Friends..!? What Are They!? Where Are They!?

I've always had a love for English/Literacy, English was by far one of my most strongest points in school. I've always loved reading and writing, my earliest memory was aged 3, when I won a competition at nursery for a story and colouring competition. My competition prize was a video (old school!) called Little Pig Robinson, I treasured that video for many years, oh how I wish they would release it onto DVD! Sometimes the smallest things can bring back so many happy memories...

I read books to self educate, to let my mind escape into another place, I'm a very fast reader and have been known to read 300+ page books in a day, if the books a good read, I just can't put it down. I write to let feelings out, sometimes it comes naturally and sometimes it doesn't. Some would argue feelings should be kept to yourself, only for you to know, I argue on a debate otherwise. I too sometimes believe feelings should be kept to oneself, but sometimes writing and exposing the feeling is a great relief, I'm sure many of my fellow bloggers would agree.

No real blogger started blogging for the fabulous perks, something I have took part of in the past & will continue once I am back on my feet. A blogger finds a niche and sticks to it, they write, we write, Its what we are good at. I love how everyone has their own unique ways of writing, and when reading a post on fellow blogger's sites, I know its them. I'm not saying you could send me a unnamed post and expect me to identify the writer, but I notice little techniques, the favourite word's that get used on a regular basis throughout many different post.

To be true to someone else, you have to be true to your self, I don't know where I am right now in life. I'm still young, 23 precisely, but I feel so much older, I don't want to look back on life in twenty years time and regret the stuff I didn't do, the things I planned that didn't happen doesn't bother me, I say unplanned is always the best plans. I'm not saying them plans, thoughts and visions I once had don't upset me knowing they didn't happen, of course they do, but what can we do!? Life must go on. I've hit a difficult time in my life, I'm questioning friendships, relationships and myself.

Where's all those people who promised to be there for you in your hour of need!? Why when I talk to my girls, are they turning it around to themselves? Always a strong one, not one needing a shoulder to cry on, the one time I need them, they turn the conversation around to them, their life dilemma's. That hurts. I'm tired of being there for everyone else but myself, why should I continue to be the nice person I know I am!? When not one person who vowed they was friends, can ask how I'm doing today.

Friend's also don't disappear when they have new relationships, you can have a relationship and still make time for your friends, you know the people who was there before your partner, the ones that will always be there!!

I know everyone has their own lives, me included, I'm a busy Mum who's life is never at rest, even when Spud's not with me, my mind never rest. I'm not asking any of my friends to drop plans, but if you've not got any, a visit would be nice. I need to find myself again, I need a comfort zone and a few good friends who I know will be there for me, in the very few times I'll need them.

That is all,


  1. I love this! I too am always the strong one out of my circle of friends. Is it just that we show too much that we don't need help or that they just don't care ? X

    1. I have so much going on in life right now, the ones who are meant to be my closest are no where to be seen, we're all adults, we know the deal, but yet I feel like we are primary school children, they have no cares in the world. I am the strongest one out of all my friends, always there when I need them and giving the best advice (words from them) so like you said, do they think we're so strong we don't occasionally need someone to talk to ourselves? xx

  2. Defo agree! Since having my son, my friends have disapeared , ok I'm not the same 18 year old girl who didn't have a care in the world and my life revolved around parting and staying out all hours!
    I can't do that no more and I wouldn't want to I'm 25 now with an adorable son,
    Most my friends have children as well, but they stil don't make an effort to come and see me ,
    I've learned they aint worth it ,
    Friends are like showdows always around at ur brighest moments , but nowhere to be seen at the darkest moments, !
    Fake friends that is , I have 2 real friends who I trust and that's all I need ! I do get lonely though, and would love some one to pop round 4 a cuppa. My life might have changed but I'm stil me ! X

    1. I love this Donna, I too lost people who I classed as friends when I had Spud, just show's they was never really friends in the first place ay! I'm 23, I'm not getting younger as the days go on I'm getting a day older with each day that passes. I'm not asking for them to drop their lives, everyone is entitled to a life.

      Sometimes, when Spud's in bed, a adult conversation would be nice, but sometimes I feel there too important even for a phonecall! That hurts, especially when I've been on call for them all the time 24/7 answering phone calls at stupid times like 3am helping them through a dilemma.

      I have not told anyone about this post, but it automatically links up to my Facebook, if any of them see it I don't want apologies, I just want them to realise I've noticed. It's better to cut the rope now, I'm a Mother who deals with REAL problems on a daily basis, I have not got the time and care for people who can't be bothered with me. xx

  3. Defo hun, ur right , I sit in these 4 walls all day and put my son to bed , and yeh I do have his dad but that's not the same as some female company is it , I wish my friends would ring me4 a chat or pop in every now and then, my 1 so called best friend I haven't seen her since my son was born! 15 months ago.. To me that's not a friend , ! X your right ur defo better of without them. But I see women popping into see each other having a catch up , cuppa and a natter , is it wrong to want that x

  4. Have you tried reaching out to your friends? Maybe they don't really realise how tough you are finding things at the moment? Are they a similar age to you? 23 is still quite young & if they don't have kids of their own maybe they just haven't quite 'grown up' yet and only have things such as partying and boys on their mind.
    Do you have family around that can help you out & offer support? I wouldn't waste time worrying about so called friends that only want you there when it suits them. Unfortunately we can't always change the way other people behave & when it really comes down to it, sometimes the only people we can really rely on is ourselves...