Thursday 6 June 2013

I Need Freedom, I Need To Drive!!

Sometimes, when there is money in the bank, and the weather is beautiful, you just want to whisk yourself and your child down to the beach for the day, or even a trip to a beautiful park that sadly has no way of getting there, because no public transport goes that way, I need to drive. I need the freedom. I can imagine it now, Spud in the back on his booster seat, Mickey Mouse strapped in next to him, me in the front, the music on at a not too loud and not too low volume, the petrol tank full, drinks and snacks to keep us going until we reach our destination, the beach!!

I've made it no secret before that I love pink, a quick look around my blog will most proberly give you a clue to my favourite colours, but I'm not too sure I could drive a pink car, I love white or black for car's, isn't it weird because I'm a girl who loves the rainbow! However if you put a pink car infront of me for free, I'd soon snap it up! I love pink!! I imagine the sun shades I'll have on the window's in the back, to block the sun for Spud, oo I'm getting excited just thinking about the day it comes!

Driving will give freedom for me and Spud!

Driver's will know, and maybe some non driver's like me will know, that you have to buy your car, get it to pass the MOT, pay road tax and the most important thing is, you need insurance! Being young and being a female, when it happens (me passing my test) I know my insurance is bound to be quite high, females are stereo typed on a daily basis as being 'bad' drivers! I'm getting more and more keen to drive, imaging the freedom of not relying on buses, walking on horrid rainy days or simply relying on friends. 

I've been doing my research and asking my girl friends who drive who they go for with their insurance, knowing this is going to be the most expensive cost throughout the year, 1st Central Insurance popped up a few times between 5 girl friends of mine that drive, I had a look online for cheap car insurance and after a little bit of research from friends on what they have to pay I've decided that doing my research and shopping around will pay off!

Until next time,
Jade x


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