Thursday 10 October 2013

The Hive: Buzzbee to the Rescue DVD Review

Out of all the DVD's we have received from Abbey Home Media, and out of the 3 DVD's that was officially released on the 7th of October, its been this one - The Hive: Buzzbee to the Rescue that Spud has been looking forward to the most. 

Spud is a big Disney fan and has watched countless episodes of The Hive on Disney Junior during the last few years, but I must admit we have not seen it aired on Disney Junior or a while, maybe we just keep missing it!

This delightful pre-school CGI animated series follows the fortunes of the extremely cute Bee family, who live together with friends and relations in The Hive. Pappa Bee, Mamma Bee, Buzzbee, Rubee and little Babee are really just like any other family, except they are tiny, stripey and can fly! 

Features 10 Buzzing Episodes!

Buzzbee to the Rescue 
A Royal Visit 
Postman Buzzbee 
Babee’s Room 
Useful Bee 
Bee in Charge 
Computer Bee 
Sporty Bee 
Buzzbee’s Garden 
Teddy Bee Lost

The Hive: Buzzbee To The Rescue DVD is out now with a certificate U and a running time of 75 minutes it's suitable for children of all ages! Sold at all good DVD retailers!

To find out more about Abbey Home Media including other DVD titles check out their website here, follow them on Twitter here or find them on Facebook here.

Until next time,
Jada x

P.S - Abbey Home Media have very kindly put 5 bundle of DVD's away (including The Hive) for 4 of my lucky readers/visitors to win! Enter the competition here - good luck!


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