Tuesday 26 March 2013

Spud's 7th Birthday 'Party'

Spud has had a party every single year, apart from two year's ago when days before his 5th Birthday, he come down with the dreaded chickenpox virus. I sadly had to cancel his party the day before his party and lost quite a bit of money, to make matters worse, I wasn't eligible to request another date, and just like that, the party was cancelled.

Spud playing with Lego at a table.
Last year Spud had a party as usual and this year decided he wanted to go to Legoland as he loves Lego! I contacted family members and one of his closest friend's parents and decided to go to Legoland on Sunday the 24th of March, 6 days before Spud's 7th Birthday (Saturday 30th March). We couldn't do it on his actual birthday weekend because we have other stuff planned with just me and him on his actual Birthday, and then the day after his birthday (Sunday 31st) we meet up with family as a tradition to celebrate Easter.

The very lovely team at Lego sent Spud 5 sets of the new Lego Chima (review coming soon) to give away in 'party bags' for his guest and of course one for him! They also included 6 (4 for the guest, 1 for Spud and 1 for me) Lego Chima mini figure key rings and very kindly gave Spud a present, which is still wrapped up waiting to be opened with his other presents on Saturday.

Everything was planned, we was all ready for Legoland, I brought molds, I made Lego mini figure crayons, Lego mini figure chocolate, Lego brick chocolates, I ordered Lego Batman cake toppers and made cupcakes, personalised Lego KitKat wrappers. I brought everything ready for the day, packed lunch for us to have at lunch time, drinks to keep us going in the car journey and money to buy dinner and spending money for Leo, the camera was tucked neatly in its case, warm inside my bag, everything was ready a whole 24 hours before, apart from the cupcakes which I planned to (and stuck with) make Saturday night. 

Lego Crayons I Made!
Me and Spud both went to bed early on Friday night, excited that after that nights sleep, we only had one more sleep left, seeing my boy excited and happy is such a lovely feeling, I knew when the morning come the smile and excitement would be even bigger then the night before, I was right, for all of two minutes, until we opened the window, and discovered SNOW.

Yes snow, at the end of March, you know the 3rd month of the year, I started panicking realising the snow had already started to set, the grounds were already white and it was only 7am. I thought of all the crunchy nut cornflakes I had eaten over the last two weeks, buying them strictly for the adults go free tickets on the box, I had 7 saved up, but only ended up having 5 children, meaning only 5 adults could get in free, I prayed for one wish, for the snow to stop, stop, go away, leave, please, please snow. The snow didn't stop that day, phone call after phone call from family planning to attend Legoland was concerned, most not feeling comfortable  something I agreed on, I sat Spud down, and broke his heart that day, there would be no Legoland tomorrow, we needed a plan B, and we needed one fast.

Spud decided we would get a lift from Grandad or Auntie Paula and get Lego Batman 2 for his PS3 his Daddy had brought him earlier on in the week, as he had not a single game, so he couldn't play the PS3, I didn't understand why Spud had picked up Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes, because Spud has it for the Wii, and his DS, he told me its better on the PS3, I didn't argue, I was trying desperatly to make it up to my baby, all thanks to the weather, something I could not change, but something I wish I could of! That was on the Saturday.

 On Sunday we went to Kids n Action with everyone as planned, armed with massive party bags and cupcakes, Spud had a brilliant time, 3 hours of fun to be precise, he went down big massive slides, was a vet, a fire-fighter, a construction worker, a army man and loads more, then we decided to go to his favourite restaurant where after our meals we sang happy birthday to Spud with a single 7 candle resting in a Lego Batman cupcake (which I forgot to get pics of, the cupcakes, not the candle blowing!!) then the mahoosive party bags were given out and Lego Chima was introduced!

The kids had a fabulous time playing with their Lego Chima sets, I let Spud choose the previous night what set to give to what child, I am happy I did as they were all pleased with their presents! Spud and I have been invited to a special VIP event at Chessington introducing the new Lego Chima, we have invited his big cousin along to the day too, they can't wait, they're really excited to go as they have never been to Chessington before and more importantly because they get to play with Lego Chima! Whoever had the fantastic idea of mixing Lego and vehicles together was a genius, all of the boys love Chima and my little tomboy sister too! 

Before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye. On the way back home, Spud told me and my brother's and brother in law he had a fantastic birthday, once inside, within 10 minutes he was fast asleep snoring his little head off. Yes the snow annoyed me, made me right angry statuses on Facebook and Twitter, made me swear, made me cry, and made me break someone's heart, but overall the children had a great day still.

Spud's already planning his 8th Birthday party, and he's not even 7 yet!! Well he will be in a few days time!! I'm off now to eat the leftover Lego chocolate I made, well the Lego molds made the shape ;) I done the rest!

Until next time,
Jade x


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