Friday 17 May 2013

Dear Dad

This post is dedicated to my amazing Father, tear's already well in my eyes as I expect this post to get emotional. Happy Birthday Dad, another year older but not a clue to suggest it, here's to another joyous and loving year, may you have a fantastic day, because if one man out there deserve's it, it's you Dad, and I honestly mean that from the bottom of my heart. Your always there for me and Spud, but not only us, the whole family, your other 5 children and other 5 grandchildren. Some would argue coming from a bigger then average family the parents would have favorites  not with you Dad, we all know you love us all equally, my amazing Dad.

A Very Big Premature Me & You, My Amazing Father.

My amazing Father, where on earth do I start, I could write a book about you Dad, I'm crying whilst writing this, tear's dropping onto my freshly washed hair, but tonight Dad, I don't care. It's happy tear's Dad, I don't even know why I'm crying, I couldn't have a bad word to say about you apart from the rabbit pie lol. Your always there for me, you never get mad, no matter what I do. I come to live with you when I was young, around 9 year's old if I can remember rightly, of course I missed Mum terribly, but the transition seemed easy, we lived on the boat at first, school friends would call me and Jamie 'Rosie and Jim' and would listen to our stories with mouth's wide open. I remember when I was at primary school and you brought in loads of the boat stuff, kind of like a show and tell stand, the whole year and every teacher would admire the beautiful pieces there eyes were settled on, I'd watch their every move, every finger that touched your property, telling myself if anything got ruined I'd go mad. 

I remember being a quiet child if I can remember rightly, maybe I got mischievous and gobby sometimes, but overall I remember being good, I remember the school reports and school evenings, how proud you'd be as the teacher would inform and update you on my work and behavior. I loved junior school, I was in a beautiful school out of the way, one that was respected and religious, the regular Church visit's was something all the pupil's looked forward too, including me. You'd take us along to the school fayre's, the school dance's and Christmas parties, always one to join in the fun when parent's were asked todo a tug of war you was always on of the first to put your hands up.

Me and Jamie never went without, you worked hard, you slept minimum and had very little time for yourself, any time you had off work was spent whisking me and Jamie (as the other's were all older) to Legoland, Chesington or Thorpe Park, when the other's had time off work, they'd come along too. You've always been a family man, I watch your expressions when we're all together, growing rapidly it may seem, you still invite us into your home with as much love as the days we was born. I know I couldn't possibly remember my new born days, or maybe even memories before the age of 3, I do however know I was brought up, showered with love always.

Your 6 Grandsons, Your Still Waiting For Your Dolly.
When I stated this blog, you listened to me every day for the first few months, you even came along to Disney HQ in London for my first event, I'm glad me and Spud shared the day with you, because I know your really pleased for me, your happy and proud. My biased Father who always tells me I'm beautiful. I could have no make up on, or even make up that is looking mucky after being on all day, but you Dad always find a way to make me believe I'm special. You are the only man who could tell me I'm beautiful and whom I'll believe. 

I've always been big, I was born 5 weeks premature and weighed 7lb 4oz, you nearly got in a fight when I was just hours hold (if I can remember the story right) another father on the premature ward had asked why I was there, and you said she's premature mate, the man replied are you joking, come and look at the size of my baby, you got defensive since the minute I was born. My very biased Father, thank you!

I don't know what happened when I was a teenager, in a sense, it was like I rebelled outside, I got an ugly attitude and started arguing and fighting over stupid things. I first got arrested when I was 13, you didn't go mad at me, you sat down and spoke to me, you was there when I got arrested the next time, the time after that and so on. I've got a past I'm not proud of at all, but I believe that past has made me who I am today, with help and encouragement from you and Mum. I'm not saying I've changed completely  you know only too well I snap at people and do tend to have arguments but I feel your the only person who can calm me down.

You & Spud.
A Father's cuddle is just what I needed last year, when a seagull horridly pooed on Spud on holiday. I saw red, people surrounding me thought I was a nutter, whilst I ranted and raved and threw cans of Monster energy drink at passing seagulls. I called you Dad, I said I need a gun, I'm going to kill them, it's funny now when every one talks about it, Paula and Helen was at my side whilst I was kicking off, it was only you though who could calm me down when we met in the car park 5 minutes later.

I ring you when I've had a bad day, when I need a break and your there, through text by phone or visit, your there, always praising me and telling me how proud you are of me. I cherish the years of memories, and love you so much. I thank you for helping me with Spud, trying as hard as we can to toughen him up, but it seem's he is not like us after all lol. What I'm trying to say Dad, is thanks for being there always, and forever, because I know you always will be. I call you when a spider is on the verge of killing me via a heart attack, I call you when I need help, sorry to ask Dad, but I need something doing I'll say. You always help me, weather I need a nail banged into the wall, or if I need something from the attic, your the first person I think of to ask, and your the first person to never moan or complain, no jobs to small and no jobs to big. You work yourself but your never off duty as a parent, always being a taxi for one of us, or helping one of us out in our time of need.

Being the only single one of your kids, and now Mum's not local anymore, I appreciate the help you give when you have Spud for the night, there has been a number of times you have had Spud and I've just ended up staying in alone going to sleep, just to catch up and have a proper night's sleep, I really do appreciate everything, the times you've left work, or been waken in the middle of the night to help me or Spud out down the emergency doctor's or hospital. Not just the sleepover's you've gave Spud, but the bike rides and the other thing's a child should do with his Dad, your his super Grandad, if you say to him who do you want to see, Dad or Grandad, his answer is the same every time without fail.

My tall strong Dad with a body covered in tattoo's, all my friends thought you was so cool when we was kids, and they still do now, especially when you go round the roundabout 5 times and beep and wave at anyone for a bit of fun. My Dad, the Chelsea F.C fan, my Dad, the amazing man!

I truly hope you have a special day, we can't wait to see you, Spud chose all the presents this year, and yes Dad there all pair's of socks lol (my Dad doesn't like us spending our money on him, so each year without fail we get 'I only want a pair of socks, he never does get just the socks though). I could write loads more Dad, I could write a book, a never ending book on how special you are to us, for now I'll leave you to it, hoping you had time to read this post.

Your Youngest Baby Girl, Me!
Love you more then words can ever begin to explain, forever and always, from your youngest baby girl, Jadey xxxxx


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