Monday 1 July 2019

July's 5 Money Saving Ideas.

For any parents who have school-age children, the summer holidays will be beginning very soon (if they've not already begun), and for many of us, July is the start of an expensive six weeks. It's a time where we will be going through extra food, extra electricity (and possibly gas too!), extra petrol, extra clothing/footwear and lots of other extras too.

Many will be enjoying a holiday, booked in advance, and some may go down the path of booking a holiday at the last minute - something I personally don't suggest in school holidays as the prices are through the roof. I think it's cheaper to book ahead with the summer holidays, and with many holiday providers offering you the choice to pay off monthly, it can also be more manageable then finding one large lump sum. Without further ado, let's get on with July's 5 tips!

1: Kids Eat Free
Over the summer holidays, look out for restaurants offering kids eat free with every paying adult promotions. It's a win-win situation all around, parents get off cooking for the day, and along with that comes little or no washing up either, and the kids get to eat out - always a treat! Spending quality time together and enjoying a meal out doesn't have to be expensive if you look around for deals where children eat free or discounted.

2: Family Ticket Discounts
If you're planning on doing a day trip out to a family attraction, cinema or even on a train journey, check out the family ticket discounts to save you some money as they do usually work out cheaper than buying individual tickets. Theme parks also offer various two-for-one promotions, meaning two people get in for the price of one, and these can be found in many different places - we usually get ours off of cereal boxes.

3: Affordable Sun Fun
Enjoying the summer holidays doesn't have to cost a lot of money at all. Make use of parks and picnic spots or even your own back garden to enjoy time with the kids. How often do you as a family enjoy time together? How often does mum and/or dad get to have a picnic with the kids in their own garden, or at the nearest park? Spending quality time with the kids is what they'll love and cherish more, way more than playing a computer game for example - plus you save some electricity by being out of the house, even if you are in the garden.

4: Get The Kids Working
I remember being a child and doing lots during the summer holiday, but it didn't stop me from telling my parents at least 100 times a day that I was bored - and I know loads of you hear the same from your children. By getting the kids to 'work' it will take their mind off of boredom, but also earn them some extra pennies too. A few ideas can be found below - I do personally advise that they're monitored at all times.

Have a clear out - Ask them to sort out their room, anything that's in good reusable condition can be put into a box or bag, and can be sold. Layout an old sheet or blanket on the floor, and let the children have their own garden sale.

Wash cars - If your children are allowed outside, they'd love the opportunity to be outside and make themselves some pennies too. Provide them with a bucket and a cloth, and they could make some pennies doing car washes for the local neighbourhood.

Sponsored litter picking walk - This one simply requires your children to get sponsored from friends, family and neighbours to do a sponsored litter picking walk. You can get litter pickers in pound stores (costing £1 each) and provide them with a black sack or two. When they reach their target, the money is there's.

5: Back To School Offers.
The kids have only just begun to break up from school, so why are we seeing back to school items already!? I can't tell you the answer to that, as I know many of us are already worrying about money for the school holiday break, let alone forking out on uniform, but actually now could be the right time to buy the uniform as some amazing deals are flying around PLUS the sooner the buy, you have a better chance of getting the items you need in the correct sizes.

Until next time,
Jada x


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