The lovely Karen over at Really Missing Sleep tagged me in her #MummysGuiltyPleasures post - I'll be totally honest, I usually cringe at some of these posts that require you to tag other bloggers, not because you need to tag other bloggers but because the questions asked, however guilty pleasures.... well that's just a whole different game isn't it!? Plus I kind of got a bit too commercial with Unique Young Mum, so I think this is the perfect post to let my readers have an insight into the writer behind the scenes! 

I'm sure all parents agree with me when I say we all have guilty pleasures, it may be the time we spend on Snapchat laughing at the silly filters, the fancy lunch we eat when the kids are at school, the time off we have when they're at their grandparents (or with the childminder), or even the peace and quiet when the kids are tucked up in bed! We all have them, some more than others, and all different, and that's what makes the world a beautiful place - the differences. 

Be prepared to laugh, but most importantly, please respect my honesty whilst I sit here and go bright red! Here are my Mummy's Guilty Pleasures answers.

Who is your guilty pleasure, musical artist?
It has to be Blazin Squad (I'm only on the first question and I already feel like going into hiding haha!), but no seriously - they remind me of so many good times, they were my life before I had Spud! I would get home from school and listen to their albums non stop! 

What is your guilty pleasure song?
Baby Love sang by Nicole Scherzinger feat Will.I.Am - it reminds me of Gareth, the moments and memories that made me fall in love with him.

Who is your guilty pleasure TV star?
I've been waiting for this question! FREDDIE ROSCOE from Hollyoaks - he is just so beautiful, and with that bad boy persona too, I actually have butterflies in my tummy! Oh and there's also Jacob Masters from Casualty, if I could marry two men, they'd certainly be the ones I'd meet at the bottom of that aisle! 

What is your guilty pleasure TV show?

The X-Factor, I vow every year I won't watch it next year, but I always end up watching it - solely out of boredom obviously ;) It just annoys me how the real ''winners'' never seem to win!

Who is your guilty pleasure film actor/actress?
Channing Tatum - do I really need to give a reason why? Oh, the frills!

What is your guilty pleasure film?
P.S I Love You - a beautiful yet sad film.

What is your guilty pleasure meal?

A greasy kebab - especially after a few drinks. I can see the disgust on people's faces as they read this, sorry, not sorry!

What is your mummy’s guilty pleasure snack?
Mature cheddar cheese - it's my favourite food, but it interferes with my Irritable Bowel Syndrome so I really shouldn't eat it as much as I do! Oops...

What is your guilty pleasures drink?
Dr Pepper - I have at least one can every single day, family and friends joke that I'm addicted to it, I don't think it's a joke, I think I am! 

What is your mummy’s guilty pleasures book or magazine?
That's Life - Some of the stories make me smile for days, some make me panic, and some make me cry a river. It's usually the latter but I can't help buying a new copy week after week!

There we have it, my honest and open answers! Hopefully, I've not made everyone cringe, and someone actually made it to the end! Thanks so much for tagging me Karen! I now tag the following bloggers to take part in the Mummy's Guilty Pleasures Tag - don't forget to link back to me, add the hashtag #MUMMYSGUILTYPLEASURES and share on Twitter!

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