Monday 11 June 2018

Restyling and Revamping Your Home Could Never Be More Easier!

Renovating your home can be one of the most stressful and expensive periods of adulthood, whether it’s building an extension or just updating the fixtures and features of your home. Along with it being a stressful and financial heavy time, it can also be time costly, well unless you’re a millionaire, but if you’re not, then the chances are these things are going to take a rather long time as well as it being stressful and costly. 

With this day and age though, we’re fortunate enough to have a company around for basically anything and everything, a point proven to myself the other day when I fancied warm, fresh out of the oven, homemade brownies, sadly I  just didn’t have the time to bake. However, my tummy was soon satisfied when a quick search online introduced me to a local baker, living just two miles away from me. After a quick telephone call, my brownies were ready to be collected still warm only an hour later. 

It’s not just local cake bakers I’ve found online though, I’ve found everything from unique Disney themed items, to personalised gifts for the Chelsea Football Club mad fan - things you can’t just buy on the high street, a Grossery Gang Icky drumstick (which led us on a social media hype) and then there’s the beautiful pieces of art and bespoke furniture, the clothing collections that aren’t shown to thousands nationwide - instead found by those who search for specific keywords. 

With all of the advances of today though, there’s been times where I’ve been left disappointed with the World Wide Web, like when the luxury Disney Mickey Mouse mascot costume I wanted to hire was collection only, over 250 miles away, over 1000 miles there and back twice! Or like the time I found a huge bundle of old PlayStation 1 games being sold - but the seller didn’t want to post due to being conned by a buyer before, so again the items were marked as collection only, and then just this past weekend, I found a beautiful chest of drawers that was identical to the wardrobe and dressing table I have, but again it was collection only - due to the size, but this time, I couldn’t let it go!

I’ve been searching for a matching chest of drawers to go with my dressing table and wardrobe for the last seven years, and for the first time ever I found one - at a great price too. Trying to work out crazy methods and calculations in my head, including but not all: me hiring a van for the day, I’ve only just learned how to drive a car - do I really have the confidence to drive a van!? Then there’s the deposit needed for the van, and the actual fee to hire the van itself, along with petrol and what more - a huge cost for something so relatively cheap.

Playing battleships with my own head went on for a good hour, until I went back online and searched for companies that collect furniture and deliver it to you - which is when I found Shiply. If like me you’ve been browsing an online store for unique furniture and have been put off by collection only, then look no further because this company will do all the hard work for you, at a much more affordable and logical cost than hiring a van yourself. 

The only problem with discovering such a fantastic service is - the fact you’ll want to buy more now you’re not limited! I’ve been searching for bespoke shabby chic furniture all morning, and I may of put an offer in for a new four poster bed too - after all I’m no longer limited on collection only, so why not? Well at least until my bank account allows me too! 

Until next time,
Jada x


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