Thursday 26 July 2018

3 Simple Ways To Protect Your Family Dynamic

If you’ve recently experienced the joy of welcoming your first little bundle of joy, you may be thinking that your life is complete. The family that you’ve always dreamed of is now a reality, and you feel an overwhelming sense of unconditional love towards your firstborn and your partner. You would do everything within your power to protect your family dynamic.

With one or two more little cherubs in the future, you may find that you have achieved your goal of a family, a home and contentment. Fast forward ten or fifteen years, and you may have rebellious adolescents, ageing relatives and all sorts of external factors threatening your family dynamic.

Peer Pressure
As your offspring grow older, they will become more influenced by and exposed to social media. In a decade’s time, who knows what sort of virtual reality Facebook or visually spell-bounding Instagram will be the platform of choice. Social media can have a detrimental impact on adolescents mental well being. The perfectly Amaro-filtered selfies and images create a skewed sense of reality that your teenagers can be drawn into and feel inadequate against.

Peer pressure can gnaw away sapping your little darlings self-esteem. It’s vital that you are supportive, give oodles of positive praise when it’s due and help instil a sense of self-confidence within your child. Allow them to express themselves, encourage them to follow their passions and be a listening ear when they need support. Practically, ensure that they are on social media for only one hour a day, never head online late at night and have parental filters installed to keep them safe when surfing the Internet.

Elderly Parents
As your kids grow older, so will your parents. It can be heartbreaking to see your mum or dad morph from a nimble and youthful parent to a less mobile and less independent relative. If it is heartbreaking for you, imagine how soul destroying it must be for them. If you can welcome them into your home and care for them, this could be an option if it doesn’t alter your family dynamic. However, if your mum or dad needs round the clock care, researching Porthaven care homes might be an alternative. You need reassurance that you are doing the right thing by your parents and you can achieve this by securing a place within a facility close to you, with caring staff and the appropriate medical professionals.

Young Love
When your little darling begins dating, your protective lioness instincts will kick in. You’ll want to lock them indoors, wrap them up in cotton wool and try to keep them your baby for as long as you can. Try not to do this! You will force them away, make them secretive and lose track of what’s going on in their lives. Instead, be open, ask about their love life and invite potential suitors around. When the kitchen floor heartbreak inevitably happens, you want to be there to pick up the pieces.

Your family is the most important thing in the world to you, so ensure you do everything within your power to protect your family dynamic.

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