Thursday 26 February 2015

Create a dream living room that’s perfect for kids

Your sprogs might wreck it on a regular basis, but you can’t deny that a world-class living room is a perfect way to chill.
But when you’re creating the perfect relaxation space, you have to ask yourself one question – what would Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen do?
For a start, that flouncy-haired designing don would make a plan of action, finding the homely hotspots that need improving.
With that in mind, we’ve devised the ideal living room for anyone searching for a style supernova. Just make sure the kids don’t wreck it, eh?
A fine recline
Do you own the kind of chair that leaves your lumbar more strained than a shoddy karaoke singer’s vocal cords after a Mariah Carey medley? Is it filled with more loose springs than a self-replicating jack in the box? Does it leave your derriere rawer than an uncooked carrot?
Then it’s time to hit the A-list with Celebrity recliners. Like La-Z-Boys, they’ll make your backside feel like it’s been papped on the red carpet.
With these luxury chairs, you’ll be able to recline and relax. And with a variety of colours on offer, you can match them perfectly with the rest of your room.
Cordon off the kids
You’ve spent the morning dusting, polishing, clearing, hoovering and making your home spick and span – only for your kids to run in and trail LEGO all over your floor.
As joyous as your little tykes are, they make such a mess!
So it’s time to create a zone in the living room specifically for your kids. Set aside an area where your little ‘uns are allowed to play with their messier toys and stick to it strictly. That way, you’ll have the best of both worlds – your kids can play while you relax in cleanliness.
A tantalising telly
There’s a little better feeling than putting the kids to bed and sobbing on the couch in front of your massive telly. But the choices on offer can be overwhelming.
You’ve got differing HD functionality, dongle support, toasters on the side of your telly, microwave-friendly remote controls and voice activation tech – and, for the most part, it’s all nonsense.
What you really need is a telly with 1080p functionality, a decent number of HDMI, SCART and aerial sockets, and a size that doesn’t dominate your living room.
Once you’ve got that sorted you just need to lounge back and press play.
The coolness of culture
You might love nothing more than devouring Celebrity Big Brother coverage, but a little dose of high-culture goes a long way.
Invest in a bookcase and cram it full of classics, from Shakespeare to Orwell to Dickens. Not only will you have an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home, but you’ll have a brand-spanking new collection to enrich the mind.


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