Wednesday 7 November 2018

The Importance Of Interior Design During Home Improvements

The place where we live, enjoy, play, eat, make memories, dream, have parties, dinner dates, gatherings, bake-offs, and much more is our home. To ensure we're still in love with our home, it's important to make repairs and re-decorate from time to time. If we want to make our homes up to date according to social trends, and the latest interior design fashions, then we must focus on making the required improvements in our home.

I'm pretty sure no one decorates their forever home once, I mean, can you just imagine the state of the decor if a house hadn't been decorated in 20+ years? Regardless of how well it's been looked after, everything has a time, and I don't know of any wallpaper or paint that comes with a lifetime guarantee, neither fashion-wise, or quality wise. Besides, there are different times in our lives where decorations are a must, family homes - for example, are bound to experience a mini art gallery at some point due to little hands, and let's not get started on the interior design disasters of ripped wallpaper!

So, What Is Interior Design?
Any kind of furnishing or designing which happen to be inside the house is known as interior design/designing. When it comes to decorating and modifying your home and making improvements in the architecture of the house, then interior design holds the first place!

The Important Aspects Of Interior Design!
Interior design includes so many things. It could be anything from painting a wall to upcycling the sofa set or even adding a new lampshade to your favourite lamp, all of these things come under the interior design banner. This post is featuring some of the most important aspects of interior design that should be considered when making any kind of improvements in the home.

Managing Space:Managing space according to the accommodation you live in, is a very essential part of making home improvements. If your home doesn't have a lot of space but you want to make more home space, try to arrange the furniture in a different way, or think about upcycling or trading your furniture. Install more lights in the house and try to make a way for the natural light to come inside, this small change can have a great effect on making your house look more spacious and wide.

Choosing The Right Paints and Papers:

A house without paint isn't something that looks pretty, believe me I've been living with a plastered but undecorated hallway for the last two years - it's a long story! Colours leave the most enchanting effects on the homes inner beauty, so having a bad colour scheme can worsen the beauty and look and damage any interior design plans you had.

Choosing the right coloured paint and wallpaper is one of the most important things to keep in mind, you should try to choose colours that go best with the colours of your furniture, so if you have furniture that's dark brown - try to avoid green, red and purple walls as it just isn't going to look as great as yellow, cream or white walls. Choosing the right paint colours can really enhance the decency of the house.

Decorate Your Floors:
Just like the walls in your home, the floor should be decorated too, whilst floorboards can look stylish, they should be decorated to ensure their quantity last a lifetime, replacing floorboards is not only a costly financial job, but it's also a costly time job - its not quick and easy, and it'll set you back a bit financially too. A clean and furnished floor intensifies the overall interior design, and having good flooring is essential to enhance the beauty of the house.

I would personally suggest decorating the downstairs areas with laminate flooring, and/or tiles, however, there are some good lino brands around these days, and as long as you choose a good quality floor, then hopefully it'll last until your next home improvement period - whether that's two years, five years, 10 or even 20 years! For the upstairs I'd choose thick and good quality carpets, not only will they look stylish, but they'll also bring comfort and even warmth to the home.

Until next time,
Jada x

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