Tuesday 24 November 2015

Spud's Parcels!

In the run up to Christmas, bloggers world wide I'm sure can agree, your door does not stop going, whether it's the postie bringing you parcels, or letters to sign for, or couriers from various companies needing you to sign for parcels, it just never ends!

This past week, Spud has received quite a few items in the post, and so I'd thought I'd share what he's received in the post, on the blog for this last week!

Non-Stretch Vintage Jeans // £35 // Esprit

Spud has had about three growth spurts since the start of the year, I kid you not when I say we go through clothes like no tomorrow! I purchased these skinny fit vintage jeans for him as I know they'll go great with his Converse, wellie boots, or even some sandles if the weather was right!

TY Beanie Boos Squeaker the Mouse // £7 // Claire's

This was Spud's pocket money item for the week! Spud's been collecting the TY Beanie Boo's for a couple of months now and already has nine in his collection! I spoke to him about keeping the tags on, and I'm pleased he's listened to the advice as all nine of his TY Beanie Boos have the tags intact! 

Elf On The Shelf // £29.95 // Baby Republic

An exciting email arrived in my inbox recently, the official UK launch for the Elf on the Shelf is taking place this month! Our friends over in America have had this lovely Christmas tradition for a few years, and now it's hitting UK stores! I of course couldn't turn down a review! Spud doesn't know anything about this one just yet, but I know he'll be over the moon when he finds out!

Inside Out DVD // £9.99 // HMV

We was very lucky to be asked to be involved with the Inside Out Home Viewing Party that took place on Twitter yesterday between 4-6pm! An Inside Out bag arrived on Friday, filled to the brim with Inside Out goodies including the DVD! The movie was officially released in the UK yesterday, if you've not already seen the film, it's an absolute must! Critics love it, as do I and Spud, and that's not because we're biased big Disney fans!

Nutcracker Decoration // £4.99 // B&Ms

Last Christmas, Spud watched a children's television show and ever since he has become a keen fan of nutcrackers! Spotting one for under five pounds this last week after searching high and low for a few months, I picked him this one up from B&M's! I'm planning on letting the elf bring it as a gift one day!

Thermal Parker // £69 // Esprit

Whilst searching for jeans, yes jeans, this coat accidentally landed into my basket! I took it out of the basket many times, but only added it back in the minute I done so! I was hesitant to spend that much money on a coat, but I love the brand and know how long their clothes last due to good quality! Once Spud has grown out of the coat, I'll be passing it down onto my nephew, Spud's younger cousin.


What's arrived in your household this week? Hopefully more fun items then bills! With just 30 odd days left until Christmas, it will soon be the time for us to send and receive Christmas cards!

Until next time,
Jada x


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