Saturday 18 May 2013

Playing For Keeps DVD Review

When ever someone mention's Gerald Butler I automatically get excited, a warm feeling spread's within me and a smile breaks free. When I was asked if I would like to review Playing For Keeps a new DVD due to be released on the 20th of May featuring the very man himself (Gerald Butler) I typed as quickly as my fingers could agreeing to take out the review. 

I vowed I would watch the DVD as soon as it landed through my door, this didn't go to plan and I'm glad it didn't. I waited until the weekend when I had more free time, a glass and a half in my hand, chocolate beside me and the boy tucked up in bed, I decided it was date night, me, the glass, the sofa, the chocolate and the DVD, a single woman's perfect night!

I'm not jealous :/ honestly!!!

Gerald Butler plays the role of George Dryer, a retired footballer who seems to be having a little crises with his life. A father of one to his son Lewis, George soon comes to realise what he is missing out on in his life and moves away to be closer to his son and ex wife Stacey (played by Jessica Biel). George start's coaching Lewis's football team and tries as it seems to impress his son's Mum, his ex wife Stacey. It's only to expect the attention George receives with his beautiful looks from the sideline football Mum's supporting their children. George has a lack of parenting skills which he slowly picks up on, slowly.

Maybe not one for the kids, but something us singletons and couple's can watch together (not that I know but it has football in!? Playing For Keeps is out to own on DVD and Blu Ray from the 20th of May 2013 with a certificate of 12A and a RRP of £15.99 for DVD and £17.99 for Blu Ray. 


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