Saturday 8 June 2013

Beale Park - Our Day In Pictures.

Today we went to Beale Park, I won't blog in detail about our visit because I was unfortunately very disappointed! I was expecting to see more then what we actually did, the only good thing about our visit to the park was our picnic and the play park area! Anyway, here is our day in pictures!

Spud playing on the equipment in the play area at Beale Park.

Spud with two Ostridges, the one nearest to him was sitting on 3 eggs!

Spud enjoying the picnic.

On the pirate boat.

Firing the canon!

Starting the assault course.

Finishing the assault course!

Steering the wood-chip boat.

Riding the sand sea boat!

Enjoying a ice lolly on a very warm day!
Chilling out with a very big Lion!

Taking photo's on Mummy's Nikon, the start of something maybe?

Due to Beale park closing their gift shop (but still having signs up around the whole park with directions to it) Spud was upset as I promised he could have something from it. So we drove to Toys R Us where he picked a toy, we then come home and watched Disney's Wreck It Ralph, you can always trust Disney to put huge smiles on your faces, no matter how disappointing your day has been!

I hope you all had a great day! I would love to know what you got up too, feel free to leave a comment!

Jade x


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