Sunday 20 May 2018

Interesting Careers For Young Mums

Back in the days, once young women got married and started a family they often ended up being full-time mothers, saying goodbye to their careers and even to the activities they used to love doing. Nowadays many things have changed and after the maternity leave many young women go back to their old jobs, which sometimes complicates the situation of their family life. So in order to spend more time with their children many choose to take a completely different path and change career.

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There are many jobs out there that allow you to have a better work-life balance; therefore taking care of the children doesn’t have to interfere with your career, or vice versa. Young mothers can now easily take care of the family while
earning some money by working from home.

It’s enough to take a look online on job search sites like, that provides help in finding jobs not only in big cities throughout the UK, but even lists all the job opening in smaller towns like Wigan, to see that there are plenty of opportunities out there. Let’s look at some of the most interesting careers for young mothers today.

Freelance Writer
There are so many opportunities to earn extra money whilst doing freelance writing from home. With good writing and research skills, this can be ideal for you. The most popular ones are producing content for various websites, writing eBooks, press releases, blogging, copy writing or editing. The pay is quite decent and normally gets even better with experience. Plus, you plan your tasks to fit with other agendas.

Online Teacher or Tutor
Tutoring is one of those jobs that will always be in high demand anywhere in the world. A lot of students need help completing their schoolwork, in addition, there is a need for teachers or tutors who can teach language classes online. If you're an English grammar aficionado, you will find many people looking for mother-tongue English teachers who can help them to learn the language. You can manage your own time or sign up with sites like MyTutor that can help you find students. Using the internet and internet based apps/tools such as Skype will be enough to get the job done.

SEO Specialist
Search Engine Optimization is one new popular online jobs these days. Responsibilities include assisting a company to gain a stronger web presence so prospective clients can find their services on the Web. This includes dealing with keyword research and search engine rankings to maintain a good position on search engine sites such as Google. This could be a job that any young mother can handle from home. To be able to do this job though you have to have a previous work experience within a web company.

Virtual Assistant
Virtual Assistant is like a secretary job, which is done through the Internet. You assist your employer by managing tasks, checking and answering emails and making phone calls. A lot of times, responsibilities also include making travel arrangements and working on documentation. As a virtual assistant, you don’t have to get prepared to go to an office. You can complete a task in your pajamas and take care of your kids at the same time.

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There are a lot of other jobs out there that young mothers can do to earn a living. With so many prospective employers hiring freelance workers, surely, there is an ideal job for every mum. You can earn some money and still get to spend time with your kids. It’s a win-win situation. Isn’t that great?

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