I'm happy to test anything that's suitable for me, Gareth, Spud, Jezeppi, our household or my nephews. If you're a PR or Company and would like me to review one of your product's, or alternatively visit somewhere for you, please contact me to discuss details further.

We're a friendly little family, there's me (Jade or Jada if you prefer) - the mum of the household, then there's Spud (the child of the household!), who's 11 and loves everything, or so it seems! Spud has Autism and sensory needs and also learning difficulties, but he's still my perfect! There's also our dog Jezeppi, and my fiancé Gareth.

I have plenty of other family members and friends (some of whom have featured on the blog before) we can 9 times out of 10 find someone suitable to review your product for you if none of us (above) can't do it! My nephews range from 2 months old to 13 years old.

Twitter/Social Media Parties and Campaigns:
I've worked on a number of Twitter parties and social media campaigns in my five years of blogging and have even won prizes and awards for being the blogger who drew in the most interaction. If you'd like me to help out with a Twitter party or other social media campaign please do get in touch.

Please do get in touch to discuss advertising content such as sponsored or guest post, social media advertising, sidebar advertising, text links and more.

Events, Features & Interviews:
I'm more than happy to discuss any event opportunities and I'm willing to travel, I'm based in Reading - Berkshire, but have attended events all over the UK.

I'm also happy to be featured in articles and interviews including articles/interviews on teenage/young parenting.

Contact Me:
My first point of call is email -

I'm also on all of the main social media accounts; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.