Saturday 26 October 2013

Have A Haunted Halloween With Asda

You've seen the sights, you've seen it all, your getting prepared for your Halloween ball, you've carved the pumpkins, your spookely dressed up, sipping from your favourite skeleton cup, the music's playing, the decorations are laying BUT you've forgot one important thing, or maybe two, ohh no.. what are you going to do!? You go back to Asda of course, the place where you got all your other Halloween bits from, the costumes for you and your family, the treats and buckets too, the decorations around the place, the witches brew, the bats that lay dangling and all the rest of course!

Bigger and better than last year, I'm delighted to announce just some of Asda's 2013 Halloween range to you! 

The Decorations

As usual, Asda has not failed to bring us shoppers a fabulous range of Halloween decorations fantastic to decorate your home for treat'or'trickers or for your Halloween ball! With prices starting from as little as 50p, you can decorate your own fantastically even on a budget!

The three items above are priced at just £1 each and are fantastic for any parties being thrown this Halloween or to decorate your doors for any little trick or treaters!

The bunting was very impressive for just £1, it covered the length of the wall and stood out with its bright but bold colours featuring images of Halloween scaries such as a skull, cat and bats!

We hung the boards up around the room to let our mini and big guest know what the occasion was! Asda have quite a few different ones to choose and they cost just £1 each! They can be packed away and used again and again for years to come!

The Jack O Lanerns are great for children to carry around with them on Halloween night or for use as a decoration at Halloween parties! They light up and play music but you have the option to choose a selection so if the noise becomes too much, you can turn the sound off! In the picture below we placed one of the lanterns next to the skull and some other Halloween bits to give the room a real Halloween feel!

The skull is one of my favourite decorations from the Asda Halloween range this year, it lights up a pinky colour, it sparkles and it cost just £1!

The bats are back this year (we had one last year) and alone or together they make a spooktacular decoration hung from the ceiling! 

Asda also have the following items available to buy, felt hanging decorations for just £1 available in a few different selections, a spider web complete with spiders and a pack of three paper lanters!

Asda have packets of four paper screamers which we added to the craft part of our party and made pumpkin and bat balls with! The pack contains two orange screamers and two black screamers and cost just £1!

(The pumpkin straws are also £1 for a packet of 6, apologies they've ended up in this section! There are 3 purple and 3 black straws in each pack).

Below is my two most favourite items from the Asda Halloween range this year. The hide the witch game cost just £1 and boost a pack full of witch cards that was great to stick on the walls with some tac! 

The musical light up skull lights is my number one favourite item from this year's Halloween range at Asda! When opening the box you are greeted with 10 skull's on a lead and a little battery box to operate the settings. The skulls play a spooky musical theme and take turns to light up! If the noise becomes to much, you have the option to turn the sound off, but still have the lights on!

We hung them up as you can see in the image below! 

The Costumes

This year Asda are very excitedly selling not just children's costumes but adult costumes too! It's great to see how big the event is getting over here in the UK, the USA celebrate Halloween massively each year and it seems us folk in the UK are trying to catch up! With thanks to places such as Asda, it's now even easier for us adults to get a costume that won't cost us an arm and a leg!

Asda very kindly sent me the costume above, but unfortunately I wasn't the size for the costume so I gave it to my best friend Nessa to wear at her Halloween party!

The adult costumes range in prices just like the children's and there is a fantastic variety of costumes to choose from! Both myself and my friend loved the costume I was sent, especially the net and pattern on the back!

As well as all the spooky dress up costumes Asda sell each year for children, they also have a range of non Halloween costumes that are great for children who don't like too much of the scary stuff! Asda very kindly sent Spud the Batman costume but unfortunatley it was a size too small, so we are going to return it when they get some more back in (our local sold out of everything two days before the actual day!).

Other Bits & Bobs

Costume accessories starting from as little as 20p are just unbeatable prices! Choose from a large selection to complete any outfit or for aduls who don't want to do the full dress up!

 This skull candle was just too great to even think about lighting so we kept it as another decoration to proudly show off, priced at just £1, it really is worth going to Asda this Halloween!

Table Ware 

This year Asda have two different types of disposable table ware available to buy for just £1 per packet. They have the toxic skull plates, bowls, cups and napkins and the same in the spider design! In the image below you can also see the Asda cupcake stand that I got last year!

We used the skull tray that cost just £1 to place our sandwiches on for our party, and then used the same tray to hold the treats on for our trick or treaters we will be expecting in just a few days time!

The Buckets

If your taking your children out for Halloween this year, they will need somewhere to place all the treats they receive so why not buy them one of these felt or plastic buckets from Asda with prices starting from just 50p!

I purchased some of the plastic green buckets which cost 50p each and used them for the children's take home party buckets (because they have way too much stuff for a party bag!). 

I used the felt bucket to hold our Halloween crisp at the Halloween party as shown in the image below!

We decided we will not be using the felt bucket if Spud goes out as one of my nephews used it to put some treats in and the buckets easily swing which led him to loose his treats at the party!

The Sweet Goodies!

Halloween is all about the treats really isn't it!? Well that's what pops into most children's minds when the word Halloween is mentioned! Of course, no Halloween party would be complete without some spooky treats! Asda do packets of their own treats including exploding eyeballs and hollow chocolates!

If your staying in and treating little door knockers this year, or throwing a bash, you can be sure to pick up lots of goodies from Asda for low budget prices! In the image below, you can pick up packs of 6 Fudges, Milkybar's and Freddo's for just 75p per packet!

On offer for just £1 you can pick up various bags of treat size goodies from your nearest Asda. Choose from Malteasers, Bounty, Magic Stars, Milkybar, mini Milkyways, Marsbars and more!

The Cakes

Last year we had a cake made for us by a local cake maker but this year we decided we would just buy a cake from a supermarket and was spoilt for choice all over! We decided to go with Asda who had a choice of cakes and cupcakes already made up so no baking or decorating was required! Below you will find the Menacing Mummy Cake which is suitable for vegetarians and is a two tier Victorian sponge style cake complete with oozing blood (jam in the middle) decorated true Mummy style! The cake can easily feed at least 12 people and cost £8.

When my sister took me to go and get the cake for the party, I was convinced on getting the Mummy cake but as soon as I saw this tray bake below which was chocolate, pre cut and fantastically decorate for just £5 I decided to get this one as I knew it would go down better with the adults and kids - it was for me really :p - I don't like jam!

The tray bake was pre-cut into 15 squares with each square sprinkled with orange and black sprinkles and either a pumpkin or ghost! The sponge was moist, not to dry and the overall chocolate flavour was yummy! For just £5 to feed 15 was a great bargain!

So whatever you decide to do this Halloween, be sure to check out your local Asda store for some fabulous bargains and treats!

To find out more about Asda or to locate your nearest store, check out the official website here.