Tuesday 6 October 2015

Planning for Christmas, Top Tips for Budgeting & Saving!

With Christmas only a little over two months away (and no I am not sorry for talking about Christmas already, you'll thank me later!) I've been looking at not only present ideas, but ways to save money this Christmas!

I've not changed jobs, and my wages haven't changed much either, but I moved home, which is still costing me a fortune and I've also got extra people to buy for now, due to me and Gareth getting together, I've got Gareth himself, his parents, his brother, and his three nieces, so lots of extra people this year!

Finding the infographic below this morning from Alexander & Co (chartered accountants) on another blog has got me thinking about my spending ways during the festive Christmas period every year! As we grow older, I think we become more wiser with money, and our spending cost.

Before, I would skim over tips and advice like the following, but now I'm finding myself bookmarking links for future reference, and noting down ways in which can help me, like the tip below about panic buying - I'm a big panic buyer, and would love to take myself out of that category!

Is there any other tips you can think of when it comes to saving money at Christmas?

Until next time,
Jada x


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