Thursday 5 February 2015

A career in caring could bring you rewards beyond remuneration

There are many vulnerable people in society who rely on the good work of carers to see them through the day. Working in the caring profession is unquestionably challenging, it requires patience, stamina and understanding. Carers can deal with situations on a daily basis that most people never even have to contemplate.
Caring for vulnerable people can also be extremely rewarding and many people in the profession enjoy the social aspect of it. A career as a carer can take many paths; it can include caring for the young or the elderly as well as people with mental and physical disabilities. As a carer you may be required to provide emotional as well as physical support so your individual dexterities will play a part in the particular line of caring you choose to go down.
Aside from directly caring for an elderly person or vulnerable adult, there are other roles in the social care sector that you may wish to consider. For example; providing the administrative support needed to run a residential home or carrying out the maintenance or the catering - essential for the smooth running of the premises.
Check out this list ofcare jobs which will give you a better understanding of the type of roles available.
Would I be any good as a carer?
Everyone has their own individual qualities, but in general to be a carer you need to be an excellent communicator, patient, a great problem solver and physically fit. There are different opportunities within the caring profession - you could find yourself working in a nursing home or doing home visits to provide assistance. If you don’t have any previous related experience in this field a good idea is to consider doing some voluntary work in order to gain the necessary background.
You may not need formal qualifications before beginning a career as a carer. You do, however need to have a good understanding of the law and the welfare system - but there will be plenty of opportunities to learn this on the job. You will also be given the opportunity to gain more qualifications depending on how far you want to go in your career.

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