Monday 29 April 2024

An Update on Unique Young Mum

Hello everyone, well to everyone who is still a subscriber/visitor that is. Thank you for sticking around whilst I've been very distant! Life got busy, life got messy and life has changed a LOT! However, I'm back with my old positive mindset! Happy, skippy and so damn jolly!

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Where do I even start? Well firstly, my son is now 18!!! 18, where does time go!? Seriously! The dog is nine years old now, and as for me, I've just turned 34, so older, a bit more wiser (laughing to myself whilst I type) and a bit less fatter - so some bonuses I suppose. 

I'm no longer engaged, the last nine years was one big fat LIE, but thankfully I'm out of it and starting to enjoy life again! You know what they say, as one door closes another one opens and all of that! Here I am, back writing an article on Unique Young Mum.

I've wondered over the years what I should do with Unique Young Mum, as I'm not a young mum anymore. Then I think of some funny but cringe moments that have recently happened, and I realise I am still a 'young' mum. At least for my son's age anyway and I always will be, no matter our ages there will always be just short of 16 years between us.

Whilst there's lots of advantages of being a young mum, there's sadly teenage parenting disadvantages that happen too, and recently we've had some cringe-worthy moments happen. Now my son is older, we've had a few people assume we're a couple - which has been most awkward, although we were able to laugh it off amongst the awkwardness thankfully. People then just assume I look really young for my age, assuming I'm older because I'm his mum and you can see he is a young man. 

So negatives, positives and all in between, I am the 'young' mum to an 18 year old so I'm going to keep hold of Unique Young Mum and hopefully get it back on track to where it used to be all those years ago. At the very least I'd like to update the young/teenage parenting section of the blog, and maybe share some home DIY posts with you, a few simple yummy recipes etc and just generally build Unique Young Mum back up.

I'm so saddened that I effectively dis-owned UYM. When I mentioned above that life got busy and life got messy, I wasn't exaggerating. Life is very different now though, I went from having writers block to releasing so much stress now all I want to do is write, and read! Oh how I can not wait to have a garden day where I just lounge in the garden, with a good book, the sounds of the birds and the glistening sun lighting up those magical pages! Bring on the summer sun! 

I can't wait to write, write freely, like how I used to write - so freely. Writing from the heart, from within, from me - Jada. I can't wait to find myself again, and be a best and better version of me than I was before. For we are ourselves, our own spirits, our own guides and what we put into ourselves is how we nurture ourselves.

With that, I'll end this post here, but Jada's back! The original Unique Young Mum!

Jada x


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