Today see the Moshlings have a surprise visit from Spud's little cousins Little Big Man and Baby Boo. LBM is quite the cutie because everything his big cousin is into (Spud) he soon follows! My sister has not stopped listening to the series 9 Moshlings since she picked the two boys up! Day three's reveal below!

Day 3 - Wuzzle
Wuzzle the Wandering Wumple

Wuzzle the Wandering Wumple is a cute little moshling that reminds me somewhat of a older hippie, with its profound, nomadic and sage personality who likes hokey quotes and nude meditation, I am not sure he suits the hippie lifestyle but he certainly looks the part! Wuzzle who carries a lucky heart charm, dislikes bustle and fast food - does Chinese count as fast food because that's Spud's favourite take out!

Rank: 153
Rarity: Rare

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Day two in the reveal and we have already had lot's of fun with the new Moshlings from series 9! We have seen a dance off in the Moshi Mall, and a lot of singing in the Moshioke bar! Time for day two's Moshling now, I have a friend or two who matches up with this personality really well, well I myself love conspiracy theory's! 

Day 2 - Cleetus
Cleetus the Seal with a Reel

Cleetus the Seal with a Reel is a deluded, simple and talkative seal who is one crazy moshling because although he's a seal he's terrified of water! He likes chewing fishpaste - not a favourite of mine and Spud's so we have to absolutely use the word YUK! However me and Cleetus do have something in common as we both like conspiracy theories, I most recently watched the one on Michael Jackson, I wonder if Cleetus can do the Moon Walk!? Cleetus dislikes navy seals and fancy pants, well Cleetus, both me and Spud love a decent pair of pants, so I'm afraid this crazy Moshling doesn't make our list of favourites!

Rank: 161
Rarity: Common

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So here we are, the first day of the official Series 9 Moshi Monster countdown! Me and Spud are delighted to be in the team again hosting yet another series of fabulous Moshlings! From today until the 14th of February, me and Spud will be revealing a brand new Moshling to you each and every day! I also have some mahoosive news to share with you all, so do be sure to check back every day! Hope you enjoy as much as me and Spud!

Day 1 - Willow
Willow the Dainty Deer

Willow the Dainty Deer is a fragile, wary and chilled deer, however she is incredibly cute! Once upon a time, this specie of deer was used to pull heavy Rox laden sledges so it's understandable to see why they have such a timid personality! Willow loves figure skating and collecting snowflakes! However the dislikes of Willow are red noses and white beards!

Spud agrees with me that Willow is cute, but doesn't feel the same as me when it comes to picking favourites! I picked Willow as my favourite Moshling, but Spud disagreed because she doesn't like Rudolph or Santa!

Rank: 160
Rarity: Ultra Rare

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Well its that time again, when Moshi fans worldwide full with excitement and start pleading parents for extra chores in order for them to earn some extra pocket money to buy these much loved and famous new Moshlings! Me and Spud have very luckily been asked to take part in the series 9 countdown and gracefully accepted!

After the series 8 countdown, Spud's love for Moshi Monsters has considerably grown, so much in fact look at all the Moshi items he received from me alone at Christmas! I forgot to snap the tube of 20 Moshlings he got from me also, and that little pile is not even including what he got from other family members and all the items he picked up in the sale!

Series 9 is bursting with lots of very cool Moshlings that me and Spud cant wait to reveal to you, one day at a time starting tomorrow - Wednesday 29th January! We also have a MASSIVE surprise to reveal to you during the reveal so do make sure you check back every day!

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Locked Away Series 9 Moshlings!

Moshi Series 9 - No.17 - coming soon!

Bespoke Offers Review

by Jada, January 23, 2014
When I was asked to review a new daily deal website, I will admit, I was a bit reluctant to do so, I have had a bad experience with a familiar website which is not around any more thankfully but unfortunately it did put me off the whole experience. However upon checking out the company myself and spending a good amount of time checking it out I was surprised to find the company was actually a little company under a very big and well known brand.

Having being asked to reasonably choose from a great selection of offers to choose, I ended up going with a meat selection pack as Christmas was just around the corner. The website host a great range of deals from the following categories; food, wellness, household, electricals, fashion, travel, entertainment, kids, cities and featured offers.

Upon picking out my final selection, I was faced with quite a challenge, I narrowed down my choices to just two picks, it took me over a day, a day full of refreshing and a day full of head arranging to make my final choice. I narrowed my choices of plenty down to just two which were a case full of various wines from Virgin Wines or a meat pack selection from a butchers.

Weighing in the odds to how many people in my family drink wine, and how many would actually be drinking over the Christmas period due to travel plans, I decided although the wine was a fantastic deal, I would go with the meat pack. The meat pack was featured as a Christmas Turkey Pack worth £107.98 which was being sold through Bespoke offers for just £53.99 - 50% off the price which the meat was being sold for on the official website of the butchers.

The Christmas Turkey Pack included
• A Fresh Local Berkshire Traditional White Turkey (Av. weight 6kg)
• A Boneless Loin of Pork Joint (Av. weight 2kg)
• An Unsmoked Gammon Joint (Av. weight 2kg)
• A Tray of Pork Cumberland Chipolatas (1.36kg)
• An Unsmoked Streaky Bacon (1lb pack)
• A pack of Paxo Sage and Onion Stuffing.

My orders was prepared, vacuum packed and parcelled in specially insulated cool boxes on the day of dispatch the meat was all delivered fresh not frozen and was well within the expected time slot of which I booked. That's one thing that really does annoy me with deliveries, is waiting in only for something to arrive late, thankfully the only issue with my order was myself miscalculating how much I was expecting and worrying about it not fitting into my fridge!
The meat was shared between my dad and my sister who was hosting me and Spud over the Christmas period. The turkey was cooked on Christmas day at my sister's house and it was lovely, we even had cold turkey sandwiches that evening to use up all the left overs! The rest of the meat and the stuffing mix was given to my dad who had both me and Spud there along with 15 others! Everything cooked beautifully well but my favourites had to be the pigs in blankets my dad made using the chipolatas and bacon, so lush was they I are them before I had even sat down with my plate! Oh and also the sausage meat stuffing made with the leftover sausages and stuffing mix as seen on my plate! 

I would just like to say a massive thank you to Bespoke Offers who let us review their service. The service was absolutely fantastic with regular updates of the offer I ordered and the timing was perfect! I hope they have some more meat packs available next Christmas because it saved the whole family, especially me lot's of money!

Until next time,
Jada x

We've seen the television adverts and we've read the various news adverts, we've seen the headlines and remarks, we're all familiar with their names, and know who lives at what door number - we're talking about the residence of James Turner street.

I didn't watch the first episode, and missed half of the second, but after reading awfully judge mental status upon status on Facebook, various tweets from plenty on Twitter and not to forget the disgusting comments left on newspaper websites, I made a note to watch the program aired on Channel 4 every Monday the next time it was on.

I've been on benefits, I've worked on and off too, I've been on both sides and have dealt with both experiences my self. I've budgeted on benefits and splashed my wages whilst working. I've had the snide remarks thrown at me, for not only being on benefits, but being a young mum too. I'm destined to fail apparently, I obviously have no education and of course my home must be awfully messy.

I tuned into the program with no thoughts in my head, if I wanted to watch a program it was only right if any judgement passed my lips, it was from my own views and not inflicted by any one else. Watching the episode tonight, whilst writing this post in between advert breaks, half of me feel's sorry for these people, and the other half is mad with these people.

Although there has been times when I've been on benefits and things may of seemed hard, I am grateful for my parents so much more after watching this program, I am so much more grateful for the benefit system we do have, although I don't believe it should be long term. I was taught by my mother how to make my money last, the cupboards were never empty, or the fridge and freezer too, there was always gas on the meter, along with the electric also, water was paid and so was the tv license too. 

Outfits were brought from Asda and Primark and not once did me or Spud ever look like we was on benefits, not once did we look so grubby and scruffy, clean, well fitted clothes and shoes was always seen upon us. I went to college, wanting to improve the education I already knew, I sought out the best deals and shopped around to make our money last longer.

Becoming a employee was an amazing feeling, I had a lot of education on my CV and that was thanks to my parents who home educated me, and supported me when I went onto college. My parents never hid the big wide world from me, instead they taught me right from wrong, the dangers in society and taught me the best they can to be safe when out. 

My parents are not to blame for me having Spud, nor are my friends or the role models I liked in the media. A rebellious me is to blame, but my blame is the best blame in the world, because I have been blessed with one truly amazingly, special, beautiful boy. Everything I do is for Spud, its to better our lives, I do it all for him. So I wanted to improve my educational skills and I did, I wanted to work - so I did, I wanted to be the best mum in the world - so I tried. 

I'm proud to say Spud doesn't go without for nothing, he has everything he wants in life plus more, its meant I've missed out on the top I wanted for so long many times, but in return for that top selling out by the time I got the money together, I've put the biggest smile upon my boy's face.

Watching Benefits Street as I mentioned above makes me both sad and angry. I blame the government for allowing people to get like this, I blame the parents of these people for not trying their hardest and I blame these people themselves, because as someone who's been on benefits, I know there is NO excuse to live the way they do.

So I may of dropped what ever little street cred I had when I visited the various pound and budget stores that scatter around my town, but black sacks and cleaning products were needed. A packet of 12 cleaning sponges for a £1, can you really go wrong? Being on benefits made me more determined to do something with myself, I didn't live like these people, I never knew anyone who lived like these people, and I sure as don't want to ever be like these people. 

Surely, being on benefits, sitting at home, gives you more time to do things, that home made shepherds pie you really wanted to cook after your hard day at work, but you can't because you missed your usual train and the next one is in a hours time, is possible when your on benefits because you have all that time spare. Instead of sitting on a dirty sofa, in a dirty street, why don't these people practise counting or the alphabet with their children?

Why are children being exposed to disgusting language such as shut your effing mouth? Why are these young children exposed to smoke toxins whilst their parents dish up another portion of white label chicken nuggets and fried chips? How do young children know what cannabis is, referring to it as broccoli and then weed? Why does such foul language come out of their mouths? Why are they roaming the streets and crossing roads alone? Why do they treat their parents with disrespect? Why do they argue and fight with their friends and not in a child like way? Why are these children exposed to alcohol cans and all the other things children should not be around?

It makes me sick, that these people wonder why they get a bad name. They all keep sitting on them dirty sofa's in the middle of the street, slagging off their neighbours who they are laughing with a few minutes later? Its confusing to me, another adult, I dread to think what their children think. It makes me sad that the basic life values and lessons, will never be taught to their children, how can they when these people don't know the word of please and thank you themselves?

This woman blames her children for her stress and depression, whilst laying on her sofa in a messy house. These children are living in dirty, messy homes asking for sausages and sweets, hearing things that no children should ever hear and living off unhealthy junk too. They don't work, so what is the excuse for such messy homes? What is their excuse for not looking for jobs? What is their excuse to stop smoking? To stop the drinks, the drugs? We are a country that is lucky to have the NHS, a system that gives support to help you get away from these addictions. 

Why do they hurt their small innocent children, who only behave the way they do because of the behaviour they are use too? Why do they shout abuse at these small people? Why do they talk of foreign countries when people in Africa have more sense then them? Why do they have no sheets on their little ones beds? Why do they let their children out in this world alone, with all the bad people who roam the street? In the dark too... Is the day not bad enough?

I want to blame the government, for allowing things to get this bad, yes there is a really bad shortage of jobs, and that's the governments fault for the way things have got so bad. However, I can't blame the government, because like them I've lived on benefits myself and I have never been like them, nor has my child been like their children.

Manners are free, they are free to say and free to teach, so is respect, values and morals, dignity, right from wrong and the alike. Education is free, knowledge is built up and self taught, revision is free and so is studying too. My child has thankfully never sworn and known its purpose, he once said oh poo (the swear world way) but didn't know the meaning, he did not know it was a swear word, nor did he know he was doing any wrong, he heard it from me, children only learn from those around them, and its down to us to guide and teach them the best way we can.

I'm a 23 year old mother, and no one, no matter what their age has to listen to me, they don't have to take my advice or even read my post, this is just my view on a British street and its an eye opener to see that there is help needed at home. I may be 23, and still young to many, and yes - yes I am blowing my own trumpet when I say this, but I know I tried and worked my hardest to give me and my son the life we now lead. I work to provide for my child, to make sure he gets all the correct food he needs, the nice clothes that I can afford, the toys and games he's earned for being good, the meals at his favourite restaurant - which isn't Mcdonalds, the days out and holidays we go on every year. Its not hard to turn your life around, to have a more positive look and future in life. To be helped, first you need to help yourself.

This weeks episode is just ending with one resident appearing to put down a young mother who wants to get a job and better not only her life but her child's/children's too, I look up to my flat screen tv (that I brought second hand whilst working out of my own money), feeling my jaw hit my chest, am I really hearing this? No words of support or encouragement, no well done and praises but words such as ''so you want to be normal like everyone else in the world?'' - no this mother is not normal to you clearly, she wants to better her life and of course because you all love the life you lead, you can't possibly have a neighbour do better for themselves. These people need help, serious help, first they need to help themselves first, and living in a place where you are all the same is bound to be harder, but surely it will inspire them more?

Well I'm done, I can't comment any more, I am thankful for my life, thankful for the inner me, thankful to my amazing parents for all their never ending support, help and guidance over the years, I'm thankful to my beautiful son for inspiring me each and every day!

Jada x
Long before Moshi Monsters first appeared on Unique Young Mum, Spud was fully aware of their presence in the child world and how popular they are. Every day on our way back from school he would ask if he could buy a packet of Moshi cards and so his Moshi love grew. We was given the fantastic opportunity to be one of the eight bloggers to do do the Series 8 Moshi Monster countdown which many of you followed and since then Spud was a full on Moshi fan swapping his pocket money for Moshi Monster figures.

When Vivid Imaginations gave Spud the opportunity to review the Moshie Mall I kept it a surprise from Spud as around the time I received the offer, Spud had a big appointment at the hospital and was upset of the news we received. Arriving home from school one day, I pointed Spud in the direction of the front room where under a blanket laid a big box, I told Spud to close his eyes whilst I pulled the blanket off the surprise and could only smile in happiness at his response. Spud instantly wanted to open the box straight away, so after changing out of his uniform, the mall was ready to enter the world of Spud.

The Moshi Mall is a dream playset for any Moshi fan (there are millions world wide) and the ultimate shopping experience for Moshi's worldwide, complete with a disco that the Moshi's can show off their dance skills in. The mall is complete with a lift in the shape of a basket, a spa, stairs that turn into a slide, a gross-ery store with a real sounding till, a playzone, and a light up, musical disco. 

The large box contains all you need to put the modestly large mall together, two exclusive Moshlings, a sticker sheet to decorate the mall, a secret code for 1000 rox, a limited edition Moshling online and more in game items and of course some instructions which contain 3 exclusive valuable codes. The mall took less than 10 minutes to put together and most of that time was me applying the stickers with perfection!

Without the box, you would think this was just a basic, fun looking play set for a Moshi fan and their Moshlings, never judge a book by a cover for this playset magically comes to life with plenty of great sounds and effects (one that even baffles me every time I see it!) which leaves a Moshi fan happy for many spare hours!

The Mall boost a spinning basket lift, rotating shop shelves that are viewable by a little turnable disc at the side of the Gross-ery store stand, a light up moveable disco ball, a fun playzone to show off your models along with sounds, a light up sound spa and a magical staircase that easily turns into a slide!

The two exclusive figures that come with the set is Jeepers who is a spa addict, found with plenty of soap bubbles around his face checking himself out in the magical mirror. Blingo is a music fan that knows his stuff, Blingo likes to spend most of his time impressing his Moshling friends in the Underground Disco.

Two AA batteries are required for the full effect of the playset to work (such as the lights and sounds). All four stations of the mall play a variety of sounds that can last from a split second to a just a few seconds long which is great for us parents as many of us know constantly noisy toys can be irritating. The two parts of the mall that does not make any sound is the twist-able basket lift and the staircase/slide.

The twist-able basket lift can safely hold one Moshling and can either take them up or down to selected levels. The basket is more harder to get to the top, but once there it easily swirls back down to the ground. The staircase/slide switches between steps to a smooth surface with a tiny plastic switch on the side of the platform.

Head on over to the spa and you will find a little shower room that turns around when you turn the handle beside it, unfortunately the handle was the only negative thing for both myself and Spud as it kept falling down and didn't hold in place much. 

In the spa, you can find Jeepers washing himself whilst being a vein Moshling staring at his reflection in the mirror. However if you turn the shower you will hear a sound and magically the mirror is hidden and in its place is a lit up image of a clean Jeepers. This clever and magical trick, not only amazes Spud but his mummy too!

Located on the right hand side of the top floor is the Playzone where Moshlings can meet up, chat, giggle, relax, model, sleep, eat, sing and loads more, it's a playzone and in true playzone style, the Moshitunities are endless! Press down on the playzone sign to hear whacky various Moshling sounds and phrases, including a whistle.

Found in the bottom left of the mall is the Gross-ery store where Moshlings can purchase their favourite snacks and drinks. The gross-ery store stand has a number of shelves that can not all be displayed, turn the handle at the side of the shelving unit to go up and down to view the full contents of the display. 

Moshlings will then head on over to the cash register where their purchases will be put through the checkout process, press down on the top of the till to hear sounds and phrases including a till opening sound. 

Last but not least is the Underground Disco, this is Blingo's favourite place along with many other Moshlings! Stand Blingo (or any other Moshlings you may have) in the middle of the dance floor and turn the circle to hear a old style record scratching sound, its the secret dj about to start the music!

Watch as the disco ball lights up between shades of green and red to give the Moshlings a real disco experience, rounds of applause, music and other sounds can be heard in the Underground Disco.

Priced at £49.99 the playset is modestly large with real attention to detail being put into the playset. You can find background drops printed onto each four area's of the mall that neatly tie into the design of that designated area - for example a Moshling bouncer can be found at the Underground Disco and water splashes can be found in the spa area.

The Moshi Mall is perfect for any Moshi Monster fan from the ages of 3 upwards and is available to buy from Tesco, Amazon, Smyths Toys, Argos, Toys R Us, Boots, Asda and many more stockists.

To find out more about Vivid Imaginations and to view just some of their other products check out the official website here.

Until next time,
Jada x