Saturday 4 January 2014

Happy Birthday To My Queen

On the 4th January 1967, a Queen was born in the town of Reading, she was named Marina and was the daughter of my grandparents. On the 26th April 1990 I was blessed for the very first time to meet this beautiful lady, my mother, my mummy, my mama, my mum.

I know everyone says their Mum is the best, but my Mum really is one of the best people you'll ever meet, I love the warmth in her hugs, the fun in her speech, the cackle in her laugh, the glint in her eyes, and the love in her heart. I learnt the majority of my parenting skills to Spud from my own mother, Spud's amazing grandmother! 

My mum was just 36 years old when she became a grandmother to Spud, he was her first born grandchild, born from her 15 year old daughter - myself. My mum although disappointed in me, was so supportive and never once judged me. Instead she listened to my moans at 4am when I went into labour seven weeks early and advised me what to do.

My mum not only blessed my life by being my mum, but also her other three children too, three of my siblings Georgia, Jamie and Paula. My mum is also a grandmother to Paula's two boys Baby Boo and Little Big Man.

Growing up with Mum was always fun, me and Jamie have a 26 month age gap between us so was quite close. We would argue, fight and bicker, but make up when the Power Rangers or Pokemon was on TV, Paula is 6 years older than me, and 8 year's older than Jamie, so she was doing her own thing far away from me and Jamie as possible.

Mum would take me and Jamie to the park, the cinema, on little shopping spree's, to play centre's and more. We would bake, well we'd lick the bowl and spoons, whilst mum would whisk away at the next blessed creation of hers. We would go to Paula and Dave's once a week (a small local shop) and pick a magazine, we would then visit the bakery next door and we would pick a cake each. We would go to the river and feed the swans, albeit it from the safety of inside the car with the smallest possible wedge of the window being open to allow bread to poke out.

We would play in the paddling pool in the summer, and play indoors in the winter. We had birthday parties with friends and family members, bouncy castles, food and balloons. Mum would do tickle time and hide and seek, me and Jamie giggled so much whilst hiding mum use to find us instantly due to us dobbing our location in thanks to the endless giggles coming from out mouths.

Our mum was not only loved by us, but by our friends too, Mum would never let a friend be left out and would constantly have other children occupying her household and feeding them too. Everyone loved our mums cooking, especially her baking! I tell her all the time how much I miss her food, my mums beans on toast taste a million times better than mine, its the mothers touch.

My mum moved to Cornwall in March 2013, four hours away from the town she had lived all her life - the town where I still currently reside, Reading. I remember growing up and hearing mum constantly say how much she didn't like the place and how she wanted to get away. When Jamie turned 20, mum, Georgia (aged 11 at the time) and my Mum's partner of 14 years Glenn moved to Cornwall.

We all miss each other terribly, you are never to old for a mother's cuddle and kiss and I miss them loads. I miss just sitting on her sofa, her cooking, her laugh, her love. I am so happy for her though, my mum was so unhappy in Reading for such a long time, since moving away she has been so much happier, and every single part of her proves that.

My mum gave birth to four children who are all striving well. Georgia is only 12, so still of a school age, but me, Jamie and Paula have always worked. Mum home educated me and Paula and we both carried on education at college and worked on and off. Jamie left school at the age of 16 with excellent grades and has worked since he left school.

My Queen and Jamie - her only son.
Well today is my Queen's birthday, she's 47 today but really doesn't look it. My mum's so beautiful, and I only wish I could be with her in Cornwall celebrating with her and sharing a bottle of wine. I wish I could bake her a birthday cake and share it with her, I wish I could give her a birthday hug and a big massive kiss. Instead I will be using technology to greet her with a birthday wish. Its better than nothing but how I wish I could be there in person with her.

I hope you have a lovely and wonderful day Mum, I hope the year of being 47 is the best year yet and wish you a healthy and joyous year. Happy birthday mum, I love you more than words can ever begin to explain, forever and always, more than you'll ever know!

Love from your middle daughter,
xxxxx Jade xxxxx


  1. I thought I loved my Mum but wow just wow. This post has touched me very deeply. I really enjoyed it. Happy Birthday wonderful lady.
    You write beautifully Jada. The love just POURS from the screen.
    Liska xx