Thursday 15 October 2015

My Obsession With Joules..♥

Around three years ago, I fell in love with a British designer brand called Joules, after looking for new clothes for Spud's ever growing clothing selection. Since then, his collection has grown and he now currently owns a number of tops, a few coats, two pairs of wellies, a gilet and even some accessories!

Spud wearing his green Joules coat, and Joules wellies!
Before I discovered Joules, I would shop on the highstreet for Spud's clothes, of course I still do, but at least once a year I check out the Joules Sales and pick up some bargains where I can! I love that the brand is British, but also their quality is amazing! I love how I can pop their clothing into a hot wash in the washing machine, and then tumble dry them too, without having a negative effect on the clothing.

The first two Joules items I purchased for Spud was a pair of wellies and a long sleeved polo top. I loved the items so much, I had to go and purchase them again when Spud started to grow out of them! Spud equally loves his Joules items just as much as me, and could easily wear his wellies all year round!

Although we live in a large town, of which us locals believe should be a city because of how big the 'town' has got, we do have some lovely walking area's to walk in, and when we do go for a walk, Spud loves to put his Joules items on, and we both imagine us being in the country side!

We don't have to be outside for Spud to wear his Joules items, above shows a picture of him playing on his laptop at home! Any opportunity we have, Spud loves to wear his favourite items of clothing, and I can't blame him, they're lovely! The polo top is one of my favourite buys!

As you can see from the photo above, even a simple walk to the shops see's Spud wanting to wear his wellies! In the photo, Spud is also wearing his Joules gilet, another item I got in the sale for a brilliant price!

The last Joules item I purchased for Spud was this navy coat pictured above! This was also a sale item, a bargain I just couldn't resist! Myself and Spud can both relax knowing he is going to be warm, as the coat is so snug! Accompanied with a warm hat and some gloves, Spud has the perfect winter look, only when he's wearing his wellies too of course!

Is there a British designer brand you just can't get enough of!? I'd love to read any comments below!

Until next time,
Jada x 


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