Thursday 9 January 2014

New Year Targets & Goals!

On the 31st December 2013, at approximately 23:59:59 the date changed to a whole new year. I was sat at home, watching the famous Big Ben on tv and smiling at the year ahead of me. I watched the large display of fireworks and smiled at the masses of people singing and acting auld lang syn. 

Year after year I make new year resolutions, usually the same ones year after year. They never get carried out or completed you see, so I find myself ending up with the same targets and goals year after year. I bet some of you are reading this and thinking and even saying alone to yourself me too! It's not our faults, its not anyone's or anything's fault's, they say things happen for a reason - so I've always used that as an excuse.

That's the problem with me you see, I use excuses too much. I say I shouldn't start a diet on a Monday, because well its a Monday, and Monday's are the day after the fun filled or relaxing weekend we've just had, but speaking to a friend and my brother, realisation hit me hard in the face, a slap in the face.

Actually like my brother said we change our lives at any time we want (within limits), that diet that never starts can happen right now, this minute. Feeling peckish instead of reaching for the biscuit tin, I can tell myself NO JADE but actually I tell myself well it's 6:20pm, I've had junk all day so what will one, two or three more hurt. My brother's right, if I want to change thing's its down to me and not the time of day or the day itself.

One of my resolutions this year is to be more savvy, two good blogging friends Steph and Helen have been guiding me on how to make more of my money and how to earn free money. I doubt myself way too much, so to kick start this good year, I've purchased myself a hope bracelet from Burns Jewellers along with a swanky designer watch telling myself with confidence and luck from this bracelet and watch, I will hopefully have an amazing year.

I have not started yet, but I plan to start entering competitions again, enjoying the few prizes I have won in the past. I've planned to get back into answering surveys and polls, they pay in peanuts, well half peanuts to be honest but every little does help. I am starting to check out deal websites and will aim to shop around the best I can.

I will believe in myself and the free gifts that come in life - love, luck, hope, karma and peace are the ones I will believe in myself. I will continue to donate to charity, and buy magazines off the homeless in return for karma. I will continue to show love to the loved ones in my life in return for love back, I will not doubt myself when it comes to luck, hope and peace. I will wake up to the day and thank above for another great day, I don't know what it has in store for me, but I'll know as long as I have faith, the day will be great.

I wasn't going to write about this on Unique Young Mum because before I thought if I told of my plans, they would not happen. Now I know that no excuse is big enough and everything lies within myself, I have the power to change things and I shall do just that!

Do you have any self help techniques? Any new year resolutions for 2014?

Until next time,
Jada x