Friday 3 May 2019

A Day In The #LifeOfGerms

Cleaning - whether we love it, or hate it, it's something we all have to do, every single day of our lives in one aspect or another. We may even clean without even realising it (giving the kids a quick wipe over for example, or picking up toys!), because it's just become such a natural part of our day to day lives. Whilst I could never sign up to be a cleaner, well unless it was the only way to make ends meet, I don't actually mind cleaning up.

There are chores I hate more than others of course, like washing up for example, because no matter what I use to protect my hands, the washing up liquid always finds a way to irritate my psoriasis, which sadly takes over 70% of my hands and fingers, and I can quite easily leave cobwebs alone for weeks, afraid that if I try and get them with the feather duster, a huge hairy spider is going to come and attack me, even the babies are giants to me!

Since becoming a mum to a dog, I feel like my house is never clean, no matter how many hours I spend cleaning, or how hard I try, I just feel like there is mess everywhere, in the form of dog hair!. The vacuum cleaner is my best friend, or should I say the vacuum cleaners are my best friends, as I have two - one for upstairs, and one for downstairs.

As much as I feel like I'm losing a never ending battle, it doesn't stop me cleaning and tidying up though. I am not OCD with cleaning at all, but do appreciate a clean and tidy home, even though 9 times out of 10 I can't be bothered to do it and see it as a massive chore, which means it actually takes me hours to begin the schedule, but once I'm in cleaning mode, and my music is on, there's no stopping me!

Around six years ago, I was really poorly with food poisoning, it was so bad the Health and Environmental agency got involved, diagnosing me with a condition I had never heard of, and one I was so disgusted to have, it made me feel violated knowing where the source was from, and it put me off eating out for a good few years. I said goodbye to my favourite takeaways, restaurants and even bakery's. If it wasn't cooked by myself or family I wouldn't touch it.

Since that moment onwards I become more aware of germs and how they can be passed on in the most innocent of ways, and how they're literally on everything! When I come across this infographic from Brosch Direct I was amazed at some of the findings, but not so shocked with some of the others. I'm a blogger which means I'm constantly on the laptop, and I can't believe how many germs live on my keyboard, more than a toilet flush which makes me feel sick, because I must admit cleaning my keyboard is a rare task!

The biggest shock to me was the train seat, I'm sure buses and coaches are just the same too, and then it got me thinking about my car seat, my car that myself and my son travel in every day, I vacuum my car every few weeks/every few months, depending on if the dog has been in the car or not. I know from now on I'll be making sure a thorough car clean happens more often because the #LifeOfGerms is unreal! 

Until next time,
Jada x

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