The Entertainer Toy Store

by Jada, June 28, 2013
As part of The Entertainers blogging network, opening up the email I received last night, I knew I had to share it all with my lovely readers. Do you know Christmas is less than 6 months away!? Have a look through this post and your be amazed like me at some of the bargains! Especially with VTech Storio! Just click on the images to be taken to the selected page and have yourself a brilliant bargain offer!
Talking about Christmas, I brought my first lot of Christmas presents yesterday! Exciting times!

Power Rangers – Mega Force, pre-order yours today!

25% off Littlest Pet Shop and Transformers Prime Beast Hunters!


 Upto 50% off Sunshine or Showers

VTech Storio Blue Interactive E-Reading Value Pack with Carry Case and 3 Cartridges was £123.99
NOW £34.99!!!


Tomorrow, The Entertainer open’s it’s first store in Scotland!

And lastly, why not check out these new items featuring the following characters!?



 I will keep you updated with more deals from The Entertainer as soon as I know the latest deals myself :p
Be sure to check out the official website here.

Jada xx
Hello my lovely readers, visitors and followers, I hope your all doing extremely well!? I bet a lot of you thought you would never see the day I posted a competition for you all ever again. I admit, I left the reviewing and comping side of blogging. Truth be told both me and Spud needed a break.
Anyway, enough of the chitter chatter yakity yakka, I now bring to you lovely people, a competition for a £35 Stuck on You voucher. I have a few very special item's I will be reviewing this weekend Stuck on You that I can't wait to share with you all! The products are personalised, unique and the quality of the products is fantastic!

Here is a little information that I have copied from the official Stuck on You website;

Stuck on You the coolest kids name labels & personalised gifts. As a young Mum, Carrie Felton needed to identify her kids belongings for child care, kinder and school and surprisingly there wasn't anything available at the time. So Carrie created Stuck on You labels, introduced them to her friends and the rest as they say, is history.

As a mum of young boys, Carrie understands that quality and service are critical for busy mums. Stuck on You prides itself on using the finest materials available - Did you know that we have our label materials and inks specially made for us? That's just some of the small details that set us apart from the inevitable copy cats that try to follow in her footsteps.

Winner of the Coolest Online Company Awards,  Stuck on You are known for original designs and innovation. It's not hard to see why, shop online at and you will find a huge assortment of labels, icons, colours and fonts - The choice is nearly limitless.

Check out the Stuck on You website, find them on Facebook here or follow them on Twitter here.

To be in with your chance of winning the £35 Stuck on You voucher, enter the competition via the Rafflecopter form below.

Good luck,
Jada xx

First of all, I will add pictures later tonight =D
I would just like to say a very big thank you first of all to my amazing sponsor Popagami, because without your fantastic sponsorship, I would of not been able to attend BritMumsLive 2013, so thank you, for giving me the opportunity and representing me for such an amazing event. I will never forget the amazing company who has given me so much, my first reviewing opportunity, and sponsorship for the UK's biggest blogging event - BritMums Live (2013).

I had been edging closer and closer to bursting with excitement for the last couple of weeks, I felt like a 14 year old teenager waiting in the line for a massive rollercoaster, bursting with the most biggest amount of excitement which overtook 60% of me, the other 40% was my nerve wracking side, the one where I wanted to bite my finger nails off, only I had my nails recently done, so in theory I would not of been biting my own nails off. I thought about biting my toe nails, I could of physically pulled my hair out I was so nervous, the feeling you get when your about to get on that big scary roller coaster, when your pulling that bar so hard, just to make sure you have really been locked in securely, and your not going to fly across the theme park in the middle of the ride, all of a sudden, from out of no where, your brain sends a signal to your bladder that you need the loo, your bursting to go a wee, because your so nervous but in reality, if someone would magic up a loo, you wouldn't really need to go.

That was me for the whole of Friday morning, I was, what some would describe as a nervous wreck, I was up at 6am, considering I didn't go to sleep till 3am (pre BritMums nerves) I done considerably well. Okay, my hair and make up may of not looked as fresh when I arrived in London at 12 as it did when I left home for the school run at 8am. That was my biggest fear and the biggest reason why I was so nervous, once I had dropped my beautiful boy to school, I would not see his beautiful little face for 38 hours, that ripped through my body like nothing else had ever done, giving him a extra long cuddle at school that day, and a few extra kisses, knowing it would be the last I'd get until we was reunited the following night physically and emotionally temporarily killed me.

Its always been me and my Spud, MY Spud, although I knew he was in very good hands (with my Dad and Dad's partner for the majority of the time, and then my brother and his partner for a few hours on the Saturday) I really did feel like I had been robbed, a part of me was missing. I grabbed a energy drink for the train journey, and continuously looked at pictures of him, telling myself, I was going to this event for me and him, to learn, improve my knowledge and wisdom for the both of us.

Luckily one of my fellow Reading bloggers Alice from
My Life, My Son, My Way was travelling on the same train as me. The train itself was extremely packed out with Royal Ascot attendees, I watched and envied them whilst they popped bottles of champagnes and even envied the ones drinking cans of Stella, I could of so done with some Dutch courage at anytime before me and Alice finally was able to find each other (when the train stopped at Ascot, and hundreds of attendees for Royal Ascot poured out). I had not met Alice previously in 'real life' but she has been fantastically brilliant to me over the last couple of weeks, she really is a super woman! Once we had arrived at Waterloo, we met Helen from Mummy To The Max, and the three of us, with Alice's wisdom travelled via tubes to Old Street, which was the closest tube station to the event itself and our hotels. Me and Helen stayed at The Hoxton hotel, a beautiful hotel, not sure if it was worth its price but it was great, especially the bed!

Trying in vein to find our hotel without asking a million people for directions quickly ended for me and Helen, not even 30 seconds into our adventure, and having to leave our personal human map Alice back at Old Street (Alice was in a different hotel from us), we stopped and asked the first of many people if they had knowledge of where are hotel was. We finally found the Hoxton, left our bags with reception (because we couldn't check in till later) refreshed our make up and once more made sure we looked suitable enough to attend our first ever #BritMumsLive. We was informed by a member of the hotel staff the Brewery (at which the event was held at) was just a 10 minute walk from us, 30 minutes later and another million people helping us with directions, we finally arrived to BritMumsLive 2013.

Seeing the huge crowd made my nerves and excitement explode together, but this time the excitement was beating up the nerves, the excitement clearly won. Smiling at anyone who made contact with me, I was utterly happy to know I had made it to BritMumsLive in one piece, without having a abnormal breakdown over what I was to wear for the two days being one of the reasons for my nerves!!! Once we battled the line of attendees and collected our badges (which I have kept, I am so proud to see my name, website and Twitter handle on a piece of paper with a BritMums logo above it you see), me and Helen instantly started scanning the schedule and marking things off with the cutest of hand drawn stars to remember what we most importantly wanted to see.

Susanne and Jennifer gave us all a fantastic open speach and welcomed us all to BritMumsLive 2013, they gave us all a task and that was to meet at least 3 people we didn't know, introduce ourselves and swap Twitter handles with them, I hit my target and met the following lovely bloggers, Lucy from 
The Princess Poet's Life Adventure, Isra from I See The World In FB Statuses, Maddie From Gammon and Chips, Hannah from A New Addition, Karen from Missing Sleep, Angela from This Is Life, Blissful Mama and so many more people!

Katie Piper (a powerful survivor from a awful acid attack) Kirsty Allsopp & Katy Hill were the three celebs who attended and all three gave brilliant talks. Katie Piper got a standing ovation for her very empowering talk, and a few of us even cried! We heard talks from top blogging dogs on a variety of different subjects, and heard emotional blog post read out in regards to Matilda Mae, Kerry and Alex.
I interacted with fantastic companies, including Sainsburys, Acer, Warner Brothers, Panasonic, Fox's, TK Maxx, Parragon, Coca Cola, Argos, Butlins, MAM, Visit Orlando and Oilatum. I received a bag full of freebies which Spud loved sorting through and a very funky Personal Planner notepad which I once reviewed on Unique Young Mum which you can find here.
I learned magic with some of the fantastic team from the Harry Potter Tour, using wands to perfect the magic I was taught, I met the real owl used in the Harry Potter films, Hedwig, YES Helen, it was a real owl! I had photo's done with Helen in the Acer photo booth, I had a photo with Alex the lion from Madagascar which Spud is very jealous of, and I made a Visit Orlando ad also with Helen!
I missed out on meeting the lovely Chelsea from Ms Mummy Of Two, Chelsea is a wonderful person and I look forward to meeting her at other blogging events, if not there is always BritMumsLive 2014, because you can bet my word on it, its something I will do all over again, yes I may potentially have a breakdown at the thought of leaving Spud, panicking about what I'm wearing for the weekend and potentially ending up in the middle of no where because I am clueless in London!
Well my lovely readers, I could really say so much more, but Spud is waiting for me to get the dinner on, its 5:15am and he's informed me the oven is at least turned on by 5, I am running behind schedule here, and I am getting a pretty mean look from the boss himself, my beautiful little prince.
Speak soon, virtual kisses,
Jada xx
P.S - Me and Helen dined in Nando's on the Friday night, the review will be coming soon, it was perfection at its best, after not eating all day on the Friday due to nerves, come night time once the excitement had beaten up the nerves 100% that Nando's completely satisfied me, and the tummy who accused me of making it rumble!

Our Haven Holiday Break Away

in , by Jada, June 20, 2013

My phone was ringing and it was my big sister, expecting just to have a catch up on the phone, I didn't once think she was calling for what she did call for. Would you and Spud like to come away with me, K and the boys she asked, a few seconds passed and I asked her to repeat what she just said, would you and Spud like to come away with me, K and the boys she repeated. My voice was getting louder with excitement as I quickly replied with yes, yes, YES! Oh my gosh are you sure, oh thank you Paula, thank you, my words were repeating over and over again.

My sister and brother in law had booked a weekend away with Haven for Friday 14th to one of their Weymouth sites, Seaview. I have been to both Seaview and Weymouth Bay before and knew both me and Spud would have a fabulous time with great company. Me and my sister have been going on Haven holidays since was new borns ourselves, the same as our children. The reason why we go with Haven is because of the fact its a family friendly resort, growing up we had Roary the tiger, Anxious the elephant and Bradley bear, as the years went on 3 more characters were introduced, Greedy the gorilla, Polly the dolly and Ned the nerd? 

Haven has kids club for younger children as well as teenagers consisting of many activities each day including weekend activities. Come 6pm, they have the children's character shows, and at least one chance of having your photo's taken with at least one character, they then have a childrens disco, play some games and then the evening entertainment that starts for the whole family. Its lovely to relive something that both me and my sister done in our childhoods and something our children do every year on our visits to Haven, having a wonderful time with fun stars, the characters and just having a good old dance on the dance floor. On our visit, we watched Danyl Johnson  (a finalist on the 2009 X-Factor show) perform live on stage.

Haven have a group of Fun Stars which really do make your stay at Haven so much more entertaining. My little Spud had a splurge of confidence on his last day at Haven and jumped up and down shouting pick me when they was looking for someone to get up on stage to take part in a game with a fun star. There was two teams, the yellow side and the blue side, Spud was on the yellow side as he is 7, a odd number, the even number's were blue! 

Spud had to peg a fun star with as many pegs as possible for his side to win, sadly he didn't but he still came off the stage with a big 'I just came to say yellow' sticker and a funky certificate congratulating him on getting up on stage and playing a game! I could never of been so prouder at that moment, my shy little boy had got up on stage in front of at least 200 people and had played a game! Go Spud!!

We stayed in a 2 bedroom superior caravan that could cater for 6, which was perfect as there was 6 of us; my sister, my brother in law, baby boo, little big man and my Spud. The caravan had 2 bedrooms as I mentioned, one room contained a double bed where my sister and baby boo stayed, the other bedroom had two single beds where me and Spud stayed and the front room had a large seating area that doubled up as a double bed come night time where my brother in law and little big man slept. The caravan also had a tv, which was a bonus when we needed to keep the kids occupied whilst us adults got showered and dressed, a kitchen area complete with a under counter fridge and a small freezer compartment, a microwave, a cooker and all the cooking items and utensils we needed for our breakfast (we ate out most evenings).

Did I mention Weymouth is a sandy beach!? A beautiful sandy beach, perfect for making sandcastles on!

As a family, we enjoy going to Seaview and Weymouth Bay Haven parks because of their location. Weymouth is bursting with things to do and with just both parks being only a few miles from the wonderful beach and town centre, with local attractions close by it is deffo one of our favourite locations. The Sealife Centre & Tower is located close by, and Haven sell the tickets for both locations at a discounted price. Instead of us paying £22.50 each (price for both adults and children) we was able to get them at a discounted price of £11 each by purchasing the tickets through Haven, meaning we got the tickets for better then half price!

Eating out wasn't a problem, with Haven's onsite restaurant/bar where we all enjoyed it, even the fussy little big man (he's Autistic and is a very fussy eater) enjoyed eating their on Friday and Sunday. The Sunday roast carvery was absolutely lush, made us feel right at home with a traditional family roast. There is also a Papa Johns pizzeria onsite which we had on Saturday night, can you believe they deliver to your caravan too if you do not wish to eat it in the resort!? Complete bonus ay!

This is our first Haven visit this year, we go at least twice a year to two different locations, last year we went to Combe Haven and Devon Cliffs, we have only just got back and we are already planning our second break. You really can't go wrong with Haven, there really is something for all the family to do! We was so sad to have to leave, but we managed to squeeze in one more photo before our break had ended!

I'd love to hear of your Haven stories! Please do leave a comment or get in touch!

Jada xx

Our Sunday In Pictures

in , , , by Jada, June 09, 2013
Today, we went to Baby Boo's 2nd birthday party, Baby Boo is my 2nd youngest nephew and has featured on my blog before (being a tester for MAM dummies and TOMY toys). I am very close to Baby Boo, seeing him and his elder brother almost daily and I can't believe tomorrow (the 10th of June) he will be 2! Time goes way too fast. Here is some of our day in photo form!

Spud on a bouncy castle with his cousins and uncle.

Beale Park - Our Day In Pictures.

in , , , by Jada, June 08, 2013
Today we went to Beale Park, I won't blog in detail about our visit because I was unfortunately very disappointed! I was expecting to see more then what we actually did, the only good thing about our visit to the park was our picnic and the play park area! Anyway, here is our day in pictures!

Spud playing on the equipment in the play area at Beale Park.
Being a Mum is one of the most hardest jobs in the world, for so many reasons, we are never off duty, 24/7 are minds are filled with so many emotions and thoughts, we are pulled onto roller coaster journey's on a daily basis, sometimes the most funnest of roller coasters, and other's the most terrifying of roller coasters, more then the most scariest rated roller coaster ever. Each day is unplanned, yes we may plan visits to the farm, to the park and to the super market, but being a Mum, you know the saying too well you never know what's round the corner.

Me and my Spud being silly 

I'm not going to pretend being a Mum is all easy going, there of course has been times I've just thought I wish Spud's dad was here to help, just so I can take a bath in peace, and other times where I've wished we had someone else here to cook for us one evening, because a stressful day has left you feeling tired, hungry and just, well, down! I love being a Mum, it is by far the most amazing experience to ever appear on my life CV. Yes I may not know whats round the corner, I may not know how many more carpets I will have to replace, and I may not know how much longer Spud is going to share the Disney dream with me, I do however know that I will always be his Mum, and I'll never be off duty.

Sometime's Spud goes and stays with his auntie overnight (my sister) or to his Grandad and Nanny's for the night, to give me a break, not that I demand one, but I don't refuse them when I'm offered them, every parent, especially single parents need time for themselves. Sometimes I don't even make it to the pub with friends, exhausted from my motherly duties, sometimes I just pull out a face mask from my pile of many de-stress ones (because Home Bargains have them on 3 for 2, I stock up =D you've got to save them pennies) and demolish a bar of chocolate with my name written on it.

Me getting ready to go and meet the girls for a few at our local pub.

When I do manage to get out with my girls, I always pre drink, not wanting to spend so much money on one night out, I believe cocktails are the quick and easy way forward! Red Hot World Buffet are running a challenge at the moment asking bloggers to create their own cocktails. Well Red Hot World Buffet, I am accepting your challenge and I now present you with Jada's Fat Frog Mock Cocktail.

You will need

A large bottle of Smirn Off Ice
A large bottle of WKD Blue
A large bottle of Orange Bicardi Breezer
A glass of Disaronno (but not essential to make just a Fat Frog)
Some ice, well you can't have Disaronno without the rocks now can you ;-)

Make's enough to fill more then 3 whole bottles, so make sure you save a few bottles back so nothing goes to waste!

Its easy to make, mix them all together and you will be left with a green mixture which believe it or not is not witches juice, its a Fat Frog's juice, and believe me, it's beautiful, amazingly beautiful!

Until next time,
Jada x

I Need Freedom, I Need To Drive!!

by Jada, June 06, 2013
Sometimes, when there is money in the bank, and the weather is beautiful, you just want to whisk yourself and your child down to the beach for the day, or even a trip to a beautiful park that sadly has no way of getting there, because no public transport goes that way, I need to drive. I need the freedom. I can imagine it now, Spud in the back on his booster seat, Mickey Mouse strapped in next to him, me in the front, the music on at a not too loud and not too low volume, the petrol tank full, drinks and snacks to keep us going until we reach our destination, the beach!!

I've made it no secret before that I love pink, a quick look around my blog will most proberly give you a clue to my favourite colours, but I'm not too sure I could drive a pink car, I love white or black for car's, isn't it weird because I'm a girl who loves the rainbow! However if you put a pink car infront of me for free, I'd soon snap it up! I love pink!! I imagine the sun shades I'll have on the window's in the back, to block the sun for Spud, oo I'm getting excited just thinking about the day it comes!

Driving will give freedom for me and Spud!

Driver's will know, and maybe some non driver's like me will know, that you have to buy your car, get it to pass the MOT, pay road tax and the most important thing is, you need insurance! Being young and being a female, when it happens (me passing my test) I know my insurance is bound to be quite high, females are stereo typed on a daily basis as being 'bad' drivers! I'm getting more and more keen to drive, imaging the freedom of not relying on buses, walking on horrid rainy days or simply relying on friends. 

I've been doing my research and asking my girl friends who drive who they go for with their insurance, knowing this is going to be the most expensive cost throughout the year, 1st Central Insurance popped up a few times between 5 girl friends of mine that drive, I had a look online for cheap car insurance and after a little bit of research from friends on what they have to pay I've decided that doing my research and shopping around will pay off!

Until next time,
Jade x