Thursday 6 June 2013

Mum's Can Have Night's Off Too!

Being a Mum is one of the most hardest jobs in the world, for so many reasons, we are never off duty, 24/7 are minds are filled with so many emotions and thoughts, we are pulled onto roller coaster journey's on a daily basis, sometimes the most funnest of roller coasters, and other's the most terrifying of roller coasters, more then the most scariest rated roller coaster ever. Each day is unplanned, yes we may plan visits to the farm, to the park and to the super market, but being a Mum, you know the saying too well you never know what's round the corner.

Me and my Spud being silly 

I'm not going to pretend being a Mum is all easy going, there of course has been times I've just thought I wish Spud's dad was here to help, just so I can take a bath in peace, and other times where I've wished we had someone else here to cook for us one evening, because a stressful day has left you feeling tired, hungry and just, well, down! I love being a Mum, it is by far the most amazing experience to ever appear on my life CV. Yes I may not know whats round the corner, I may not know how many more carpets I will have to replace, and I may not know how much longer Spud is going to share the Disney dream with me, I do however know that I will always be his Mum, and I'll never be off duty.

Sometime's Spud goes and stays with his auntie overnight (my sister) or to his Grandad and Nanny's for the night, to give me a break, not that I demand one, but I don't refuse them when I'm offered them, every parent, especially single parents need time for themselves. Sometimes I don't even make it to the pub with friends, exhausted from my motherly duties, sometimes I just pull out a face mask from my pile of many de-stress ones (because Home Bargains have them on 3 for 2, I stock up =D you've got to save them pennies) and demolish a bar of chocolate with my name written on it.

Me getting ready to go and meet the girls for a few at our local pub.

When I do manage to get out with my girls, I always pre drink, not wanting to spend so much money on one night out, I believe cocktails are the quick and easy way forward! Red Hot World Buffet are running a challenge at the moment asking bloggers to create their own cocktails. Well Red Hot World Buffet, I am accepting your challenge and I now present you with Jada's Fat Frog Mock Cocktail.

You will need

A large bottle of Smirn Off Ice
A large bottle of WKD Blue
A large bottle of Orange Bicardi Breezer
A glass of Disaronno (but not essential to make just a Fat Frog)
Some ice, well you can't have Disaronno without the rocks now can you ;-)

Make's enough to fill more then 3 whole bottles, so make sure you save a few bottles back so nothing goes to waste!

Its easy to make, mix them all together and you will be left with a green mixture which believe it or not is not witches juice, its a Fat Frog's juice, and believe me, it's beautiful, amazingly beautiful!

Until next time,
Jada x


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