliser, a cot mobile, cot sheets, baby monitors, comfortable underwear for mum, chocolates (or was that just me!?), a breast pump if you're breastfeeding, formula if you're formula feeding, a bouncer, a moses basket, a rocker, a changing bag, a baby bath, 
a pushchair, a car seat, rain covers... the list goes on and on (I did tell you it was bigger than the giant!).

Sporting injuries can be upsetting, painful and difficult to manage, whether it is an injury that you have sustained yourself or your child. While there will always be an element of risk when it comes to injuries and sport, that is not to say that you should avoid sports altogether as they can be excellent in terms of physical and mental health.

Image Credit.
How you manage your sporting injury will depend on the severity of it, but here are a few tips for managing which should make the recovery process easier and help you to get back to it sooner rather than later.
December is very nearly amongst us, and for many of us, presents, decorations and food are on our minds. We've double and even triple checked our list of people to buy for, because forgetting your least favourite sister in law is acceptable for you, but not a great look to the wider family. We're jotting down foodie items on our Christmas food shopping list as and when we think of them, but no doubt we'll still forget something important, like the Christmas pudding, and we've already got our Christmas day outfits sorted, well I have - priorities right?

Image soure.
Christmas is a time of giving, eating, relaxing, and for some of us even entertaining. If you're one of the brave people out there (like me) who has offered to host the festive season at your house, then your lists go far longer than doing the Christmas food shop, and making sure everyone has a present or two that they're going to love, because is there anything worse than unwanted Christmas presents?

Christmas is now just officially one month away, and if the sights of pretty decorated Christmas tree's filling our social media timelines isn't a reminder, or the photo's of the perfectly wrapped presents with bows, then maybe it's the Christmas song's being played back to back on the radio, or the Christmas adverts being played on every television break possible. 

Main image for 50 Days of Christmas with Boots on Unique Young Mum

Everywhere we turn we see Christmas, and I LOVE it all, though I need to get into gear and start buying presents pretty soon, because before we know it the mince pies will be laid out ready for Santa, the presents will be stacked neatly under the tree, and stockings of all styles and sizes will be filled with presents of all kinds across the nation. 
If you're a regular reader or visitor to Unique Young Mum, then you may know that Christmas is my favourite time of the year! It's the one time of year that I relax that little bit more, watch lots of television - well Christmas movies to be precise, and let's not forget the Christmas jumpers, whacky hair accessories and reindeer earmuffs come out to play, when else can we do that bar Christmas time?

The advent season is very nearly upon us, and as I've enjoyed doing Advent Features previously, I just knew I had to do one again this year! What other way can we countdown to Christmas than with an advent calendar? Well, I suppose we do have the Elf On The Shelf too, and he's the one who brings the Unique Young Mum household their calendars! Plus having a foodie advent calendar is the one time of the year we can get away with eating sweet treats first thing in the morning right!? Without further ado, let me introduce you to Unique Young Mum's 2018 Advent Calendar Feature!
The Christmas season is the perfect time of year for showering the ones that you love with gifts. Finding the right Christmas gift for mum or dad, or your significant other or anyone else for that matter can be a difficult and time costly challenge, and often we can panic buy resulting in unwanted gifts, and awkward silences.

Credit: Jeshoots at Unsplash

Christmas present buying is a stressful time of year as it is, we've got financial worries like no tomorrow, we've got horrible visions of the Christmas presents not turning up on time, and we're having mini breakdowns over the fact that the item at the top of your child's Christmas list is out of stock everywhere! This post will hopefully help you to avoid the top giving mistakes this festive season.
Every parent loves to believe that their child is a little angel who wouldn’t hurt a fly. The truth is that you need to keep a close eye on your cheeky monkey’s behaviour no matter how cute and innocent they may seem. With Christmas just around the corner, it seems that being a good boy or girl is high on their priority list so that Father Christmas visits them with all of their lovely presents. 

Credit: Rawpixel at Unsplash
However, are there any year-round techniques that will work for even the naughtiest of little elves? Take note of some of these ideas and you will soon find the perfect way to teach your child the importance of good behaviour and manners.
The festive season is coming up fast, and in the middle of the hustle and bustle of spending time with family and friends, running around, and gift-buying, it's common to fail to take care of yourself. This can lead to everything from stress to poor health, and even depression in some cases.

Image source.
The trick to not becoming any of these things during the festive season is to do what you can to plan for Christmas, work with what you've got and ensure it stays stress-free. With that being said, read on below for a few of the top tips to make your festive season, happy, bright, and stress-free, all at the same time.
With Christmas day being just 41 days away, I know many of us are now on the hunt for presents, and with toys being the most sought-after presents on children's list across the globe, it's only right I start off the first of a few competitions with a toy! I'm giving away a Baby born Soft Touch Doll which has an RRP of £49.99, and one lucky winner can be wrapping this up to put under their tree this Christmas. 

The all-new BABY born® Soft Touch Doll has nine lifelike functions and eleven accessories to encourage imaginative play, with the soft touch being more softer and huggable than before. With even more play value, BABY born® Soft Touch cries real tears, opens and closes his or her eyes, eats and drinks, has additional arm mobility, is fully bathable, and has controlled potty movements simply by pushing the easy to press belly button – BABY born® Soft Touch does all of this and more without the use of any batteries!
The place where we live, enjoy, play, eat, make memories, dream, have parties, dinner dates, gatherings, bake-offs, and much more is our home. To ensure we're still in love with our home, it's important to make repairs and re-decorate from time to time. If we want to make our homes up to date according to social trends, and the latest interior design fashions, then we must focus on making the required improvements in our home.

I'm pretty sure no one decorates their forever home once, I mean, can you just imagine the state of the decor if a house hadn't been decorated in 20+ years? Regardless of how well it's been looked after, everything has a time, and I don't know of any wallpaper or paint that comes with a lifetime guarantee, neither fashion-wise, or quality wise. Besides, there are different times in our lives where decorations are a must, family homes - for example, are bound to experience a mini art gallery at some point due to little hands, and let's not get started on the interior design disasters of ripped wallpaper!
Whether you planned to have children or not, I think it's safe to say once our babies were born into the big wide world, we vowed we wouldn't do things with our children that we later went on to do. One of my friends vowed her children would never have a dummy, only to give in when her firstborn was two days old, another friend vowed her children would never participate in Trick'or'Treating, claiming it was a form of begging, another vowed her child would not eat sweets or fast food - only fruit and veg as snacks, and I vowed I'd never swear in front of my child.

It seems that me and my friendship group aren't alone in our vow making though, other vows parents seem to regularly make are I will never formula feed my baby, I will never co-sleep, I will not let my toddler use the iPad, I will never let my baby eat jars of ready-made baby food, I'll never give my child snacks to keep them quiet whilst shopping, I'll never use my finger to wipe dirt off my child's face, I'll never let them have a TV in their bedroom and I'll never let my child watch TV in general.

Finding balance in your career and personal life is a practice that takes many people years to learn. Earning a living is obviously a top priority for adults - particularly those who have children and a family to support. Yet, when you become so wrapped up in making a pound that you neglect your loved ones and yourself - it’s a problem. It’s also problematic if you’re so concerned with yourself and your family, that your performance at work or ability to earn a living is minimal.

Credit -
I see a quote on Facebook the other day saying ''never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life'', and it made me realise that I need to become stricter with the work I take on, as much as doing someone a favour makes me feel good inside, it's more on the workload and something I sadly have little time for if I want that perfect work and play harder balance. 
The world is a worrying and dangerous place nowadays, so it can be hard for a parent not to worry. However, many parents worry about things that are not likely to happen, for example, parents often worry about school shootings and kidnappings. While these things do happen, they don’t happen often enough to make the top list of dangers most likely to pose a risk to your child. There are however, numerous other things that you should be concerned about as a parent.

With the times changing, there are a lot more things we should be concerned about, we need to talk to our children more openly about the big wide world around them, including the dangers of the internet - something our grandparents didn't have to worry about with our parents, because of course, the internet didn't exist back then. Read on further for some dangers we should be looking out for.
Raising a family is not easy, and neither is running a household. In fact, they are probably two of the most challenging and continual responsibilities that most people will ever face. However, located on the other side of that coin is the truth that these efforts are among the most rewarding and emotionally nourishing acts you can take part in. Any family should be able to see the truth of those words if they have their interpersonal priorities straight.

However, just like anything, running a household with a family comes with its challenges and we're often wondering how to take the best action. In order to raise a family in the best way possible, sometimes we need help, and looking for advice online can be a great help. After all, the art and science of raising a family doesn’t come with its own manual, even with great offerings like books written by those with expert experience. Sometimes, you just need to see how things play out, or sometimes you may prefer to read a post like this to give you ideas, read on further for some home-keeping ideas that may work for you.

How To Give Back To Your Parents.

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Parents are powerful role models for children. Whether it be for guidance, support, advice, or a big hug; they surely have our “backs” – so to speak. They stand firm in our corner, teach us vital life skills and comfort us in a time of need.

Life can get super hectic and busy, but we mustn’t forget to show our parents some respect and honour for all the things they have gifted us. Giving back to our parents can be as simple as a few spoken words, it doesn't have to be something big, even something small that makes them feel appreciated and loved by us goes a long way.
The way your life changes after you have a child is nothing short of amazing, it shows you a special bond that you've never had with anyone else in the world, and it also brings a new love you've never experienced before. The new life that you bring into the world needs protection, love, and care, and as a parent, you'll do your utmost best to do all those things, however, there are certain situations where you will need a little help to care for your child in the best way possible.

As a parent, when you are facing any kind of legal proceeding that includes your child/children, then the one thing that you will want to do is hire a lawyer to protect your child and their rights, as well as getting the best legal advice they have to offer, after all, they're trained for certain situations should you require their services.
I've previously spoken (written) about my views on ''blogger tags'', I'm not the biggest of fans of them, and actually, cringe at some of the ones that have gone around over the years, because sometimes too much information isn't needed (or rather welcomed) at all, however the short and sweet ones I can tolerate. I'm still waiting on a blogger tag that is 100% Disney focused, but I'm yet to jump for joy at finding one, plus I don't actually get too many tags on things - maybe because of my views...!?

The most recent photo of me - just because you've got a face to these answers!

Thankfully, the lovely Karen from Really Missing Sleep is one of those blogger friends who I can always rely on, she seems to know just what subjects to tag me in, and what subjects to avoid at all costs, even if the conversation has run dry and you're sat there cringing wondering what to say next. Unless you're ready to give up a few hours of your time for the biggest debate you've ever had with me, some things aren't worth mentioning, for example - dare I say politics!? Karen tags me in lovely, positive, friendly blogger things - The October Blog Tag being one of them, and here is my spin (answers) on the questions asked.
We all like to spend money - well the majority of us, don’t we? We love scouring the shops on the high street, finding bargains, jumping for joy when sale clothes actually fit us in the changing rooms, and then going home with a smile on our face for the rest of the day! After all, a little bit of retail therapy doesn't hurt anyone - but there are bigger ways to spend your money that might just keep a permanent smile on your face, especially when you think about your family.

So to ensure you’re doing everything you can to keep them safe, happy, and healthy, here’s a couple of the best money spending ways you can look into that will return the investment tenfold in the pursuit of a strong family dynamic.
It's safe to say being a parent is the hardest job in the world, no other job title in the world brings the responsibilities that lay with being a parent, I'm so sure about my statement, that I can guarantee even the Queen and Barak Obama agrees with me. When you're responsible for small humans, everything you do in life should be done with serious thought and consideration, because watching you and your actions - in everything you do and say, are smaller versions of you - your children.

With that being said though, no one is perfect and we all make mistakes. I remember vowing to myself when I became pregnant with Spud that I would never swear around him, for I didn't want him to hear such words, I vowed I would never let him watch tv for more than one hour a day, and I vowed if he was ever to eat a Mcdonalds, it wouldn't be until he was at the very least five years old. Did I stick to any of those vows!? Heck no! Nor do I beat myself up about it too much because some things in life can't be planned entirely perfect, and parenting is something we take day by day. 
Summer is well and truly here, and what better time to fine-tune your beauty routine? The change in the season gives you the ideal opportunity to adjust your usual pamper regime, and we’ve got everything you need to get your summer look spot on.
Credit: Pixabay

Before you get started, it helps to prepare yourself with the right products. The good news is, you can purchase your everyday healthcare essentials and beauty must haves from a range of different places, including online retailers, the high street and even your local supermarket.
If you want to make more money for your family so you can improve your quality of life, you’ve come to read the right post. It’s important to remember that many people associate earning money with working hard, and while that can be true sometimes, this post is about working smarter, not harder, it's about making small changes that can help you in the long run.

Credit: Pixabay.
You don’t want to swap too much more of your time for money if you’re already working, as this will mean spending less time with the people you love. Would it be worth it? Probably not! With this in mind, read on for ways you can make more money for your family the smart way.

If you’ve recently experienced the joy of welcoming your first little bundle of joy, you may be thinking that your life is complete. The family that you’ve always dreamed of is now a reality, and you feel an overwhelming sense of unconditional love towards your firstborn and your partner. You would do everything within your power to protect your family dynamic.

With one or two more little cherubs in the future, you may find that you have achieved your goal of a family, a home and contentment. Fast forward ten or fifteen years, and you may have rebellious adolescents, ageing relatives and all sorts of external factors threatening your family dynamic.

Each and every one of us has some level of curiosity about ourselves – it’s natural, it is part of what makes us human. It is that curiosity that leaves us pondering some of the world’s greatest mysteries that, in all likelihood, we will never have a definitive answer for.

From unsolved crimes to government cover-up conspiracy theories, there are hundreds and thousands of cases that remain open. While, of course, not all mysteries are suitable for a youngster to delve into, that doesn’t mean that we can’t at least feed their curiosity by introducing some of history’s most notable anonymities if they hear about them from their peers.
Renovating your home can be one of the most stressful and expensive periods of adulthood, whether it’s building an extension or just updating the fixtures and features of your home. Along with it being a stressful and financial heavy time, it can also be time costly, well unless you’re a millionaire, but if you’re not, then the chances are these things are going to take a rather long time as well as it being stressful and costly. 

With this day and age though, we’re fortunate enough to have a company around for basically anything and everything, a point proven to myself the other day when I fancied warm, fresh out of the oven, homemade brownies, sadly I  just didn’t have the time to bake. However, my tummy was soon satisfied when a quick search online introduced me to a local baker, living just two miles away from me. After a quick telephone call, my brownies were ready to be collected still warm only an hour later. 
London, what goes through your head when you hear, see or say the word London? To me its chaos - lots of people, black cabs, buses and trains, people, crowds of people everywhere, it's rushing, it's shopping, it's fast, it's loud, its even another world and that's coming from someone who lives only 30 minutes away from London via a fast train from Paddington. 

Passing my driving test last July was without a doubt one of the best things I've done, I didn't realise at the time how much more freedom it would give me and Spud, and even the dog benefits too, considering he gets driven to luxury parks to walk or should I say sprint around. From going food shopping without worrying about carrying heavy bags, to driving down the road in the pouring rain, it's been a saviour and something I'm so glad to of achieved. 

If you need extra money but you don't have the time or energy to take on another part-time job at a local store or office, then don't despair. There are plenty of ways that you can make a little extra cash on the side without having to do much extra work. In fact, you'd be surprised how many things you can do to make your money work for you.

To help you make the most out of any budget, I've put together a quick list of easy ways that you can make money without wasting all of your spare time.

The air’s still warm and the sun’s still bright, so even if you’re not being hit by a heatwave, you’re probably still struggling to cool off and dab away the sweat on your forehead. Well, there’s one way you can keep your house cooler year after year, and that's by choosing the right flooring. Which is why I have teamed up with Amtico to round up the top three ways to keep your home cooler this summer and every summer after! 

Speaking of wood, it’s also an excellent choice in any climate or weather condition – it adapts based on the air around it, especially when properly treated. There are so many types of hardwood that you can easily find one that matches your style or preference – anything from Birch to Bamboo – and it can all be added on top of existing flooring to double up on its durability or heat efficiency.
Houseplants can be an excellent way to fill out space and add some life to a room, but the hardest part can be working out where to put them – having enough space is only the start of your worries. Luckily, I’ve teamed up with Olive Grove to put together this quick guide to give you a few more things to think about, just in case.

Check The Heat
Some plants prefer heat, some prefer cold, and some don’t really care as long as they’re properly fed. This might not seem like a problem at first, but your house design could work against you – a room with plenty of windows probably shouldn’t contain plants that can’t handle constant heat and light, whereas an attic or basement with no natural light shouldn’t usually have any regular plants whatsoever.

Making Easy Money Through ETFs

by Jada, June 02, 2018
With so many people struggling to find work nowadays, with there being too many people, not enough jobs, businesses going into liquidation/administration and some of our favourite high street stores going in a world where there’s too much competition, it’s easy to see why so many people are looking for online and alternative work to work from home.

From surveys to tutoring, virtual assistant jobs to writing, mystery shopping to proofreading, there is so much to do, and one search of working from home will bring in thousands of results, but many are too good to be true, or want you to join the debatable world of M2M - something I personally would avoid like the plague.
If you've been a reader/visitor of Unique Young Mum for a while, then you may already know bits about me from past post I've done - so you may of read the title of this post and thought not another one!? However I suppose it's always good to refresh one's memory and every one of these posts has different questions! PLUS there's also the chance that I may have some new readers/visitors who would like to know more about the blogger behind the scenes - wishful thinking ay!? 

My most recent picture - taken on the 18th of May 2018.
I wasn't nominated to do this post, and so I won't be nominating other bloggers to do this either, but if you want to copy and paste the questions to answer yourself on your own platforms, please do feel free! Just remember, the internet is a huge place and isn't safe, so never disclose something that you wouldn't like the world knowing! With that said, let the questions commence...

Interesting Careers For Young Mums

by Jada, May 20, 2018
Back in the days, once young women got married and started a family they often ended up being full-time mothers, saying goodbye to their careers and even to the activities they used to love doing. Nowadays many things have changed and after the maternity leave many young women go back to their old jobs, which sometimes complicates the situation of their family life. So in order to spend more time with their children many choose to take a completely different path and change career.

Image Credit.
There are many jobs out there that allow you to have a better work-life balance; therefore taking care of the children doesn’t have to interfere with your career, or vice versa. Young mothers can now easily take care of the family while
earning some money by working from home.
Often, we think that to increase our wealth significantly we have to make substantial financial moves. However, this is not the only way to acquire more wealth. In fact, minimal changes are often the way forward and can help you increase your wealth. 

98 Days - 14 Weeks - 3 Months.

by Jada, May 11, 2018
As I logged onto the Blogger platform 30 minutes ago, I was shocked to see that it had been 98 days since I last posted, a whole 98 days, which is exactly 14 weeks and a little over three months ago. Whilst many had thought I'd given up blogging, or at least Unique Young Mum, I knew that was never the case. Unique Young Mum has been here for me at my darkest, deepest hour, its been here when I couldn't talk to anyone else, or simply when I didn't want too to talk to anyone else.

Unique Young Mum started as a hobby back in August 2012, but it soon became my internet baby, helping me to transform my life. It quickly became a job, and in time, great friendships grew. Sadly I've not had much time in 2018 to speak to many blogger friends or even real life friends. Some of you may know I've had a lot going on, in January I heard something I never thought I'd hear, to say I was devastated would be an understatement, to say the least.
The lovely Karen over at Really Missing Sleep tagged me in her #MummysGuiltyPleasures post - I'll be totally honest, I usually cringe at some of these posts that require you to tag other bloggers, not because you need to tag other bloggers but because the questions asked, however guilty pleasures.... well that's just a whole different game isn't it!? Plus I kind of got a bit too commercial with Unique Young Mum, so I think this is the perfect post to let my readers have an insight into the writer behind the scenes! 

I'm sure all parents agree with me when I say we all have guilty pleasures, it may be the time we spend on Snapchat laughing at the silly filters, the fancy lunch we eat when the kids are at school, the time off we have when they're at their grandparents (or with the childminder), or even the peace and quiet when the kids are tucked up in bed! We all have them, some more than others, and all different, and that's what makes the world a beautiful place - the differences. 
Most days I wake up, and feel as young as the age I am, and then come the times where I feel much older than I am, with the latter becoming more common since my son started secondary school in September 2017. I don't know if its the fact that I'm one of the youngest parents with a year seven pupil, or if its the fact that everyone looks older, they're at a stage in their lives where their mortgages are over 50% paid off and they're planning vowel renewals because of course, they were married years ago.

Being a young parent comes with its advantages, but it also comes with a lot of stigmas, not that I have ever given a care in the world about other people's opinions of me, I am Jada Lewendon, I am no one else, nor will I ever be a sheep in which many peers of mine have allowed themselves to be. I stand my own, I raise my own and I live my own.
Few industries are as competitive as the restaurant industry, and as any chef or restaurateur knows, finding a regular and reliable source for fresh, tasty ingredients is key to success.

When it comes to finding a provider, there are a lot of angles a savvy restaurateur will want to consider. Can the provider deliver consistent quality on schedule? Are they flexible to the changing needs of the restaurant and its menu? Do they require a minimum price or weight before they will consider delivery? Are they flexible when it comes to additions or subtractions from a regular order? Also that’s not to mention the arguably, more important question of whether or not the food is locally sourced and ethically produced.

Happy New Year - 2018!

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I’d just like to start this post by wishing anyone that’s reading this a happy new year, I hope 2018 is a great year for all of us! I hope you smash any resolutions you have, and I hope your dreams come true.

For me I’m happy we’re in a new year, from mid-2016 to the end of 2017, it was difficult times for me. Times I don’t wish to talk about in more detail right now, I’ve done a few post, but ideally, in a perfect world I’ll leave that chapter of my life behind me and move on.