Monday 10 December 2018

2018 Christmas Gift Guide - For Foodies.

Christmas is the one time of the year where I don't feel guilty for indulging in more food than usual, and it's also the one of two times a year I have a three-course meal at home (Easter being the other). When thinking about Christmas, food is one of the first things that come to my mind; remembering the reason for the season, quality, family time, good food and presents.

When you mix those last two together, you get good foodie presents, and that's what this guide is all about! Gifts for the foodies, from edible to non edible foodie gifts, I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed photographing and writing about them. To view the full image size, please click on the photo to enlarge.

Reeses Favourites Collection and Lovers Collection.
Available at leading supermarkets & retailers.
£3.50 and £4.99

The Favourites Collection contains four Peanut Butter Cup bars to choose from – including Reese’s classic Peanut Butter Cups, a Reese’s stuffed with Reese’s Pieces bar, as well as white and dark chocolate Peanut Butter Cups bars. The Lovers Collection contains 7 full-sized bars; Reese’s classic Peanut Butter Cups, a Reese’s stuffed with Reese’s Pieces bar, white and dark chocolate Peanut Butter Cups bars, Reese’s Nutbar and Reese’s Sticks and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Big Cup. Both are great gifts for under £5, for those who're looking for perfect, on a budget gifts.

Barefoot Wine’s Bubbly Pinot Grigio

Is Christmas even Christmas for adults without some alcohol thrown into the mix of the festive season? Barefoot Wine’s & Bubbly has won over 2000 awards worldwide, so why not gift a bottle of their Bubbly Pinot Grigio this Christmas? The light-bodied Pinot bubbles over with flavours of zesty citrus and orange blossom aromas. Catering for all occasions, this is the perfect wine gift to toast Christmas dinner with.

Raspberry & Prosecco Jam

A novelty on trend flavour, this Raspberry and Prosecco Jam features Cottage Delight's award winning Raspberry Jam with a perfect balance of Prosecco, combined into a lovely rich preserve. Ideal as a stocking filler gift for croissants and festive breakfasts. Suitable for vegetarians and gluten free.

Drumstick Gift Box

New for Christmas 2018 is the Drumstick Gift Box which includes Swizzels newest sweet invention - Choos, as well as Drumstick lollies and Swizzels number one best-selling product, Squashies. The ideal stocking filler or even main gift for Drumstick fans of all suitable ages!

Livewire 11, Tokyo 8 and Supercharger 12
£4, £5 and £4

CafePod Coffee Co. is an independent UK coffee company, they were the first brand to make Nespresso-compatible pods, now - 5 years later, they're the supermarket category leader. They've just launched ground and whole bean coffee in addition to their best-selling pods and even have a limited edition range inspired by cities around the world including Tokyo, Havana and Las Vegas. CafePod Coffee Co. makes a great gift for a coffee lover this Christmas.

Mild Scotch Bonnet, Spicy Pinapple Marinade & Hot Scotch Bonnet
£3.40, £3.50 and £3.40

Now I don't usually do this but I love this sauce so much - I'm going to be doing a full review post on these sauces after Christmas. My Sauce is a new product that's not sold in supermarkets (just yet!), but it's sold online (thankfully) and at selected stockist too. If you like spice then these three bottles are the ideal Christmas presents for you to treat yourself too, or you can ask Santa of course! If you're looking for gift inspiration for anyone who likes spice then these are the ideal presents, tasty, gluten free, suitable for vegans, allergy free, made in the UK and so many more wow factors! Everyone needs a bit of My Sauce in their life!

Classic Single Malt

Glen Moray's signature Single Malt, this whisky is aged for an average of seven years in entirely ex-bourbon casks, the majority of which are first-fill. The Elgin Classic is light, smooth, easy-drinking and competitively priced. Hand crafted in the picturesque Glen Moray Distillery in the heart of Elgin, Glen Moray offers excellent value and is an approachable whisky with butterscotch and shortbread on the nose and a lightly spiced mouthfeel with malty toffee notes and a lemongrass tang. It's the ideal gift for whisky fans this Christmas season.

Classic Recipe Carry Pack

This convenient carry pack filled with Border Biscuits 'Classic' biscuits, is a great gift for all this Christmas, gift it to a family, an individual or even a team! The pack contains Light and buttery Viennese whirls, sweet memories butterscotch crunch and light and buttery chocolate chip shortbread, the question is - will you be able to resist not eating them and wrapping them up for someone else!?

Just Ginger and Mandarin & Ginger Chocolate Bars
£2.69 each

If you're looking for gift inspiration for any chocoholics then look no further then Seed & Bean. Pictured are two ginger varieties, however Seed & Bean have a much wider range, choose from a variety of fine dark, white chocolate and extra dark chocolates in a number of great flavours, including but not all; coconut & raspberry, mint, lavender, Cornish sea salt, espresso, raspberry & vanilla, sweet orange & thyme and many many more! Most of the range is Vegan-friendly and organic too - they're suitable for just about anyone! 

Vegan Cakes and Other Bakes

If you've got a vegan to buy for this Christmas, then I highly recommend Vegan Cakes and Other Bakes. Packed with simple and delicious ideas for savoury and sweet vegan delights to truly tempt your taste buds, the recipes use straightforward techniques for perfect results and easy-to-source ingredients. From sweet treats to desserts, bread's and quiches, this book is packed with vegan baking recipes that are quick, simple, and delicious, this is the perfect gift for long-term vegans, vegetarians and anyone thinking about going vegan.

Black Raspberry Liquor 

Chambord transforms ordinary drinks into vibrant creations with fun, fruity flavours and colour, perfect for making your own occasion. This is the ideal stocking filler for anyone above the legal drinking age who loves a cocktail or two, wrap it on its own or wrap it up with a cocktail shaker, a stirrer, and a recipe card to create your own DIY cocktail gift set. Available at all major supermarkets.

Christmas Tree Gift Pack

This is the perfect non-chocolate festive themed foodie item to gift this festive season. Shaped and decorated just like a Christmas tree, with bauble windows for clear viewing of the products. The Christmas Tree Gift Pack contains 6 x tiny jars, one of each of Strawberry Jam, Blackcurrant Jam, Real Ale Chutney, Spicy Tomato & Caramelised Onion Chutney, Lemon Marmalade with Gin & Lime and Cider Apple Jelly. A great gift for any condiment fans. 

Annika’s Glöggmix, Annas Ginger Thins, Lingonberry Jam & Bilberry Jam
£3.50, £1.59, £3.29 & £3.29

ScandiKitchen is the UK’s leading Scandinavian food outlet, providing freshly made food and groceries from Scandinavia. They're all about bringing the best of Nordic cuisine to you, and they do just that. Why not treat a foodie to some Scandinavian food this Christmas? ScandiKitchen have lots of items to offer, including Annika’s Glöggmix - glögg spices for making your own Scandi mulled wine, Annas Original Ginger Thins - Swedish ginger thins, ScandiKitchen Lingonberry Jam - packed with wild lingonberries it's essential with meatballs and ScandiKitchen Blueberry Jam - jam made with wild bilberries - bilberries are wild blueberries, they're much smaller and more intensely flavoured than their blueberry-cousin.

Harry Potter Chocolate Wand

These 42g chocolate wand replicas of Harry Potter main characters = Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley are the perfect gifts for any Harry Potter fans of all ages out there this Christmas. Jelly Belly's Harry Potter range doesn't stop there though, also featured within the range are Chocolate Frog collectable cards, a wild new Bertie Bott’s Every-Flavour Beans Gift Box, Chocolate House Crests, Chocolate Creatures and Gummi Creatures. 

Personalised Breakfast In Bed Kit

PG tips has just launched their Personalised Breakfast in Bed gift sets – and it's set to be the most tea-rrific gift for tea lovers everywhere this Christmas. The gift set includes a personalised mug with initials, a box of 40 PG tips Pyramid® tea bags and an egg cup – the perfect combination to make breakfast in bed for someone special this Christmas, or to gift as a present. 

Classic Box

If you're thinking of the PG Tips product above this one, then why not add in some biscuits too? The Border Biscuits Classic Box (300g) includes Sweet Memories Butterscotch Crunch, Light and Buttery Chocolate Chip Shortbread, Golden Oat Crumbles, Buttery Sultana Melts, Light and Buttery Viennese Whirls and Old-Fashioned Ginger Crunch, the perfect collectable present for biscuit lovers this Christmas.

Vintage Reserve Cider
From £2.09 a bottle - *box not included*.

Sheppy’s Vintage Reserve Cider is produced from entirely home-grown apples. It is a blend of one year’s harvest of the highest quality bittersweet apples such as Chisel Jersey, Yarlington Mill, Stoke Red and Tremlett’s Bitter. It is fermented and then matured in oak vats to achieve its fine, award winning full bodied flavour.

24cm Copper Stone Pan

Through their ultra-non-stick technology, Copper Stone Pans reduce the need for fats and oils when cooking, providing unparalleled heat distribution, heating up fast and staying hotter for longer. Plus, the extremely tough, scratch-resistant coating, combined with a forged aluminium body and steel base means these pans are built to last, a perfect gift for any budding chefs or foodies out there.

Guylian Sea Horses 42g and Guylian Milk Truffle Sea Horses 
£1 and £8

Throughout the world, Guylian is synonymous with high quality Belgian chocolate. A unique blend of West-African cocoa beans forms the basis of its premium Belgian chocolate, made with 100% cocoa butter. The 42g box of Sea Horses are an ideal stocking filler, the indulgent mini box is filled with delicious double mould praline filled Seahorses, whilst the Milk Truffle Sea Horses is ideal for a main foodie's present. 

3 month subscription
£27 (for three boxes)

The Spice Pioneer is a monthly subscription spice kit which enables customers to make authentic and amazing dishes from around the world, such as Paella, Fragrant Thai Curries or Jerk Chicken, and makes a perfect present for the foodie in your life. The kits are developed by the Seasoned Pioneers - famous for their world-class herbs, spices and chillies, so you can be sure that the Spice Pioneer spice meal kits are all completely authentic and deliver a really great meal experience. The Spice Pioneer meal kits are ideal presents for those who love to cook, trying new flavours and cuisines.

Sweet Shop Favourites

Ideal as a present to gift to a family, or even a couple, Swizzels is the top selling sugar gifting brand at Christmas and their Sweet Shop Favourites doesn't dissapoint! It's back this festive season, available as a pouch and a tub, all filled with Swizzels much loved brands including Double Dip, Refreshers, Love Hearts and Drumstick Squashies. Available from all leading supermarkets.


If you're looking for stocking fillers and gift ideas for wine fans, then look no further than MiniVino. 
MiniVino is the wine that loves to go places - this innovative wine comes in a 187ml recyclable PET cup, is perfect for Christmas parties, social gatherings and even the Christmas breakfast! Gift as one, or a few in a stocking filler, or buy a case of 12 for £27 and make a wine fan's Christmas that little bit more exciting. 

Vie Gourmet
Coconut Bowls and Spoons (x4)

These bowls and spoons are 100% natural, hand Made, vegan, eco-friendly, lightweight & durable, suitable for breakfast, serving or decoration. They are beautifully handcrafted from reclaimed coconut shells, which means that each bowl is 100% unique with its own colour, shape, design, pattern therefore may have dents and imperfections. No one will have a bowl like the recipients you gift to this Christmas. 

Reeses Snowman, Half Pound Peanut Butter Cups and 
Available at leading supermarkets & retailers.
£3.50, £6.99 and 60p.

I started this foodies guid off with Reeses, and I'm ending it with Reese's too. For any peanut butter fans out there, Reese's are sure to have something to tickle their fancy this festive season. From small Christmas tree's costing just 60p upwards, and to the larger items as featured within this guide, they're sure to have something to please all Reese's fan's this Christmas.

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Disclaimer: All of these items were sent to me in return for coverage in this post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. I've received no payment in return for any products featured.


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