Thursday 30 May 2013

Introducing My BritMums Live 2013 Sponsor

On Saturday 2nd of Febuary 2013, I posted my BritMums Live 2013 sponsor plea, I also emailed the companies I feel I have really connected with, on Sunday the 3rd of Febuary I received a email from Popagami, and would like to introduce you to them as my BritMums Live 2013 sponsor! I would just like to say thank you once again to Popagami, entering the blogging world 6 months ago at the time of my sponsorship plea, I had no real idea about the blogging world and the reviewing opportunities. Popagami was the first company to email me offering me a reviewing opportunity for their Pop-Ette's and World of Popagami book (see review here), in fact I was the first blogger to review the items for them.

I had this post written for months, I was meant to post it in Febuary, March the latest, but with all the latest going on's, it has come to near enough June for me to post it.

The World of Popagami is a book by Philip Craik – science teacher by day, Popagami creator by night – that takes you step by step through the origami folds, showing you how to make cute, three-dimensional finger puppets called Pop-ettes.

The Independent placed the World of Popagami book in it's top 50 books for children feature, ranking in at 31 view here.

 Philip Craik is a former chemistry teacher and engineer and has been a science technician at Ardingly College in West Sussex for nearly five years. He is the creator of Popagami.

“We have had tremendous success with the book of Popagami characters,” he says. “I know what a challenge it can be to keep children occupied, but folding these little characters will create fun and interest.

“The folding instructions are easy to follow and the little characters will be popular on children’s bedroom shelves.”

The book is ideal for long car journeys and holidays and is suitable for children from age six upwards.

The World of Popagami is on sale at just £4.99 and available both online and in some major bookshops, including branches of Waterstones.

The Book Depository

Since Febuary, Popagami has gone onto become even more successful each day, appearing on Dragons Den with character made Pop-Ettes and most recently appearing at the ITV1 Soap Award events.

It's my pleasure to be sponsored by such an amazing company, a company that will never be forgotten to me, because they was the first to trust me, I was the first to review for them, a special connection that I am happy to be working with throughout my time at BritMums Live 2013.

You can find out more about Popagami on their official website here, alternatively you can find them on Facebook here or on Twitter here.

Jada xx


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