Wednesday 4 February 2015

My Top Five Gifts For Her;

With all the talk of Valentines Day creeping upon us, all I've heard recently is she is so hard to buy for, she doesn't like anything I ever buy her, she doesn't like this, she doesn't like that etc. It's got me thinking of a difficult cousin I had to buy a birthday gift for during December, one of the worse months to possibly have a birthday, which was made even harder due to the fact my cousin is so picky, choosy and a non collector of anything!

I narrowed down the buys to five things I thought she would love, even if it didn't show on her face! I know she comes across as quite cold and heartless, but as someone who knows her inside out, or very nearly anyway, I thought I would share this post with others, who can't seem to find anything for a special woman in their life.


Every time we meet for a coffee, or in my case a hot chocolate in town, my cousin always visits the Thorntons outlet to pick up a bar, or two (sometimes even three) of her favourite chocolate in the whole world - a Viennese truffle. Luckily for me, Thorntons have a prosecco and Viennese truffle hamper, it was naturally the top buy on the very top of my list! 


My cousin has a huge range of Yankee Candles, I can't say I've ever seen one lit mind you, but I know they're scattered everywhere around her house! Not feeling very gifty with wrapping up a few different candles got me looking back to the hamper idea, it's great when companies provide hampers for you, but who sells nice candle hampers? So I thought about buying some cellophane and making a little package myself, this didn't end up happening due to time, and resources, but it's an option for this year, she does have a birthday every year after all!


She's going to hate me for saying this, but she lives in her pyjama's literally! No matter where she's going, a cash machine to withdraw money for the Indian takeaway, the hairdressers for a blow dry, or even the school run, I'm sure 90% of my cousins clothing is nightwear related and so I thought about buying her a few pairs of pyjamas. As a woman, I know how lovely it is to whack off your bra, let down your hair and climb into your favourite pair of pyjamas!

Beauty Treatments

Although my cousin tells everyone she prefers extra time in bed instead of wasting time applying make up, deep down she loves all her beauty buys and regular spa visits! I did think about buying her a gift voucher for a local beauticians or spa facility but then I thought about just turning up with a bunch of face mask, nail varnishes, hair removal creams and it sounded like a much better idea, just because she loves her pyjamas so much! 

Mummy's Day Off

My cousins a mummy to three beautiful children, and although she has a partner, he works so hard to provide for the family he's regularly at home. I've only ever had two of her children at the same time, so along with the hamper I purchased from Thorntons, I added a DIY voucher that I made on Microsoft Paint that detailed I would be having the children from 9am (she has to drop them off to me though, otherwise it would mean me leaving mine at 7am to get there for 9am no thanks to public transport) until 11am the next day.

There really are pro's and cons to every gift out there, and no matter how difficult someone is to buy for, think personal, you may not be able to give them a extra large gift, or try something different, but you can still buy to suit their needs, even if it means buying a few small presents and presenting them all together as one large package.

Difficult is only a challenge after all, we can do anything we want if we put our minds to it! So there's some motivation for those of you who find it hard to buy gifts for certain friend and family members!

Until next time,
Jada x