Thursday 10 October 2013

Moshi Monsters Series 8 Countdown - Day 9

Another introduction to you all to a new Moshling from series 8 which is taking place every day until the official release date on the 18th of October! If you want a sneak peak to all the new Moshlings, make sure you keep checking back here on Unique Young Mum on a daily basis! Also, one last thing before I introduce you to today's Moshling, don't forget the competition that starts at the end of the countdown for your chance to win a complete set of series 8!

Day 9 - Fitch
Fitch the Flat-Tailed Fuzzle 

Fitch is a ambitious, energetic and eager Flat-Tailed Fuzzle who is well known in the movie business! Renowned for their ability to fetch absolutely anything you desire when ever you should require absolutely anything, the Flat-Tailed Fuzzle's are a firm favourite of mine, I could do with some help around here! Fitch likes blockbusters and golf carts and dis-likes slow coaches, we are not sure if that's a mock saying, or if he actually dis-likes slow transport coaches! 

Fitch has joined Blinki, Eugene, Threddie, Slurpy, Grinny, Jackson, Blossom and Monty in the series 8 Moshling countdown and we can't wait to see what day 10 brings tomorrow!

Do make sure you check back and don't forget the competition starting on the 18th of October for your chance to win a full and complete Moshi Monsters series 8 set!


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