Wednesday 10 April 2019

Going On Holiday? Make Sure Your Car Is Holiday Ready.

Is there anything worse than experiencing unexpected costs when you're on holiday? Imagine this, you've saved a few hundred pounds to go on holiday with, the holiday accommodation is sorted, the food and drinks are sorted, the cars still got a few months left on the MOT, you've been shopping for holiday clothes for the last however many months, and all you need to do now is countdown the days until the holiday arrives, and fill up the car with petrol.

You've saved up that money for a special day out or two, you've saved it up for fish and chips, followed by ice cream on the seafront, you've saved it up for an experience of a lifetime that you can only experience on holiday. What you haven't saved it up for is unexpected costs, like the car needing repairs, essential repairs - repairs you can't avoid.

It happens, it happens a lot. I've lost count of the number of times I've seen people break down at the roadside, or moan on social media about how their holiday was ruined because of the car breaking down and they had to wait hours for recovery, to then spend hundreds on getting the problem sorted. No one wants their car breaking down, causing unexpected costs, and sometimes it unfortunately can't be avoided.

We can however, try our hardest to avoid things going wrong with our cars. We can do things prior to a long journey (or even a short one) to try and avoid the unexpected and expensive costs. We can check our cars have enough engine oil, by using the dipstick procedure, we can check our cars have enough coolant, we can check the lights are all functioning properly, along with the wipers too, and we can check our car tyres are safe.

Whilst some things can unfortunately happen unexpectedly, by trying our hardest to look after our cars, hopefully we're in for no unexpected costly problems, which are not wanted at any time, especially not on holiday. A lot of people have breakdown cover, which is brilliant, but do you really want to be wasting time waiting for a breakdown vehicle to come and help you - for something that can be avoided? I don't think so.

Picture this, you're just about to set off, the kids are in the car excited, you've got packed lunches and drinks ready, the kids have their in-car entertainment sorted and the adults have picked out their favourite CD's. You triple check the house is locked up, and you depart for your holiday. Just 15 minutes into your journey, you have a tyre blow out... You've not even got to the other side of town thanks to the traffic in London, and you're worried about the costs of replacing the tyre, since you only have £300 to go away with in the first place.

It's an urgent repair, it's quite an emergency, and you need to get it sorted ASAP. You've called your breakdown cover and they're busy dealing with other motorists and say the average wait time is 2-3 hours, so you try a few local garages and they can't help as they're fully booked, you resort to checking out the internet for local mobile mechanics, but as its an emergency, the call out fee is going to be higher, and that's not even included the costs of the tyre yet.

This is exactly why you should've given the car tyres and the rest of the car a thorough check at least a week, if not, even a few days before your holiday. Especially when the cost would've been cheaper if it wasn't an emergency, and you could've shopped around. You can get tyres in London like never before - Iverson Tyres Autocentre stores a great deal of tyres online and at their centre.

So this year, don't just prioritise for the costs you're expecting, but think about the unexpected costs too, and avoid them at all costs.

Until next time,
Jada x

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