Friday 8 June 2018

Five Relaxing Weekend Break Ideas For The Capital

London, what goes through your head when you hear, see or say the word London? To me its chaos - lots of people, black cabs, buses and trains, people, crowds of people everywhere, it's rushing, it's shopping, it's fast, it's loud, its even another world and that's coming from someone who lives only 30 minutes away from London via a fast train from Paddington. 

However, what if I told you London can be relaxing, as relaxing as can be? Would you believe me? Well, I most probably wouldn't have believed you either if you were writing this post, however back in April, as part of my birthday celebrations, I spent a weekend in the capital relaxing - yes relaxing, and I'd do it all over again every week given the opportunity! I thought I'd put my tips into a post to show you how you can have a relaxing weekend in the capital.

1: Plan Ahead.
Planning isn't everyone's favourite, but sometimes plans are essentials - and I'd say if you're not from London, a little bit of planning will go a very long way. Don't just plan where you're going to sleep, or what train you're going to catch, but plan where you're going to eat, where you're going to sightsee, and where you're going to visit - it will make the weekend or period much more relaxing as everything has already been planned. There won't be any disappointments when your hungry belly can't find anywhere to eat, and so you end up at the nearest fast food restaurant just to satisfy the hunger pains.

2: Booking Is Essential.
Where you and I live, it may be second nature to arrive at our local theatre and buy tickets on the door, or turning up to well known restaurants expecting to get a table, but in London, if that happens - count yourself very very lucky. Kind of following on from point one above (plan ahead), make sure everything you want to do is booked in advance, as otherwise, you're just set up for disappointment and last minute plans, planning ahead is an essential, but so is booking ahead too!

3: Watch Out For The Capital Prices.
It's no secret that living in London is expensive, and so is visiting the capital too. Expect to pay more for everything, including your favourite high-street chain's cup of coffee, you may be used to paying the price in your local town, but expect it to be more in London, as that's just the way it goes. Tying in with point one and two above, if you're fortunate enough to get anything on the door, be prepared to pay top prices, however being prepped can not only save you time and hassle but money too!

On my birthday weekend away in April, myself and my three friends soon found this out. Whilst three of us went prepared, one of my friends - the most relaxed one out of the four of us, funnily enough, didn't prep! I knew what we wanted to do over the weekend so I made sure I got the best prices around, by searching for deals such as London spa deals, that got me and two of my friends a great discounted price, whereas my third friend had to pay the usual ''on the day price''.

4: Stay In The Capital, But On The Outskirts.
Has that confused you? Don't worry it did to me too! On telling my parents my birthday plans, and moaning about the costs of hotel stays in London, both my parents advised me to look on the outskirts of London, so I'd technically still be in London, just not central London where all the tourist attractions seem to be - which actually didn't bother us, as we were there for a relaxing weekend away, instead of a chaotic tourist weekend away. Not only was it quieter, and much more peaceful from both people and transport, but it also cost us a lot less too!

London is such a huge borough, its massive, one side of London can take you a few hours with NO traffic to get to the other side of London, whereas my town takes no longer than 20-25 minutes to get from one side to the other! If your planning on doing something in the capital because its an easy meeting point for family and friends you don't get to see often, or even if its because you want a break away, if you're not planning on going to the big tourist attractions, then do check out the outskirts of central London, as you won't regret it!

5: Know Who You're Visiting With.
This might sound like a strange tip, but believe me, it will help make your weekend in the capital relaxing. It's not about choosing your friends wisely, it's about choosing the right friends for the right occasion. I have plenty of friends, all different and unique, but some I knew who either would've hated the idea of a relaxing weekend away - no clubbing involved, or who would've ruined the weekend for me. Don't be afraid to not invite friends because you fear they'll be upset, politely explain to them why you've not invited them, but arrange to do something that suits both your needs for another time, if they're true friends, they'll understand and wouldn't want you to not enjoy yourself.

So there we have it, my five tips for a relaxing weekend in the capital!

Until next time,
Jada x


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