Wednesday 18 November 2015

Things To Consider When Upsizing Your Home.

As the property market stabilises and confidence returns to the global economy, many homeowners are now finally deciding that this is the time to move up the property ladder and “upsize.” Essentially this means moving into a bigger home, which can be a hugely daunting prospect for many people and one which many have spent years trying to avoid.
They have often done so by remodelling and creating space for a growing family in their existing property, before eventually realising the reality that a home that was ideal five years ago is now simply inadequate eventually.
Most experts agree that first priority upon making this decision is to get the finance firmly in place, and this is relatively simple given the excellent number of mortgage deals currently on offer. These include many fixed term options that allow budgets to be planned carefully over an extended period of time.
When doing so, details such as stamp duty, estate agency fees and a removal company or van hire must not be overlooked, while getting an accurate assessment of your current property is essential. Doing so will enable you to better assess the price bracket of the property you can afford to purchase, armed with a realistic estimate of what profit you can expect to earn from the sale of your current property.
Next up is finding the right agent to market your current house effectively, and doing that online has never been easier than in today's internet age as companies such as Jet Homes offer online solutions that provide a much more convenient approach.
Consider what is also required by the estate agent when it comes to selling your home. How do they market your property, do they work with email blasts, newspapers, have they invested in social media to help sell your home? These are key things that you want to look into when your home is being advertised for sale.
After that, preparing your house for the market is key and that can be as simple as packing away many of the personal belongings that clutter it and giving attention to the small tasks – leaky taps and scuffed door handles – that have long been overlooked.
When it comes to choosing your next home, it is important to make time for a serious discussion about your family’s needs are in the immediate future and indeed in the longer term. You must consider how long you expect to stay in your next property, and ensure that any potential new home would meet your requirements for that period of time.
Factors to take into account go beyond the simple number of bedrooms, and must include the outdoor space, accessibility to schools, work and how a change of location is going to affect your day to day lifestyle.

If your family is growing and the upsizing has been brought about because of this, then it’s essential to get the size of the property just right. Ask about planning permissions if an extension is required or what is the availability of adjacent land?
Most experts agree it is better to have a buyer for your house securely in place before looking for your next home, but always monitor your financial situation and reassess it if finding your next property begins to take too long.
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