Thursday 20 June 2013

Our Haven Holiday Break Away

My phone was ringing and it was my big sister, expecting just to have a catch up on the phone, I didn't once think she was calling for what she did call for. Would you and Spud like to come away with me, K and the boys she asked, a few seconds passed and I asked her to repeat what she just said, would you and Spud like to come away with me, K and the boys she repeated. My voice was getting louder with excitement as I quickly replied with yes, yes, YES! Oh my gosh are you sure, oh thank you Paula, thank you, my words were repeating over and over again.

My sister and brother in law had booked a weekend away with Haven for Friday 14th to one of their Weymouth sites, Seaview. I have been to both Seaview and Weymouth Bay before and knew both me and Spud would have a fabulous time with great company. Me and my sister have been going on Haven holidays since was new borns ourselves, the same as our children. The reason why we go with Haven is because of the fact its a family friendly resort, growing up we had Roary the tiger, Anxious the elephant and Bradley bear, as the years went on 3 more characters were introduced, Greedy the gorilla, Polly the dolly and Ned the nerd? 

Haven has kids club for younger children as well as teenagers consisting of many activities each day including weekend activities. Come 6pm, they have the children's character shows, and at least one chance of having your photo's taken with at least one character, they then have a childrens disco, play some games and then the evening entertainment that starts for the whole family. Its lovely to relive something that both me and my sister done in our childhoods and something our children do every year on our visits to Haven, having a wonderful time with fun stars, the characters and just having a good old dance on the dance floor. On our visit, we watched Danyl Johnson  (a finalist on the 2009 X-Factor show) perform live on stage.

Haven have a group of Fun Stars which really do make your stay at Haven so much more entertaining. My little Spud had a splurge of confidence on his last day at Haven and jumped up and down shouting pick me when they was looking for someone to get up on stage to take part in a game with a fun star. There was two teams, the yellow side and the blue side, Spud was on the yellow side as he is 7, a odd number, the even number's were blue! 

Spud had to peg a fun star with as many pegs as possible for his side to win, sadly he didn't but he still came off the stage with a big 'I just came to say yellow' sticker and a funky certificate congratulating him on getting up on stage and playing a game! I could never of been so prouder at that moment, my shy little boy had got up on stage in front of at least 200 people and had played a game! Go Spud!!

We stayed in a 2 bedroom superior caravan that could cater for 6, which was perfect as there was 6 of us; my sister, my brother in law, baby boo, little big man and my Spud. The caravan had 2 bedrooms as I mentioned, one room contained a double bed where my sister and baby boo stayed, the other bedroom had two single beds where me and Spud stayed and the front room had a large seating area that doubled up as a double bed come night time where my brother in law and little big man slept. The caravan also had a tv, which was a bonus when we needed to keep the kids occupied whilst us adults got showered and dressed, a kitchen area complete with a under counter fridge and a small freezer compartment, a microwave, a cooker and all the cooking items and utensils we needed for our breakfast (we ate out most evenings).

Did I mention Weymouth is a sandy beach!? A beautiful sandy beach, perfect for making sandcastles on!

As a family, we enjoy going to Seaview and Weymouth Bay Haven parks because of their location. Weymouth is bursting with things to do and with just both parks being only a few miles from the wonderful beach and town centre, with local attractions close by it is deffo one of our favourite locations. The Sealife Centre & Tower is located close by, and Haven sell the tickets for both locations at a discounted price. Instead of us paying £22.50 each (price for both adults and children) we was able to get them at a discounted price of £11 each by purchasing the tickets through Haven, meaning we got the tickets for better then half price!

Eating out wasn't a problem, with Haven's onsite restaurant/bar where we all enjoyed it, even the fussy little big man (he's Autistic and is a very fussy eater) enjoyed eating their on Friday and Sunday. The Sunday roast carvery was absolutely lush, made us feel right at home with a traditional family roast. There is also a Papa Johns pizzeria onsite which we had on Saturday night, can you believe they deliver to your caravan too if you do not wish to eat it in the resort!? Complete bonus ay!

This is our first Haven visit this year, we go at least twice a year to two different locations, last year we went to Combe Haven and Devon Cliffs, we have only just got back and we are already planning our second break. You really can't go wrong with Haven, there really is something for all the family to do! We was so sad to have to leave, but we managed to squeeze in one more photo before our break had ended!

I'd love to hear of your Haven stories! Please do leave a comment or get in touch!

Jada xx


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