Friday 11 May 2018

98 Days - 14 Weeks - 3 Months.

As I logged onto the Blogger platform 30 minutes ago, I was shocked to see that it had been 98 days since I last posted, a whole 98 days, which is exactly 14 weeks and a little over three months ago. Whilst many had thought I'd given up blogging, or at least Unique Young Mum, I knew that was never the case. Unique Young Mum has been here for me at my darkest, deepest hour, its been here when I couldn't talk to anyone else, or simply when I didn't want too to talk to anyone else.

Unique Young Mum started as a hobby back in August 2012, but it soon became my internet baby, helping me to transform my life. It quickly became a job, and in time, great friendships grew. Sadly I've not had much time in 2018 to speak to many blogger friends or even real life friends. Some of you may know I've had a lot going on, in January I heard something I never thought I'd hear, to say I was devastated would be an understatement, to say the least.

In January 2018, my life changed - to say it simply. It changed as quickly as you can say change, that's how quick things happen, isn't it? One minute you're living on cloud nine, with a little bit of grey, to all of a sudden dropping from cloud nine, on the fastest ride of your life, into the dumps, far, far, far away from the cloud you were once living on.

Due to the event that took place in January, my Hidradenitis Suppurativa (I'll call it HS for short) journey also took a new path, resulting in me needing an emergency operation on the 12th February. The operation was a success, and I instantly felt the relief of the build-up that had been causing me a great deal of pain, discomfort and sleepless nights. I was discharged out of the hospital the same day I had my operation - thankfully, as I couldn't bear any more time away from Spud.

I was informed by the healthcare staff looking after me at the hospital that I'd need to visit my doctors the next day to have my dressings changed. I have been going to the doctors every single day for the last 12 weeks, and of course, due to doctors being closed on the weekend, a trip to the local walk-in centre is needed on a Saturday and Sunday. The reason why I'm still going daily 12 weeks on, is the wounds aren't healing - just my luck! I mess around with my doctor's surgeries nurse by saying I'll move my bed in soon, considering I'm here that much! 

In between all of this, I was also admitted to hospital for another round of Quinsy - you see illnesses tend to come like buses for me, once my already poor and weak immune system is down, everything else seems to attack! As this is the second time I've had Quinsy, and what seems like the millionth time of having tonsilitis, it was agreed I would be referred to have my tonsils out - so I'm now waiting for that appointment to come through. So in the space of 27 years, I went from having no operations to now having two potentially in the same year! 

On top of my health, the personal issues and what more, I'm also still being a full-time mother to Spud, who is very well may I add, he's nearly as tall as me, we celebrated his 12th birthday in March, and he's only got a few months left until he's completed his first year of secondary school - just how!? He continues to amaze me every single day, when I think of that premature baby, then I look at him now, I couldn't be any prouder, even when he's having bad days due to his ASD or SPD, he's still 100% perfect.

The dogs fine - he still hates baths, still hates the rain, and still hates tiny splashes of water! He still thinks everyone who comes to visit, comes here to see him solely, just to play with his toys and give him belly rubs obviously! Oh and he's still a massive help when it comes to Spud having a bad day, the bond these two have are just amazing, we couldn't have picked a better pup when we got him, he completes the family paw-perfectly!

As for me and my blogging journey, it never stopped, I was just having an unexpected break, that ended up taking 98 days - 14 weeks - 3 months.

Jada x


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